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In the year 2009, the events of a world economic crisis and the election of a  new president of the USA, for the first time from a black and white background, to me were clear evidence that the evolutionary pace of our race and planet is by now being speeded up significantly. The energies of the incoming Aquarian Age are hard at work to help us cleanse and purify the consciousness of every individual soul and the soul of our whole world. Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration and the co-ruler of Scorpio, plays a major part in this. It is one of the outer slow moving planets, known as the generation planets, that will remain in Capricorn until January 2024. Plenty of time for clearing away the things that for so long have been troubling our world.

Until then Pluto energies will keep us and our world engaged in the process of breaking down and then rebuilding the structures that are essential for the successful running of our world. At the time of updating this file for the first time in December 2008, Pluto had for some time been hovering around the cusp of Capricorn, the sign that rules large institutions, like banks, building societies, insurance companies and so forth. The representatives of governments, the police, the legal and medical profession and in particular the religious belief systems of our world are not excluded from the purging and cleansing effect of Pluto’s energies. Ever more forcefully they are drawing everybody’s attention to that which had previously been hidden from public view and knowledge. Like scum on a mill pond, they are rising to the surface of our race’s individual and collective consciousness. And that gets me wondering how long it will take until the last one in our world comprehends that nothing can remain hidden in our world any longer. Read more about Pluto’s energies in ‘The Sun in Scorpio’ *.

At the time of my most recent revision of this article in December 2017, the tempo of this cleansing process was still increasing. This is necessary because lots more old things have to die before new and better ones can be born. Because of the events that to this day are taking place everywhere in our world, my faith in the fundamental goodness of life sometimes begins to wobble. I then remind myself that this is the work Pluto’s energies have to do and that truly much good is in store for us and our world, when ever more of us bring forth the characteristics of their own Christ nature with its love of honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity.

Sadly, before they can do this every human being first has to learn from their own experiences about the destructive power that greed and corruption can have on individuals as well as whole worlds. To this day these scourges are caused by the fact that large proportions of our population are as yet unaware of the true, i.e. spiritual purpose of their earthly existence and of the existence of Universal laws and how they affect all life, including that on the Earth plane. The presence and subsequent dying of such matters are essential parts of the lessons, some of them of truly Cosmic proportions, which our whole world and everything that is in it cannot avoid taking part in.

Have you noticed how for some time now ever more scandals, especially of a sexual nature and related to men’s behaviour, have been rising like scum to the surface of our collective consciousness? This too undoubtedly is another necessary part of our world’s cleansing process, through which the Universe is teaching us, individually and collectively, many a valuable lesson. Therefore, when as a result of the latest revelations some more mud is flying in all direction, wise ones do not condone and they do not judge either. Because they trust God’s great plan of life * and God’s perfect justice *, they resist the temptation of sitting in judgement * over anyone and in particular not those who are still taking part in the lower and lowest lessons of earthly life, the way they too once did. And because they themselves are already moving in the upwards direction of the evolutionary spiral of life, wise ones have every reason to be glad and express their thankful for all that once was in their lives, now is and forever will be.

To paraphrase what the Jesus legend tells us in St John 8:7: ‘Let those of us who are without sin be the first to throw a stone at anyone.’ It makes me shudder to look back on the kind of suffering that we, in the course of many lifetimes, must have been inflicting upon each other. Yet, when considered in the light of our evolutionary pathway as young Gods in the making, it’s not hard to recognise that all of it served as a ‘worthy’ instrument for moulding us and eventually returning us, the human children of God in our guise as earthlings, into the awareness of our true identity. Bearing in mind that we are sparks of the Divine, it is probably not surprising that most of our race’s warfaring seems to have been carried out in the name of one religion or another. Being spirits and souls who are experiencing life in physicality, matters of the spirit and therefore religions somehow for a very long time formed an important part of our consciousness. Even in declared atheists this characteristic of human nature is present in the recesses of their subconscious.

Having reached the end of six thousand years of patriarchy and warmongering that took our world ever deeper into the systematic suppression of the love, wisdom and truth of the feminine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Goddess, a vast circle of life is in the process of closing and the saddest stage of humankind’s evolutionary journey reaching its natural conclusion. And in keeping with the fact that the darkest hour comes just before the dawn, to reach this point we and our world first had to work our way through the living inferno and Armageddon, rolled into one, of the two World Wars.

Thanks be to God and the Angels that increasing numbers of us are gaining access to the knowledge of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. As, with the passing of time, ever more of us are slowly but surely turning into Gnostics, each awakened one is living proof that these things cannot be suppressed forever by anyone. And that’s why wise ones refuse to begrudge the difficulties they are presented with and tackle them as best and as bravely as they know how to. Their behaviour is based on the knowledge that we and our world shall forever rest safely in the hands of the living God and the Angels and that in due course much good is sure to emerge for our whole world and every one of its inhabitants.

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