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Knowledge about the healer’s path has been with our world for a very long time. For example, in Greek mythology, the Centaur Chiron was the wounded healer. Half horse and half God, he got involved in a row and received a wound that would not heal. Eventually, he gave up his immortality and his identity of a God; in his search for healing he decided to share the lot of humankind on the Earth. Chiron is a symbolism for humankind’s past, present and its future. Like him, we are Gods and our parting from God wounded our soul deeply. Bravely we went to do battle with the Earth environment, where in the course of many lifetimes our soul received numerous wounds. The deeper we descended into physicality, the further we moved away from our Source, until we seriously started to believe that we and our Creator were separate beings. We had forgotten our immortality and for a very long time believed that our earthly self was all there was to us. It seemed that we had lost our immortality forever, but fortunately that is impossible.

Rejoice, for the time has come for each one of us to seek healing for all our wounds, mental, spiritual and physical ones. Because they were received in physicality, they can only be healed in this state. As pointed out in volume one of my jottings, potentially we are all healers, but to become one we first have to seek our own healing. By forgetting our oneness with God and the whole of Creation, we gave up our immortality, just like Chiron. We too, for a certain period of our individual and collective evolution, lost the conscious awareness, the memory of the fact that in truth we are sparks of the Divine and therefore young Gods in the making. This lifetime is an extra special one in which many are offered the opportunity of re-awakening to their true nature and finding healing through re-uniting the human and Divine parts of their being.

Being spirit and soul temporarily encased in matter, all this was necessary for wise evolutionary reasons. But, spiritual knowledge and wisdom has always come to us and our world directly from the Source, to enable us to make some sense of our present existence and to – slowly, slowly over many ages – show us the way back home into our true reality. For this reason since time immemorial the mythology of our race has contained legends of heroes who gave up their immortality to become earthlings. As we gradually emerged from a state of total ignorance, we started to grasp more of the underlying esoteric meanings of the tales and stories that were given to us and they became ever more sophisticated, shall we say?

The myth of Chiron, the wounded healer, illustrates this better than anything else. Ever since this tale came into our world, it has been trying to tell us about none other than you and me. When a soul leaves the state of oneness with its Source, to begin its long journey of developing its consciousness of an individual being, it receives a deep wound that resists all healing attempts. Each one of us is in this state; we are all healers who first have to find their own healing, to enable us to later teach others to do the same for themselves. We are waiting to be released from the evolutionary phase of separation and are heading back home into the loving re-union with our Creator. It is the birthright of every human soul to eventually find healing and peace through this process.

This procedure gets going with ever increasing strength, as soon as an earthly self re-awakens to the knowledge of its true nature. It gathers even more momentum through the earthly self’s steadily growing awareness that its physical body is but an outer shell and a vehicle for its God Self. The spirit of the living God dwells within every cell and atom of everybody’s physical body. Equipped with this knowledge and its prayers and devotions, every earthly self with the help of its indwelling soul and spirit in the fullness of time slowly but surely converts its vehicle for this lifetime into a temple for the living God. The lower self rejoices as it becomes aware that it is never alone, because God – in the form of our Highest Self – is always with us. God has never left us and experiences everything with us. When we suffer, God suffers with us; when we enjoy ourselves, God does the same; and when we are healing, God is healing us and with us. Best of all, because of the inner oneness of all life, when we are healing, everything in the whole of Creation does the same.

To seek this healing is the very reason why there is a wound deep within every soul’s consciousness that for a very long time refuses to heal. It is for sound evolutionary reasons that every soul must descend ever deeper into matter, as this is the only way we can become aware that we are a single and unique being. From the moment of its separation from its Source and true home every soul experiences and has to learn to live with its pain. The memory of the blessed state of oneness has always remained buried deep inside every soul. Throughout all our meanderings – especially in troubled times – through space and time, the great yearning and longing for our true home has never left us.

By now, many souls have become sufficiently evolved to be guided back to their roots, so they can be re-united with the Source of all life. Each one of these souls in its own right is potentially a seed carrier, a bringer of light and a healer. In spiritual terms, light means wisdom and knowledge. Healers can help others in many ways. We can help someone to see their way forward in life more clearly by showing them who they truly are and why they are here, why people and things come into our lives and leave us again. Most helpful of all, to my mind, is the knowledge that there is no death.

Healers willingly offer others a shoulder to lean or cry on and they are by no means unhappy to hold someone’s hand for a while. They bring renewed hope to souls in distress by empathising with them and helping them to view difficult situations from more positive perspectives. Such things they do not because someone tells them to, but because that is what they truly want to do. Aware that their true nature is love, they follow their inner light and the urge to be true to themselves by acting in kind and loving ways at all times. When they have found a measure of enlightenment, they willingly share their knowledge with those around them, so that they can do the same when their time for doing so has come.

Every healer must learn from their own first hand experiences that there is no death and that it is only the outer shell that dies at the end of each lifetime. Only when this has been grasped on a deep inner level, the acceptance and deep inner appreciation can rise into their conscious awareness that the knowledge they have found is true. By that time, the healer appreciates that the myth of giving up their immortality was necessary for a time, and that all feelings of being separated from God were merely part of the illusion that the existence in physicality creates. This realisation re-unites their earthly and Divine part; as they heal together, immortality is regained.

Yes, it was necessary for every soul to forget that nothing can ever separate us from God, but only for a time. That was the leaving of the state of paradise. No-one chased us away. We went of our own free will and must have done so quite happily, because in that blessed part of our existence we still knew that the Universal laws of Karma and reincarnation would ensure the safe return of every soul into the oneness with God. We departed willingly because we knew that our consciousness would be vastly enriched by all the experiences that lay ahead of us and that we would thus be helping not only our individual evolution, but also that of our whole world and the whole of Creation. Could there ever be a worthier enterprise than that?

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