The Sun In Pisces

Pisces - sign of the soul and karma

Pisces Glyph

The Sign Of Karma And The Soul

Many happy returns of the day to each one of you, my dear Piscean friends, as for you it comes round once again.

Soul Food For Pisceans

May God grant you always:
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you,
Faithful friends near you,
And whenever you pray,
The Heavens to hear you.

Many happy returns of the day, dear Pisces.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

Please note that much of what has been mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Pisces but also when:

• Your Sun is in the twelfth house, the natural house of Pisces.
• Your Moon is in Pisces or the twelfth house.
• Your Ascendant is in Pisces.
• You were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Pisces.

Six pointed Star


We shall first consider this aspect, because the mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of the human soul in general terms, as well as some of the character traces that are typical for the souls that are born into them.

Pisces is traditionally co-ruled by the two giant planets Jupiter and Neptune. In Roman mythology, Jupiter or Jove was the ruler of the Gods. He was the son of the God Saturn, whom he usurped and overthrew. Jupiter was originally the God of the sky and the King of Heaven, hence also the God of rain, thunder and lightning. As Jupiter Optimus Maximus, the best and greatest, he was also the protector of Rome. And as Jupiter Fidius he was known as the guardian of law, the defender of truth and the protector of justice and virtue. The Romans identified Jupiter with Zeus, the supreme God of the Greeks. As they assigned the attributes and myths of the Greek divinity to the Roman God, the Jupiter of Latin literature bears many Greek characteristics, whereas the Jupiter of Roman religious worship remained substantially untouched by Greek influence.

The co-ruler of Pisces is Neptune. He was worshipped by the Romans as the God of the sea, although originally he had been the God of springs and streams. His Greek counterpart was Poseidon. Many of the myths surrounding Neptune and Poseidon reflect them as bad-tempered, easily angered and quarrelsome, like the sea. Maybe this is because humankind has always been good at creating Gods in its own image, instead of the other way round, i.e. us created in the image of God. That is why in the times of the ancient Greeks we still did not know any better than projecting our human characteristics onto the sea. Like life, the sea just is.  Certain factors sometimes make it wild and troublesome to humans, but their opinions cannot mean anything to the sea and its inhabitants. The vast, mysterious and unfathomable spirit of the sea, symbolised by Neptune/Poseidon, lies far beyond the boundaries of human perception, even though at times it interacts in limited ways with those of our race who resonate particularly strongly with its frequencies, for example those with their Ascendant in Pisces and/or their Sun/Moon in this sign or the twelfth house.

Neptune was usually depicted as holding a trident that resembles a pitchfork. At that time, this was the traditional weapon of the fishermen in the Mediterranean region. The trident was adopted as Neptune’s astrological glyph. Both Greek and Roman cultures dramatised their God of the sea. They allocated them emotions, lovers, offspring and made them the rapists of numerous nymphs and Goddesses. Poseidon, the supreme ruler of the seas, was known as an awesome, unruly and powerful God, who was associated with storms, earthquakes and other violent forces of nature. When angry, he could stir the sea to a fury. Yet, he was also capable of calming its raging waters with a mere glance. In one of the Greek legends Poseidon is known as Hippios, the Lord of the horses, who presented horses as gifts to his favoured people. He rode the waves in a swift chariot drawn by golden sea horses.
In another one of these tales Poseidon is a God with a blue mane who once lay with a willing, serpent-haired Goddess named Medusa on the floor of Athena’s temple. Together they produced the winged horse, Pegasus.  Pegasus, like his sire, was thought to have water-magic; he used it to churn up the springs of inspiration from which the Muses drank.  From those magical waters sprung all the arts and everything that makes us truly human, empathic, creative, humorous and also wise.  Mythically speaking all art forms have their origin in the wild and fluid sea-God and the passionate Earth-serpent Goddess of whom it is said that whenever they make love on the floor of the human mind, new works of art come into being.

