The Lamb Of God

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - The Lamb Of GodAs established in the previous parts of the jottings, our planet is a place of learning and Earth life is a journey of discovery. In spite of the fact that at times our world still seems to resemble more a kindergarten than a University, for many this lifetime is an extra special one, which over time is slowly revealing itself as a healing journey that leads the human soul into the homecoming into its true nature and the oneness with God. Nobody can deny that we live in exciting times, and that they are also turning into increasingly stressful and demanding ones for everybody. Through all manner of illnesses, whose Karmic origins are lost somewhere in the mists of time, many are guided into their awakening and the unearthing of their own latent healing abilities.

We are all in this life together to realise our individual and collective highest potential and to develop into a race of healers and of saviours and redeemers of ourselves, each other and our whole world. However, before any of this can begin to happen for us we must first come alive to our true nature and of the God-like powers we all contain. And that is no end in itself either; having discovered that we have these powers we have to learn to use them wisely. This means never for selfish purposes and only for the good of the whole of our world and to contribute to the blessing and healing of all life.

By asking meekly to be guided and protected by God and the Angels and willingly following wherever they may lead us, as demonstrated by the legend of the life of the Master Jesus, we ourselves have to evolve into one of the Lambs of God. The more we apply our powers in the right way, the more whole we become; and to be whole is to be healed, holy and sanctified. The more we endeavour to bring forth, from within our own being, the Christ like traces of our character, giving of the highest and the best we are capable of, the more the negative traces – the ‘sins of the world’ – fade from our consciousness.

Yes, it is true that the Lamb of God takes them away, quite literally even, but not by any force outside our own consciousness; we ourselves have to do it. The more we listen to and follow our inner guidance to show us where we can give of our best, to relieve the suffering of our world; the more we focus our whole life on the blessing and healing of everything that comes our way, including ourselves, the more we ourselves become one of the lambs of God who follows willingly wherever our inner teacher tells us to go, the more the spirit of the Universal Christ comes alive in us, until it eventually takes over our whole being.

The Universe is constantly presenting us with opportunities for repaying our Karmic debts and making good the misdeeds of all previous lifetimes, but this can only be done through our own loving thoughts, words and actions. Each is required to act out their predestined role as saviour and redeemer of themselves and – because of our oneness on the inner level of life – of our whole world. On this level, for better and for worse, we not only we all influence each other but also the soul of the whole of Creation. And that is how, in a surprisingly different way from what anyone would have believed in days gone by, the Christ can and indeed is going to be the saviour and redeemer of all earthly life, but only in that sense.

This demands a thorough cleansing of our consciousness from all false beliefs and prejudices; to achieve this we have been granted the gift of another lifetime. As already established, we are here to grow and evolve through overcoming and rising above our human foibles and weaknesses. Why do we have them? Because they are part of the lesson of becoming familiar with the higher and lower aspects of our nature and learning to differentiate between them.

The astrology I practise is most helpful here. It is applied psychology and in my view unequalled as a tool for increasing one’s self-awareness. My kind of astrology has nothing in common with the fortune telling variety that can be found in many newspapers and magazines. The vital difference between them you will soon be able to discover for yourself, if you study my interpretations of  ‘The Sun Signs’. I believe that the most vital requirement for overcoming any problem, to find a solution it is necessary to acquire sufficient wisdom and self-knowledge to be able to recognise that some kind of inner hurdle has to be overcome by us first. This is where what, to me, is real astrology truly comes into its own. 

All weak points are waiting to be converted by us into strong ones, but do you know yours all that well? I didn’t when I first started on this pathway, but astrology helped me to become aware of things about me that I knew I was doing without being consciously aware of them. This led me into the recognition that it must be possible to use astrology like a tool that should be made available to all those who are interested in getting to know themselves and their inner motivations better. As that felt like something I could really get my teeth into, I enrolled in a course of this amazing subject. 

That’s how it came about that many years later, I can tell you from first hand experience that the Divine science can indeed provide us with a better understanding that eases one’s passage through life in many ways. If astrology had not had a serious spiritual side that relates to the evolution and development of the individual and collective human psyche, the soul, I do not think that I would have taken any further interest in it. But as ever more insights into the esoteric/spiritual meaning behind all astrological concepts started to flow into my writings, its serious side began to reveal itself. It came increasingly clear to me that in contrast to the attempts at astrological fortunetelling that have been known throughout the ages, the astrology my inner teacher is helping me to develop draws its inspiration from a different level of life.

Each soul has been created for some specific purpose and at a predestined time it has to carry out a special task that cannot be fulfilled by any other soul. As my inner doors opened and ever more understanding of astrological concepts exposed themselves to me, the more clearly I realised that this must be my predestined pathway and my special task. To find yours, first let the Astro Files show you in which direction your main life lessons are pointing. Then fine-tune this by paying attention to your inner guidance. It comes to you through your natural inclinations and the things you feel naturally drawn to. That is your inner Self’s guidance; trust it and follow it; it does know the way.

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