Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks - Rays of Wisdom - Relationship Healing

It has been said that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. We are in this life to learn from our daily experiences, so that would simply not do justice to the purpose of our being here. Having reached the age of seventy-nine at the time of updating this, a day without having learnt something, somehow, somewhere is a wasted one for me. That’s why I can tell you that the above saying is simply not true.

But, how do clever old dogs go about learning new tricks? Because they have been on the Earth plane for a long time, they have – or should have – gathered much wisdom from their experiences. They are also likely to have found out that no-one can teach us anything, that in truth everything is already inside us. Therefore, we just need someone to awaken the things that are slumbering within the recesses of our own spirit and soul, who is willing to assist us with bringing them to the fore of our consciousness.

And how does one teach elderly canines to build happier and better balanced relationships? In my view, it’s never too late for it. Learning to appreciate and respect ourselves as much as we do others is our first requirement. It then gradually becomes easier to recognise our own true needs and to let our heart have its say. The more it opens with the love for all life, the more we get in touch with ourselves and learn to respect our own requirements, too. What has helped my heart to open and my soul to heal more than anything, has been the finding of a place where it is a pleasure to be, with people who enjoy and seek my company, as much as I do theirs. People who accept and appreciate me for who and what I am, and who freely respond to what I have to give, without needing to be prompted.

There is no need to ask for the Earth or the Stars, but human beings need warmth and affection in their relationships. If we and they are to thrive, each party must learn to give and take both in equal measure. It is normal for human beings to reach out to others; to share and take part in each other’s life; to support each other and to be there for each other; to enjoy each other’s company and to take an interest in each other, rather than each living on a small island of their own. We are in this life to learn these things through our human relationships and once our heart opens to love, life itself teaches us these skills.

One thing is sure and that is that true love is a strange and wonderful thing that moves in mysterious ways. Why do we have so little faith in the Highest to bring us whatever we most urgently need, including someone to love in this manner? Haven’t all our true requirements always been met? The Angels in charge of us and our world are well aware of the fact that each one of us in due course needs a partner who shares our spiritual interests and not only the material ones. That’s why someone of that calibre eventually does appear in our life, when the time is right – one way or another – and maybe when we least expect it.

Who are we to stand in the way when this special person enters our life and hesitate, hopefully not for too long? We are here to learn to love wisely. Well, is it wise to cling onto something – anything that is past its sell-by date? Spiritual awareness, by the way, does not make such decisions any easier. Knowing that we are responsible and have to live with the karmic consequences of every thought, word and action, we make an extra effort at doing the right things, on all levels, trying to do justice to all involved. But with our limited view, how can we ever know what is best for ourselves and another? All we can do is follow our inner guidance and then take the plunge.

If our intentions are good and we act with love in our heart and do our best, then God and the Angels can and will do the rest. The Universal laws ensure that when we send our best into our world – and all worlds, for that matter – only the best comes back to us. And it is true that bread cast onto the waters of life does come back, and any love we have ever given will always return to us, though not necessarily through the people we gave it to. This hardly ever happens, but it will come back, as often as not in the form of help when we really need it. Suddenly it is there and to our amazement hands are reaching out to us, from unexpected people and places.

Observing this kind of thing in our own lives goes a long way towards restoring our faith and trust in the inherent goodness of life, which we may have lost along the way whilst struggling to find our way through some particularly traumatic events. To my mind, that is the very reason why such situations arise. It is good to learn through them first hand that it is safe to trust that our true needs will always be met. And that is how the Universe teaches us the most important lessons of all: learning to trust.

With regard to people who need to go their separate ways after a long standing relationship that proves exceedingly hard to end, the White Eagle group of spirit guides said something that appeared on the Message Board of the White Eagle Lodge in March 2006: ‘You will ask if divorce or separation can be wrong. We, your guides in the world of light, say: not at all. In everyday life you go through certain phases, physical and spiritual, that are meant to teach you specific lessons. When one phase is over and its usefulness is finished, it falls away. It is the same with marriage. When the required period of wedded life between two people has passed and you have learned what was necessary, the purpose of that marriage is likely to have been fulfilled, not only for yourself but also for your partner. Therefore, we do not hold that divorce is sinful or that it hinders both partners spiritual advancement in any way.’

As always, the test lies in the way we tackle and resolve the issues that arise. The way we handle them shows the wise ones, who are in charge of us in the spiritual background of earthly life, much better than anything else how much we really have progressed on the evolutionary spiral of life – or whether we merely think so.

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