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Since time immemorial God and the Angels on the Highest levels of life have been pouring parts of their wisdom into the pool of human consciousness and this will forever continue. Every human being, independent of where we presently dwell in this world and the world of spirit, is an integral part of this reservoir of knowledge that has been accumulated over the ages. From time to time, teachers of spiritual wisdom are reincarnating into our world in different cultures and during various ages, to share the gift of their understanding of the true meaning and purpose of our existence with the earthly part of humankind.

To my mind, the knowledge that came to our world in this way was never intended for just the privileged few. Anyone who comprehends the incoming wisdom is ready to receive it and is meant to share it with those around them. It has ever been true that when the pupil is ready, the teacher will be found. Everyone of us in their own sweet time eventually reaches the level of awareness when we are ready to be guided towards the right sources of information that can help us move forwards and upwards on our personal evolutionary journey of life. Whatever insights are given to us intuitively by our inner teacher, the wise one within, should also be shared with those around us. And because the knowledge comes to us free of charge, I feel that it is good and right – for me, in any case – to give it away.

I have always aimed to give of my best, so God and the Angels can do the rest. After all, that is the purpose of our earthly existence. The special gifts and talents the Universe has bestowed upon each one of us in such rich measure are intended to be used eventually for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. For the bringing in of the New Age we all have a special role to play and function to fulfil, in whatever capacity this may be. How can we recognise ours? Through intuitions, hunches and gut feelings that come to us through the world of our feelings our Highest or God Self is constantly trying to communicate with us, its earthly counterpart. If listen to it and follow its directions, it unerringly guides us towards the people and experiences that are right for us, at any given moment.

We live in special times, for we and our world are now ready for the re-awakening of the core knowledge within us of who and what we truly are, and always have been. Well then, what are we? Each one of us is a spark of the Divine, of the Great One, one of whose many names is God. We are always one with our Creator, the Universal force that freely flows through all creatures and beings, and is also an integral part of all inanimate objects. No life exists outside of or without God. There is a Great Universal Plan, in which everything and everyone has their place and their role to play. And there is no power in the whole of Creation that can separate anyone or anything from God, but one and that is our earthly minds.

I believe that each one of us has been through many lifetimes, not just one or two, and that there is a very special purpose of coming into this one. We are all offered the potential for consciously re-connecting and becoming one again with our Creator, whilst living in physicality. In this process we become whole and holy – that is what healing truly means. And that is why presently fresh opportunities are constantly available from the Universe for every human soul. But, as humankind has been granted the gift of free will, it is up to us as individuals to decide whether we wish to take advantage of what is on offer or ignore it.

As the two parts of our being, the human and the Divine, merge into each other, slowly but surely we are becoming ever more whole, holy and healed – the way we once were. Our sense of separateness and of being lost disappears and we shall again be one with our Source, each other and all life, healed in mind, body, spirit and soul. This is the birthright of every soul, whether we are as yet consciously aware of this or not. And every tiny effort that is made by anyone to achieve this state is worthwhile and noted by God and the Angels. Because in God all is one, when one of us heals our world and everything in it does the same. When this healing process is at last complete, there will be peace within us and our world.

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