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General Observations

Here then is my interpretation of the Sun in Pisces means to human souls on their evolutionary pathway back into perfection, i.e. wholeness. Pisces is a mutable Water sign; it is the twelfth and final one in the zodiac. As you know by now, it is co-ruled by the vast and expansive planet Jupiter and the mysterious and unfathomable Neptune. For a better understanding of the astrological meaning of mutability, please read my notes about ‘The Qualities Of The Signs’. However, if this is the only Sun sign you are interested in, all you need to know is that the basic approach to life of the Fire and Air signs is masculine, active, positive and outgoing, whereas that of the Water and Earth signs is feminine, passive, receptive and reflective. Let me give you a few examples of how the energies of our Sun sign manifest themselves in our attitude to and perception of life. Because of the passive nature of the feminine Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, it is unusual for souls born into them to be found among the shakers, movers and initiators of our world. One needs to look towards the Fire and Air signs to find this quality.

When it comes to the fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius, the views and opinions of those born into them, as well as their perception and general vision of life, our world and their place in it can be astonishingly fixed and rigid, whereas the mutability of Gemini and Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces may manifest itself as a wonderful chameleon-like ability of souls born into these signs to adjust themselves to those around them and their needs; at times with almost too much ease.

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‘The soul yearns to fly home on the wings of love to the world of ideas. It longs to be freed from the chains of the body.’ Plato, ca. 428-347 BC

In a nutshell, the most outstanding Piscean characteristics are: artistic gifts; the ability to play our part in life; being dreamy and idealistic; imaginative, inspirational, mediumistic, loving music and rhythm; being sensitive, spiritual and subtle. The negative aspects are: carelessness; castles in the air; deceptive; head in the clouds; hypersensitivity; irritated by discords; sentimental; subversive; unstable; wandering and woolly.

For a deeper comprehension of this sign let us return to Jupiter for a moment. In Sagittarius this planet is a symbolism for the super-conscious realms of the Highest and the development of these faculties in humankind. Jupiter’s  influence in Sagittarius and Pisces awakens in human souls an interest in such diverse topics as higher education, religions and philosophies. It also bestows upon us the gifts of hope, faith and trust. When Neptune’s energies are added to this in Pisces, human souls begin to develop their artistic, idealistic, dreamy, mediumistic, spiritual and most subtle qualities. is in Pisces, human souls begin to develop their artistic, idealistic, dreamy, mediumistic, spiritual and most subtle qualities.

Bearing all that in mind, it does not come as a surprise why the Piscean motto is: ‘I believe’. And many souls born into this sign bear witness to this by revealing a deep built-in faith in the goodness of life, even though they may otherwise have no time for the concept of God and the Angels. A Piscean friend once described her beliefs like this: ‘I have always known that I have a Father in Heaven. But, it took me a long time to appreciate the true nature of this Father and that He is not ‘out there’ somewhere but right here, inside you and me and all life.’

The Piscean astrological glyph is two fish tied together in the middle by a silver cord. The cord stands for our small earthly self’s connection with our spirit Highest or God Self and its soul. The fish represent the human soul in its struggle of coming to terms with the ravenous and rampant desire nature of its earthly self and its higher nature. Like these two aspects of our being, the fish are pulling in opposite directions. One of them wants to swim upstream and the other one down. The upstream one is our spirit and soul that knows nothing of earthly life and does not understand it. Although it cannot wait to get back to its true home, the oneness with God and all life, it appreciates that this can only come about through going forward and swimming upstream. It does so because it contains every bit of wisdom the earthly self has gathered throughout all its experiences, in its present lifetime and all previous ones. For as long as this part fails to understand the purpose of its earthly existence, it has little choice but pulling in the opposite direction.

Afraid of the future and all things new, the soul remains stuck in the illusion of life in physicality and tries to cling onto the past and that which it already knows. Thus it creates ever more suffering for itself, which in turn leads to more and more soul growth, proving the truth of the statement that the soul creates its own suffering. This can only change when the earthly finally finds its way back home into the knowledge of its true nature. This awakening is something that everybody must experience sooner or later. When this happens to us, we have to make a conscious decision which way we want to proceed. Do we want to continue to listen to and pursue the desires of our small earthly self or would we rather follow those of our Highest Self and the soul? Peace between these two parts and therefore healing can only come when the earthly self finally begins to recognise the light of its true existence; when it understands that it lives in a world of paradoxes and learns to pay careful attention to the guidance that comes from within, its Highest Self.

