2012 And All That

One of the most pernicious and persistent superstitions that has been hanging around for a very long time focuses on the year 2012; it is based on the tale of the Mayan Calendar which ends in that year. This has given rise to a myth that has been and still is exploited by soothsayers of all kinds, who are adorning it with ever wilder and more negative imaginings. To this day, there is much talk that this means that, once again, our world is going to end. Not another one; oh yawn!

In my view, myths of this nature are highly destructive because they are providing the mass media with endless opportunities for feasting on negativity and spreading it remorselessly. As if there wasn’t far too much of this and the fears caused by it in our world already, the media are irresponsibly doing their best to add as much fuel to fires as they can. If the people involved would only wake up to the fact that we are all responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, and that their efforts are constantly feeding into the stream of negative thinking that is part of humankind’s collective consciousness. Each one of us is an integral part of this pool and any thought that one of us sends out into the Universe affects all of us and also the rest of life.

To those who believe this tale to be true, I say: nothing will happen. Can’t you see why? Because it’s all happening now! I believe that 2012 has been a red herring all along. Anyone who fails to see that the world we have known is disappearing before our own eyes must be blinding themselves to the signs of our time. I am to give you the following information from the most reliable source in the whole of Creation, my inner teacher, who is the true author of all my work:

‘Nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen in 2012. Look around you and see the profound changes that are now taking place in your world. Its evolutionary march forward is unstoppable and progressing well. This will continue in the year 2012 and beyond, the same as it is doing now and the way it has always done. Your world is changing rapidly before your very own eyes. In the year 2008, an important part of this was the new President of the USA. He brought with him a renewal of hope for your world. He, the same as everybody else, is guided by Me and the Angels. Never doubt that you and your world are resting safely in My loving hands.’

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