Truth : The Aquarian Revelation

The Aquarian Revelations – Part Nine

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Truth : The Aquarian RevelationThe fixed Air sign Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It is the eleventh sign in the zodiac and the eleventh house is its natural domain. Its keyword is: ‘I know!’ Aquarius is the sign of rebellion and revolution that will bring our world enlightenment and spiritual freedom from the yoke of religious oppression and exploitation of the past. The Aquarian astrological symbol is the Waterbearer. He holds a pot in his arms from which water is flowing. Because of this imagery it is hardly surprising that to this day there is quite a bit of confusion about the nature of this sign. In spite of its symbol and contrary to popular beliefs, Aquarius is by no means one of the Water signs. It is an Air sign and the water that flows from the man’s vessel is not of the liquid kind. It is an allegory for the cleansing and purifying effect of fresh spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is constantly being poured from the highest levels of life into the consciousness of humankind.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God are the executors of the great plan of life. They are in charge of us and our world and represent the voice of God. Together with their lower ranks and files they have always been bringing the knowledge we and our world at any given time would be capable of understanding. The human superconscious faculties are developed during lifetimes spent in Sagittarius and the ninth house, its natural domain. These faculties are the channel through which the gifts from the highest levels of life have always flown into our world’s individual and collective consciousness. And that’s how God and the Angels have always been moving us and our world, one small step after another, forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, the mind of every human being is an integral part of the Universal great mind, the intelligence known as God. All of us are its transmitter/receiver stations and Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods, is the planetary ruler of our earthly minds. The information from the Highest flows into those who are tuned into their frequencies, which shows their readiness to work with them. Through Mercury in Gemini we develop the ability to communicate with each other and to distribute our learning into the world around us. In Virgo we are occupied with understanding ourselves and our world and presenting our learning in ways that can be used by people for the healing of themselves and those around them.

My Aquarian revelation can be expressed in one word and that is TRUTH. Through me it flows directly from the Highest levels of life into other human hearts that are also filled with love and compassion for the suffering of humankind and our world. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and the eleventh house is its natural domain. As touched upon earlier, the astrological symbol of this sign is the Waterbearer. With the help of the Aquarian energies God and the Angels have always been pouring the living waters of consciousness into our world. At any given time parts of Divine wisdom and truth that were suitable for humankind’s development then. The Angelic hierarchy IS the Waterbearer. They decide how much knowledge and in what form it should be given to us, when and where.

For example, in St. John 14:6 of the Jesus legend they told us: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Now that the age of truth is with us, these words are saying to us: ‘Finding out the truth about me is the next step on the evolutionary journey for every human being and the whole of humankind. It is a movement that simultaneously takes you forwards and back into the realisation of your true nature. Knowing that each and every one of you is an eternal and immortal spirit/soul helps you to become aware that there is nothing to be afraid of because inhabiting a physical body is but a passing state. At the end of each lifetime you are returning safe and sound to the world of spirit, your real home.’

But for a moment let’s return to the Christian teachings and their book of revelations and see what it can contribute to our quest for truth. To this day there are people who believe that every word of myths and legends like the Jesus one is from God and true and therefore should be understood literally. There is some truth in this because everything in the whole of Creation is of God and in the early stages of our earthly education we do not yet know any better than believing what is written in books like the Bible. At that stage of our development the religions we follow are but head knowledge. And that probably is the symbolical meaning of the word God written as if with some kind of invisible ink on the foreheads of the people around the Lamb.

And now let’s approach the 144.000 from yet another perspective. November 2018 the total population of our world was estimated to have reached 7.7 billion. It took us over 200,000 years to get to 1 billion and only 200 years more for 7 billion. Bearing the present level of world population in mind, could anything significant happen when the number of people who still believe that the Jesus legend is literally true has shrunk to 144,000? Because such a small and insignificant figure would not in the slightest endanger our forwards and upwards evolutionary march, it must represent something else, a symbolism of some kind, but what? Each with the help of their own inner guidance needs to puzzle this out for themselves. What’s before you is my – or rather our – contribution.

One thing we can rely upon and that is that, as soon as the purpose of their present lifetime has been fulfilled, every insufficiently evolved spirit/soul will be removed from our plane of life. They will not be reincarnating here when Mother Earth’s transformation is complete and she has become a pleasant and peaceful place for the inhabitants of all her kingdoms. All those whose energies are not right for such an environment will be continuing the compulsory part of their education of experiencing life in physicality. The vibrations of their new home planet will still be much slower than those of the Earth have become by now. As a result, life will be much more basic and far less sophisticated, for better and for worse, for everything taking part in it.

Highly evolved spirit/souls in our world will be required to stay and continue with their healing and light bringing work, i.e. the distribution of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, for as long as possible. They are required to add their own understanding to the knowledge that has come their way already and what they will continue to receive intuitively. This is how they will constantly be increasing the amount of spiritual knowledge that is stored in the soul memories of the Great Mother of all life.

The Angels and Masters in charge of us and our world are the guardians and keepers of this store. They are communicating with us intuitively and in this manner providing us with whatever they consider to be right for us and our world at any given moment. And that’s how every human being eventually fulfils the ultimate purpose of their creation and that is the Divine getting to know Itself through us. Without exception, this is a road that takes us from the lowest earthly point of existence up to the highest levels of life. When we are leaving the lower aspects of our nature behind and bringing forth that which is good, kind and loving from deep within our own being, not only we ourselves are evolving but the whole of humankind and Mother Earth with us.

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