It has always tried, with more or less success, to communicate with us through what is known as the small still voice of conscience. Instead of neglecting, ignoring and pushing it away, as we have all done at least at times in the past, we do well to make every effort to learn to listen to it and trustingly follow its guidance wherever it may wish to lead us. Individually and collectively the time has come for courageously moving forwards, no more peering anxiously back to the past and trying to hold onto it, because no progress has ever been made that way. The Piscean fish are the symbol of this vital choice that is constantly required of every soul. For Sun Pisceans this need is greatly accentuated and as their present lifetime progresses, this is likely to become an ever more pressing issue for them.

Six pointed Star

Other-Worldly Pisces

The Piscean energy is a soft, sensitive, gentle, dreamy and rather other-worldly one and during the Sun’s transit through this sign we can all take advantage of it. This is not really a time for action – that will come soon enough, when the Sun moves into the next sign, Aries. But it is a wonderful time for letting go of old things; for dreaming, praying and meditating; for getting in touch with the purpose of one’s soul and for reconnecting with the whole of life. It is a great time for healing journeys because it is then much easier to explore the innermost world of one’s feelings and it is surprisingly easy for the floodgates to open, so that healing may come. Whenever this happens, I allow the tears to flow because I know from first hand experience that this -  more than anything else – always helps to release and let go of my soul’s pain.  I don’t know how these things work for you, but for me – provided I am in the right place – it is it best not only to allow the pain to come to the surface, but to even welcome and embrace it, so that the all important cleansing and healing process can take place.

Going with the flow of one’s feelings can at first be scary and therefore more than somewhat difficult. My own healing journey has taught me that, when I give in to my feelings and allow my inner pain to rise to the surface of my consciousness, when floods of tears threaten to overwhelm me, it’s okay to go with their flow. I now know that letting go of my feelings without reservation and allowing any pain that wishes to surface to do so in all its strength, I will not always stay in this mode. Each time yet another wave of pain rises from within, I lovingly embrace it, feel it and then let it go. You might like to try this for yourself, next time you are feeling weepy. Do not hold onto anything that comes; there is no need – just hand it over to God and the healing Angels, who draw especially close to every soul in distress. They can help much better when we open our inner doors, to ask them in and show them how much loved and well received they are. Such tears always bring great relief and healing; I guarantee you that the next day you will feel much better and clearer within yourself.  Allow God and the Angels to comfort you; sense their presence and feel their gentleness, and let go of anything that is troubling you.

Listening to soft and gentle classical music and relaxing into it has always helped me more than anything else to communicate with my soul; it helps me to let go and to invite healing to come. One of my favourites is ‘The Homecoming’ from ‘New World Symphony’ by Dvorak – I never get tired of listening to it. Maybe this is because homecoming has always been a subject most dear to my heart. And what could be more appropriate now that we are on the threshold of a New Age and a new world, than all going home together, hand in hand with God and the Angels? Isn’t it wonderful that spiritually going home no longer means having to wait until we return into the world of spirit? God and the Angels are inviting each one of us right here and now to each do our share of making it happen.

Going Home
Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day – we’re all going home.
It’s not far, just close by – see that open door?
Work all done, care laid by –
Going to fear and hurt no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us – Father’s waiting too.
Angel folks are gathered there – guides and friends we know,
Guides and friends we know.
Morning Star lights the way – Earth-bound dreams all done.
Shadows gone –  break of day – real life’s just begun.
There’s no break, there’s no end –  just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile – going on and on.

Going home, going home – we’re all going home.
It’s not far, just close by – through the open door
We’re all going home.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius

Music brings us closer to the beautiful Piscean energy and lets us benefit from it better than anything else. Its healing effects are well known, but to receive them it is essential to choose pieces that truly speak to your soul calming and soothing ways. When we listen to this kind of music, the Angels of healing can draw ever closer to us. They are especially fond of souls who show in their prayers that the angelic healing powers and comfort are not sought only for healing of the self, but also for that of our world and everything that shares it with us. Inviting the Angels into our reflections and meditations lifts our healing sessions onto the highest levels of life, transforming each one into a rare and special occasion. Just ask the Angels to draw close, relax into things and imagine that their healing energies are flowing through you into the farthest and remotest corners of God’s Creation, for the blessing and healing of all life.

