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An important part of the profound changes that are now taking place in our world is the fact that for the first time in its history a black man, Barack Obama, has gained access to the office of the President of the United States of America. With a white mother and a black father, the new President is ideally suited to bridge the gaps that to this day exist between the races in our world. By conviction he is a socialist, a Democrat. Shortly after his election in the year 2008, I watched an hour long program on TV about the new president. I am not easily taken in by anyone, least of all politicians, but the more I see of President Obama the more he impresses me as a truly remarkable man. One of the things I like particularly is a sense of sadness that seems to flow from his heart through his eyes into our world. He has seen and experienced suffering and deprivation without shying away from it; he knows it because he has worked with it. He is a compassionate man and strikes me as one who is genuinely interested in the social progress of our world. He will do his best to try to make our world a better place for his being here.
Some would like to see in President Obama is a kind of new Messiah. In my view, this would be grossly unfair to him because there would then be those who would expect him to be able to walk on water and perform miracles. However, he is sure to encounter many limitations in his decision making. They are dictated by the Karma that has been created by his nation as a whole and each individual within it, under all its previous administrations. The verdicts he comes to will also be influenced by the Karma of our whole world, as much as he will be influencing it, the same as we all do. I believe that President Obama has the strength and the willpower, as well as the inner guidance, to ensure he copes well with whatever may come his way. First and foremost, he comes across to me as a man with integrity and yes, a socialist – sorry if that’s a naughty word with some folks. I have always been one of those at heart myself. As a child of the Aquarian Age one cannot really be anything else; it is the age of equal rights for all and freedom from oppression of all kinds, especially from hunger and all manner of deprivation and persecutions.

I believe that the time is right now for the beginnings of a new kind of socialism of the highest order that has not yet been tried on the Earth plane. Communism and capitalism have had their day. Each represented an experiment that is meant to eventually lead us and our world on to more advanced forms of government. The nightmare of endlessly increasing government involvement and interference with the individual’s life, in my view, is not part of the Aquarian vision. It stands to reason that quite the opposite is true! When everybody on the Earth plane has fully woken up to their true nature and is therefore willing to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions, and also our world, there will be no need for more government but less. Governmental over-involvement is one of the many wrong ways that had to be tried first. The more aware we all become and behave in accordance with the spiritual wisdom we are now finding, the less incidents of law breaking there will be. This will continue until eventually no more state interference will be required at all to maintain law and order.

It seems to me that President Obama is the right man to serve as a tool in the hands of the Highest to take us a considerable step nearer towards the goal of this desirable state of affairs. His Ascendant and Jupiter are in Aquarius; Jupiter is placed in the twelfth house. This is one of the planets own houses, where its presence is strongly and beneficially felt. It shows that President Obama’s inner guidance is likely to be good and that special protection is always around him, and that on all levels of life. Under Jupiter’s influence there can be a tendency to over-expansion of one’s idealistic ideas that may result in over-inflated and unrealistic hopes and dreams that cannot be grounded. However, in President Obama’s chart this sufficiently counteracted by the presence of Saturn in Capricorn, its own sign, conjunct Jupiter in the twelfth house.
With his Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the Moon’s North Node in Leo, President Obama has always had strong the leader qualities. The presence of the Sun and Mercury in the sixth house, the natural home of Virgo, and Pluto and Mars in Virgo in the seventh house, shows an equally strong presence of Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac, as well as the sign of service on the Earth. This reveals President Obama as a hard working and also down-to-Earth man, who is probably only happy when he can serve his country and our world in some capacity. As pointed out in my interpretation of ‘The Sun in Leo’, Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac and Aquarius is its opposite sign. The further we proceed into the New Age, the clearer we shall see that earthly kings and queens are anachronisms and leftovers from the past. The true royalty and the spiritual aristocrats of the New Age are the wise ones, who serve the highest good of the whole and who function without the need for pomp and circumstance in the outer world and instead with great simplicity give from their loving hearts and souls wherever the need arises.

His Moon is in Gemini in the fourth house, the natural home of Cancer. His Saturn forms an opposition with Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. This contact with Saturn is beneficial; it is a sign of a serious minded person who thinks before he speaks. It protects President Obama against getting lost in all manner of minute details about trivial matters, as both Sun and Moon Geminians can be prone to. Saturn, the teacher and rewarder, has helped him to develop the self-mastery to grow into the intelligent and agile thinker and speaker he now is. The Moon in the fourth house reflects his love of home, country, his origins and especially his mother. With his Ascendant in Aquarius he is unlikely to be afraid of looking for and putting into practise unusual solutions to the situations that will inevitably come his way.

God bless President Barack Obama and his family, God bless America and God bless us and our whole world.

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