Fear - The Root Of All Evil

Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Fear, The Root Of All EvilIn my view, fear is the root of all evil and suffering in our world, and also the main cause of cancer. An increasing awareness is coming to humankind that mind, body and spirit are equally important for everybody’s overall wellbeing and that every part demands special care and attention from us. Many are aware by now that we, the small earthly self, are spirit and soul encased in matter, i.e. our physical body. As pointed out many times before, the way I understand this life is that each one of us has come into this lifetime to find healing through learning how to get all parts of our being to work together harmoniously.
The soft and sensitive feeling side of our nature is our soul and the only way the soul has of communicating with its counterpart, the small earthly self, is through the cells of everybody’s physical body. Whenever one of its parts is hurting it is invariably a message from our soul that something in our lives is not right and therefore demands our attention. For as long as the earthly self remains unaware of the presence of its  spirit and soul within, it can hardly help failing to understand its requirements and the most basic spiritual principles of life. The soul must then keep on hammering with ever greater strength at the door of its earthly self’s conscious awareness.

Ignorance never could protect anyone against the consequences of any of their actions. Until we finally realise that any pain in our physical body represents a plea from our soul to deal with whatever may be out of kilter in our lives in a constructive manner, there is nothing for it but enduring whatever comes our way – without having any idea that we ourselves are the real cause of our suffering. Fortunately, many by now accept that any illnesses, discomfort and dis-eases that manifest themselves in our physical bodies are invariably messages from our soul that something requires our most urgent and diligent attention.

It is true that lots of our fears date back to our early childhood, but I believe that there are also a great many which we have brought with us from other lifetimes. Their memories are by now seated so deep within our consciousness that on the surface they can no longer be recognised. If as a result, they remain unnoticed for too long and can therefore not be dealt with in the appropriate manner, they can do nothing but continue to fester away. Finally, the soul’s need gets so great that it expresses its suffering through the very cells of our physical body and we become ill, sometimes so severely that cancerous cells develop that attack and destroy the good ones.

This is the reason why I believe that society will never conquer cancer, the greatest scourge of our age, with chemicals alone. To my mind, deep soul healing and releasing work are the only things that can help us forward here. It seems to me that the overall message our physical bodies are trying to give us whenever there is some pain or discomfort somewhere is: ‘Heal me! Find healing for me!’

Negative thoughts and feelings are a normal part of the healing process we all have to go through on our way back home into our true reality. Cleansing our consciousness of them and clearing them out so that they will never return is the only reason why they come knocking at our inner door. Many excellent books have appeared by now to assist us in this sometimes rather daunting task. My booklist in the ‘Further Reading’ section on this site contains several. To those who are looking for down-to-earth practical advice about healing on all levels of their being, I warmly recommend Dr. Ingrid Bacci and her work. Her self-help books to me are the best ones that have ever come my way on my healing journey thus far.

Recommended Reading:

• ‘The Art of Effortless Living – Simple Techniques for healing, mind, body and spirit’. The goal of this book is to offer the reader a comprehensive, practical and pleasurable map of the journey into becoming more fully ourselves and of helping us to find the healing that we and our world so desperately need.

• ‘Effortless Pain Relief – Especially from Chronic Pain’, a worthy companion to and extension of the previous book.

• For further information on these books, as well as free articles about Dr. Bacci’s work, please go to www.ingridbacci.com.

It may interest you that both Ingrid Bacci’s Moon and Ascendant are in Scorpio. She is living proof of the fact that everything that applies to the Sun in Scorpio does in equal measure to the Moon and the Ascendant in this sign. But there is more! The way the author describes her life in her books presents us with one of the finest case studies imaginable of the regenerative powers of Scorpio; its stamina, determination and sheer willpower to rise above all obstacles. She and her life can serve as shining examples to us all. They demonstrate how the human spirit is capable of lifting itself above the limitations of the Earth, as soon as it learns to listen to and follow its inner guidance.

Recommended Reading:
•    ‘All Conditions Can Be Healed’

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