During the Sun’s transit through Pisces under the influence of its ruler Neptune, a general lack of energy can be felt. To make up for this, go steady in all your endeavours. Do not be surprised if at this time, your efforts frequently come to nothing and you get a feeling as if you were trying to wade through treacle. Consciously experiencing this will help you to be more compassionate towards Sun Pisceans; that’s all the energy they have at their disposal throughout their present lifetime. To get the greatest possible benefits from Neptune’s energy it is best to pursue certain pastimes and to abstain from others. For example, artistic and creative ones are more suited to the Piscean constitution than those that require much physical effort. Learning to master the energies of our Sun sign, like all good things, takes time, careful observation of self and the world around us and also patience. Sun in Pisces can be turned into a truly inspiring time when prayers, meditations and quiet contemplations reconnect us, probably better than at any other time of the year, with the Source of our being and with all life.

Six pointed Star

Subtle And Elusive Neptune

The influence of the Neptunian energies is subtle and elusive. This reflects itself in the more than somewhat indefinable and ungraspable nature of those born into this sign. There is a sweetness, gentleness and kindness about emotionally highly sensitive and compassionate Pisces that is not quite of this Earth. They suffer from strong urges to escape from the harshness of its life altogether, and whenever the fish feels it is in some kind of danger it attempts to go into hiding. They are creatures who have a habit of coming into one’s life and disappearing from it again – seemingly without a trace. It is unwise to try to hold onto them if they unwilling to stay, because they will just slide through your fingers and be gone. This is in keeping with Neptune; creating an illusion is its greatest strength: ‘Now you see me; now you don’t!’ Not surprisingly, photography and cinematography come under its rulership.

In the physical body the feet ruled by Pisces. Literally and metaphorically they represent our under-standing; as well as being the things we walk about on, they stand for our understanding of life. The Master Jesus washing the feet of his disciples is an allegory filled with higher meanings and underlying esoteric symbolisms. The Master himself is a representation of the Universal Christ, who taught and worked through him. The disciples are a metaphor for all those who believe in Him – not the Master Jesus – and follow His teachings, given through the Master, and by living their lives in accordance with His laws. The washing is a metaphor that stands for the cleansing of their consciousness – and through them that of the whole of humankind – of spiritual concepts.

For as long as the Piscean soul is held prisoner by its personality and on the purely material level of life – it is likely to suffer deeply. The spiritual motto of Pisces ‘to serve or to suffer’ reflects this. At the same time, it shows the way out all this suffering, namely that it is by no means compulsory. It can be and is meant to be alleviated through loving service on the Earth plane that makes a serious contribution towards reducing the suffering of humankind. The difference lies in the choices we make, because life constantly offers all of us choices. As Dag Hammarskjöld put it: ‘We cannot choose the framework of our destiny, only how we respond to it.’

All suffering on the Earth plane is self-created and caused by ignorance. But spiritual knowledge has never stopped flowing into the individual and collective consciousness of humankind, ever since descent into matter began. It comes to us from the highest levels of life and its aim has always been to place into everybody’s own hands tools for releasing ourselves and our world from all kinds of suffering. This inflow of Divine wisdom is getting ever stronger; yet, it can only be accessed on the spiritual level of life and through re-establishing our inner connection with God, for example in meditations and prayers.

Six pointed Star

Serving On The Earthly Plane

So, how can Pisceans sensibly find ways of service that do justice to their great sensitivity? To my mind, best of all is healing work. Pisces rules large institutions like hospitals and prisons; they are good places for Pisceans to work in. Excellent in the healing professions, they are capable of being highly devoted nurses and doctors who serve those in their care with wonderful compassion and empathy for their suffering. Tuning into Pisces’ opposite sign, its sleeping partner, meticulous and hard working Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac, explains why this is so.

Souls with a strong emphasis on Water in their birthcharts are highly sensitive and tuned into the emotional world of those around them. Every soul has psychic gifts and mediumistic qualities; they especially come to the fore of our consciousness during a lifetime in Pisces. They are waiting to be explored some more and developed so that they can be used in loving service to those who are in need of finding a better understanding of what lies behind the veil of consciousness that to this day very largely hides our true home, the world of spirit, from our earthly view. Spiritual mediumship is but one of the ways open to Pisceans in which they can be bringers of light and on the Earth plane, to alleviate the suffering of humankind.

