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I am the I AM, the Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. I am the spiritual Sun beyond and behind the Sun in the sky above you. I am the brightest Light and the highest Star in the whole of Creation. You, the whole human race, are My chosen people and we, the Holy Trinity, are your God. We are one and we are the source of all wisdom, knowledge and truth. Our laws decree that everything must return to its source and because you once went forth from our loving heart, that’s the place to which each one of you eventually has to return. There is no other place for you to go.

Because we are one, for the sake of simplicity I will continue to talk about Me and like Me you are spirit and soul and your true home is the world of spirit. Though it may often feel as if you were struggling on your own in earthly life, you have never been left alone or abandoned there. You always have been and will be accompanied by My Angels, as well as your spirit guides and Masters. I, the Divine Trinity, am the Great White Spirit and the architect and designer of the great plan of life. I am the director of the movie of life and everything obeys My laws and follows My instructions. The Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life, known as the Christ Circle, are the executors of My plan. They are in charge of your spirit guides and helpers on the lower levels. Through these channels I am constantly giving parts of My wisdom to you and your world that are suitable for the degree of understanding the individual and collective consciousness of your race has reached at any given time.

All human beings in earthly life eventually have to come to terms with the fact that there are other dimensions to themselves and their present existence. To assist the tuning of your individual and collective minds into the frequencies of the higher and highest levels of life, the Angels and Masters, spirit guides and helpers, throughout the ages have been communicating with you in symbolisms and metaphors, parables and legends. They are designed in such a way that eventually they can be grasped by even the slowest minds. By now sufficient numbers of you are receiving My wisdom directly from Me through your inner connection with Me. All of you have spent many lifetimes in search of Divine wisdom and truth and as soon as you have learnt to pay attention to and follow My guidance from within, outside intervention is no longer required. Every human being in earthly life has to walk this pathway in the end. To your delight you will then find that it is impossible for anyone to pull the wool over your eyes.

Symbolisms and metaphors have always been the language with which the spirit world communicates with humankind. From the earliest beginnings of its existence on the Earth, those who are taking care of you and your world on the highest levels of life have been using this mode to convey their ideas, thoughts and truths to you. At the start of your earthly education you are still unable to recognise what all symbolisms for what they truly and you cannot yet grasp their meaning. But as you progress on the evolutionary pathway, the gift of interpreting them gradually comes to us. From within your own being it unfolds and slowly provides you with an ever clearer vision of the spiritual aspects of life. It brings the gift of true clairvoyance and that is an understanding of the esoteric meaning of symbols and the spiritual truths behind all aspects of earthly life.

In the course of the Aquarian Age ever more of you are going to develop the ability to recognise the esoteric meaning of the symbolisms that for such a long time had to remain hidden behind the surface words of the myths and legends of your world. This has always applied to every one of the belief systems that ever existed and therefore also to the Jesus legend. It is the tale of a spiritual Master’s life and a demonstration of how all human beings eventually have to conduct their lives. It was given by the Angels and Masters in charge of your world for wise educational purposes and by My will and wishes. And it is with full intention that young and inexperienced souls should at first take the Jesus legend literally.

As far as the sacred texts of your world are concerned, as time went by it was inevitable that many misunderstandings and misinterpretations – intentionally and otherwise – crept into them and many have stayed to this day. There is no need to begrudge any of this because all of it has been grist to the mill of your race’s evolutionary development. The misunderstandings provided invaluable teaching aids for your earthly education, when you, My beloved children, were placed there one lifetime after another.

Sooner or later every one of you reaches the developmental point when the bottle and spoon feeding of spiritual knowledge of the past that may or may not be true, fails to satisfy you. When you have had enough of lies and deceptions, you go in pursuit of My truth. The ways of the past have served their purpose when your soul at last is filled with a great hunger and thirst for the truth and nothing but the truth. Your longing for it turns into the incentive that in the end propels all of you forward on your predestined path of evolving into seekers of wisdom and truth. Each has to do this in their own right and through this eventually finds their own understanding of life and learns to work things out for themselves.

My truths do not change, but your perception and understanding of them does and has to, in the long course of your evolutionary journey. To find this out for yourself is why I never intervened in past ages when anyone falsified and corrupted parts of my truth when it was given to your world in many different forms. It has always been possible to interpret My truths in many different ways. The degree of truth you pass on to others is a measure of your spiritual integrity and loyalty, to Me, yourself, the people around you and your whole world. And that is by far the best way of testing someone’s present evolutionary state.

Because each one of you, in the fullness of time, has to find their own way back to Me and into the awareness of their own Divine nature, in past ages the Angels never told you: ‘Things are so and so!’ They gave you symbolisms and metaphors instead, so you should interpret them. The Age of Aquarius is changing this because ever more of you have become sufficiently evolved to tune the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly minds into My frequencies, to receive My wisdom and truth directly from Me, the Source of your being.

Many of the deep esoteric meanings contained in the legends and fables of your world had to remain hidden from your understanding for a long time. And as reading and writing for the common people is a fairly recent development in your world, the doors were open wide to all manner of divergences from My truth. Humankind’s task has always been the unravelling of the mysteries of life, but to enable you to do this you first need to come to terms with the fact that in truth life is an ongoing process and uninterrupted flow. Ideas and concepts of this nature can only by grasped by those who are willing to look beyond the ends of their noses and lift their vision to the higher and highest realities of life.

Your understanding then enables you to go in search of My wisdom behind the surface words of every legend your world has ever known. By deciphering their symbolisms you can find a fresh understanding of their meaning. You can then see for yourself that the mythological heritage of all the cultures of your world is one vast storehouse of My wisdom and knowledge, and that many of their symbols contain messages that can speak to you to this day. *

The higher you climb up the spiritual mountain into the full light of your oneness with Me, the more easily you will be able to discern that the tales and legends that surround even the most venerated ones of the teachers, who are believed to have acted as My channels, in truth belong to the realms of mythology and not of history, because they never were based on historical facts.

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