The Price Of Peace At Any Cost

I do not believe that any relationship ever makes any real progress when the waters of life appear to be calm and unruffled and when no-one dares to rock the boat for fear of disturbing daily routines and the surface calm. This could be deceptive and no calm at all, only an expression of fear. The doldrums such times produce can be quite deadly, if they are allowed to go on for too long. People do not come closer together, but drift further and further apart through the sheer boredom, frustration and lack of excitement within their relationship. Eventually, something forces its way between them that will help their stalemate situation to erupt. Whether they consciously look for this or not, some kind of turbulence will then enter from without, to get things going again.

This happens because two souls who have been joined together have ceased to grow and learn within their relationship. The disturbance, in whatever form it may come, has become necessary so that they may learn some more about themselves and each other. It is only through our relationships that our soul can grow some more. The choice is ours: either the events in our life make us resentful, bitter and twisted, so that we retreat from the world and relationships altogether – or we turn towards love.

With hindsight, the disturbance can then be seen as an opportunity for growing and learning, for gaining in understanding, tolerance, kindness, forgiveness, love and understanding for ourselves and our own inner needs, as well as those of the other one. For as long as there remains love between two people, they will eventually find a way to resolve their difficulties. Feeling sorry for ourselves does not get us any further, but the willingness to grow and change, individually and together, does.

Quietly enduring the things that are wrong in a relationship makes us into false martyrs, breeding bitterness towards and contempt for each other, as well as ourselves, because we are constantly failing to stand up for our soul needs and wishes, ourselves and our ideals. They are not meant to be ignored, because they are there for wise reasons. If things are not right in one of our relationships – maybe all of them, because we cannot yet assert ourselves in the right way – the onus is on us to pluck up the courage to learn how to stand up for ourselves. We have the right and the duty to make changes in our lives whenever things are not right.

That, however, is a particularly tall order for people who are strongly under the influence of Libra – Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Libra, also Sun, Moon and other planets in the seventh house, which is naturally ruled by Libra. Such people would rather shut up and endure whatever comes, for the sake of peace. ‘Peace at any cost – but what price peace?’ That is the pitfall they must learn to avoid. Once they have fallen into it and wish to end their suffering, they themselves must work their way out of it; no-one can do it for them.

Peace at any cost has another harsh downside. In our desire to keep the peace, even if we succeed in creating a comfortable enough environment for those around us, how about ourselves and our own needs? Aren’t we constantly creating exactly the opposite of what we are trying to achieve, namely dissatisfaction, discontent, frustration and pain – especially pain of the soul, because it can never find what it is looking for?

True, these things are good for our soul growth, which must be the reason why it has been said that in Libra we grow ourselves a soul. The suppressed pain of our soul is bound to eventually manifest itself as illnesses in our physical body, as an outer sign that something is crying out to be looked at inside, on the soul level. For those who do not succeed in finding their way out of the Libran trap, the price that has to be paid, in my view, is a high one – too high for anyone.

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The above is a chapter from ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’.
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