On some level each one of us is in need of healing and there are numerous ways of finding it. Through the ensuing healing process the soul’s own instinctive healing abilities wake up.  As mentioned in ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer – Healers and Healing’, we are all on the Earth to be healed and become healers in our own right. My advice to those who do not know where to get started is: just go in search of healing for your own suffering and that of our world. The way will be shown when you listen to your inner guidance and one step at a time, you willingly and unselfishly share your gifts – whatever they may be – with the rest of humankind, whenever a chance for doing so arises.

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Six pointed Star

The Earth – Not Our True Home

Pisces, the twelfth and last sign, is sometimes called the dustbin of the zodiac. To regularly make some time available and create a space where they can retreat from the hustle and bustle of earthly life is essential for souls born into this sign. A lifetime spent in it offers the soul many opportunities for tying up loose ends that were left behind in previous lifetimes and bringing unresolved issues in its human relationships to a conclusion; wise ones seize them when they become aware of them and get to work. A variety of artistic talents that have been developed during previous lifetimes may be available to the Piscean during this one. Frequently, however, they seem to lack the willpower, ambition and stamina to bring them forth and to full unfoldment. In many cases this is due to nothing more than a general lack of energy, as the supply of energy was very low at the time the soul took its first breath on the Earth plane. The amount of energy that is available at that moment is also the one that influences us the rest of our present lifetime.

Escapist tendencies are strong in Pisceans because somehow their soul senses and intuitively knows that the Earth is not their real home. As ever, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! The greatest hazard lies in the fact that until Pisceans have reached at least a certain degree of spiritual awareness, whenever life seems to difficult for them to handle, the temptation of looking towards suicide as a permanent way out is always close at hand. Little do they know that this could not be further from the truth. Nobody can run away from their difficulties. Sooner or later and one way or another they must be faced and tackled, by none other than us. If we try to end it all by our own hand, we just have to come back and repeat the whole experiences all over again. It is impossible to run away from ourselves and suicide is never the answer to anything, because upon our return into the world of spirit, we shall be faced with all unresolved issues and relationships again. We will have to bring them with us into our next lifetime, and the next, and the next – if need be – until a resolution has finally been found. Yet, spiritually no experience is ever wasted; we always learn something. This one is no exception; it presents the soul with an invaluable lesson.

In case you are as yet unfamiliar with what happens to us at the end of each lifetime, allow me to briefly outline the way I see the time when we come face to face with our eternal and true Self again. Angels and guides are in charge of all humankind; they have always guided and protected us, bringing us into each new lifetime and taking us home again at the end of it. Each time we return to the world of spirit, we first rest and recuperate from the stresses and strains of Earth life. When we are good and ready for it, we – together with the wise ones in charge of us – review the ‘performance’ of our most recent lifetime, as well as all previous ones. At the latest we shall then become aware that there is no point in suicide.

In spite of that, spiritually no experience is ever wasted. Even if our only learning consisted of recognising the futility of suicide, this is valuable indeed because we shall then have evolved and grown in wisdom. By the way, I do not share the view that we come into this world with nothing and that we leave it with nothing. That is just not true! Any learning we ever find through the experiences of all our lifetimes becomes our spiritual property; it is the only thing we truly own and every shred of it is ours to keep; it is of great value and we bring it with us into all following lifetimes.

I believe that in the long course of its evolution every soul has to experience suicide at least once, so that the learning and the memories of this event can be stored in the consciousness of its soul forever. During each subsequent lifetime, when the earthly soul has to undergo particularly traumatic experiences, suicide will no longer occur to it as an attractive option. Somehow it then instinctively chooses to stay around and attend to its problems; from the depths of its subconscious its soul reminds it that that there is no point in trying to run away from itself and its problems. The soul remembers only too well the time when it tried to escape them and how, when it arrived on the other side of life, they were there waiting to be tackled again in another lifetime and another, if need be, until finally the required lesson had been learnt. Wise ones, not just Pisceans, know that with the help and the Will of God, all things and adversaries can be overcome, even the strongest one and that is for each one of us our small and frightened earthly self.

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Six pointed Star

The Pisces Child

It is essential for the emotional/spiritual/physical wellbeing of Pisces children that they should regularly be allowed times for dreaming and retreating from the world. They will later be able to cope better with their adult lives, if afterwards they are gently brought down to the Earth plane again, and made to face the realities of Earth life and their responsibilities. In my circle of friends and acquaintances I have found that the juxtaposition of Mother Sun Aries and child Sun Pisces, or vice versa, is a fairly common one. As the energies and the soul requirements of two adjoining signs are always profoundly different from each other, at first glance this may appear like some kind of a Cosmic joke. The relationship between the two people involved is invariably an exceedingly difficult one. Yet, peering behind the scenes of life and searching for wise purpose behind such scenarios, it comes clear that both souls must have chosen this experience, before they came into their present lifetime in order to be taught extra lessons in patience and tolerance by each other.

For starters the supply of energy of the two signs could not be more different; they are worlds apart. In fiery Aries the Sun is in its exaltation and the life force flows at its strongest, to give all new life that is now coming forth a real chance of survival. Thus, Sun Aries seems to have endless energy supplies at their disposal. Watery Pisces, however, is an end time and one for allowing old things to die, so that new birth and growth can take place in the next sign. To facilitate the old to pass on, it is a peaceful and slowly flowing energy. Aries is masculine, active and outgoing; it loves to be out in the world, doing things, while Pisces is feminine, passive and introverted and in need of regularly seeking seclusion.

The  restless charging about and searching for activities that promise thrills and excitement for the Aries soul, its positive energy actively taking charge, are the antithesis of souls born into Pisces. Trying to keep up with the pace that Mars ruled Aries likes to set is sheer poison to them and it will only be question of time when illness for the Piscean will be the outcome. But even that is understandable, considering that the Sun Aries person is likely to have spent its previous lifetime in the seclusion and constrictions of its soul’s pathway through Pisces. That is why it’s now dying to get on with life and forges ahead, always in search of greener pastures and fresh adventures.

In child and adult alike, emotions and feelings run deep and strong in Pisceans and they are extremely sensitive to the world of their inner realities and their soul. At times they can be so moody and introspective that the world around them may find them difficult or even impossible to understand. Never mind other people; much of the time it is just as difficult for them to understand themselves and their own motivations. So that they should no longer be at the mercy of their feelings, wise ones seek to take charge of them. Whether they are as yet consciously aware of this or not, Pisceans have an innate knowingness that the Earth is not their or anyone else’s true reality and habitat, but somehow they have to exist in it. As long as they remain out of touch with their soul’s purpose and have not yet come alive to their true nature, their suffering continues. Being good, kind and loving to ourselves and those around us is humankind’s real nature and progress can only be made when we insist on being true to it, no matter what. Any other behaviour always means a step back, as further difficult Karma is created that has to be redeemed by us at some stage.

In principle there is nothing wrong with anyone’s escapist tendencies, but we all have to become aware that they can and indeed are meant to be satisfied in safe and harmless ways. For Pisceans escaping from the harshness of the material world is a must. Regularly making time available and creating a space where they feel safe to be left on their own by those around them, to enable them to find and restore their inner equilibrium through connecting with their inner centre will benefit them greatly. Meditation, Yoga, prayer, contemplation, the art of positive thinking and other related activities are good for everybody, but they are ideally suited to Pisceans. More than anyone else they need safe and reliable ways of plumbing the oceanic depths of their rich and fertile imagination, to become inspired by allowing it to speak to them through the world of their innermost feelings.

Six pointed Star

Pisces And Scorpio – Difficult To Understand

Both Pisces and Scorpio are in essence so much spiritual signs and of the soul that their true meaning is difficult to understand and almost impossible to grasp from a purely material view of our world. Pisceans are hard to grasp and get hold of. Like their symbol, the two fishes, they somehow slip through your fingers. Their other-worldliness in particular can be infuriating and hard to come to terms with for those around them. The special purpose of a lifetime spent in Scorpio and Pisces, especially so in the latter, is to re-establish the earthly self’s inner connection with its soul and to become one again with its Source and all life. True peace and serenity will evade Pisceans until this reunion has finally taken place and they are functioning from the security of their inner centre. Once they have given up all selfish aims and are putting all they have into serving the good of the whole human race, they are capable of being truly great and magnificent souls. Overflowing with compassion and love for all life and lifeforms, they then fulfil the highest potential of their sign and truly great achievements can indeed come their way.

Alas, there are still many souls who have not yet reached this stage. Frequently, their most popular escape route from the harshness of their earthly existence is to seek relief through drug or alcohol abuse, or worse still both. The most important message the present lifetime of these souls wants to give them through their experiences is the following: ‘Even if any relief that can temporarily obtained from substances of this kind, it will remain be short-lived. None of them could ever be a genuine escape route, because it would serve no evolutionary purpose. In truth, every addiction is merely a road to more suffering which our souls create for themselves, so that in lifetimes yet to come we shall be able to appreciate the value of a life without suffering.’ Each one of us can only grow in understanding and compassion through their own suffering. The wise ones who eventually listen to what life wishes to teach them and who make an effort at learning as much as possible through their afflictions, will in future lifetimes draw upon and benefit from the work they are presently doing on overcoming them.

It takes a very long time until the human soul finally wakes up from its spiritual slumber. But there comes the time when it begins to recognise that a loving wisdom lies behind all human experiences and that everything that is in this earthly existence always serves a higher purpose. As every experience can teach us something, there is no harm in making mistakes, trying all the wrong ways first, including the ones mentioned above. It is true for all of us that it is never too late to make a new start and to turn our lives round. As Confucius, 551/ 479 BC, put it: ‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising again, each time we fall.’ More important still is the knowledge that we are never alone, on the Earth plane or elsewhere. For any soul who is willing to learn, help is always at hand; all it needs to do is reach out for it and ask.

For as long as souls born into Pisces are still unready for more elevated experiences, they can be exceedingly unhappy when forced to deal with life’s physical and mundane aspects. It is a great moment when their earthly self finally wakes up from the illusion that the Earth is humankind’s permanent home. The need for feeling lost on this plane then goes and any task that presents itself can be carried out as a kind of spiritual discipline in loving service for the One. This is usually accompanied by an ever growing awareness of the importance of caring for everything that is on the Earth plane as a temporary gift.

With it comes the realisation that all things that are made of matter and are visible to our earthly eyes are outer manifestations of God’s inner eternal reality and that this is also our own. Every cell and atom of everything that exists in physicality, including our physical bodies, is imbued with the lifeforce and the energies of our Divine Father/Mother. It may take a long time until a young and inexperienced human soul, whilst in physicality, realises that the body it is walking around in is a great deal more than just a big and cumbersome item that constantly demands attention and all too easily gets hurt and wounded. In truth, our outer physical body is on loan only and given to each one of us to act as a vehicle for our spirit and soul to gather its experiences in yet another lifetime on the Earth. Because the Divine spirit of the living God dwells together with us in this body, it is sacred and holy and deserves to be treated with reverence and respect.

Six pointed Star

Disintegration And Dissolution

Let us consider for a moment the intentions behind Neptune’s soft and dreamy energies. Under its subtle influence the human sense of separateness and ego boundaries are slowly dissolving, so that the soul and spirit can once again become one with all life. The house position of transiting Neptune shows in which part of our life this dissolution is taking place at any given time. In the course of a lifetime in Pisces our whole being is more strongly affected by this than it is for those whose Sun is in one of the other signs. For Pisceans the life force itself – the Sun in our birthchart is its symbol – is constantly under Neptune’s influence. The Great Spirit created us and our world so that all ego boundaries, individually and collectively, should be taken from us as soon as we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level. When this has come to pass for enough of us who once again have become aware of humankind’s true nature and its relationship with God, our planet will be at peace.

On the Earth plane all changes that take place under Neptune’s influence come about gradually and are centred on five words beginning with ‘d’: disintegration, disorientation, dissolution, deception and disillusionment. Like everything in this life, this too serves a wise higher purpose. The aim of the Neptunian energies is to assist humankind to transcend and dissolve all boundaries and confinements. They are meant to connect us with the inspiration of our Highest Self and lead each one of us back into partaking more fully in the stream of the creative ideas that constantly flow from the Source into all life. Neptune helps to develop the spirituality of those who consciously attune themselves to their Highest Self. Their highest potential is to develop into ever clearer channels of the Divine, through which in due course the inspiration for some truly magnificent creative works can be given to our world. The most outstanding example of this, to my mind, is Frederic Chopin, the Polish born composer. He is my favourite Piscean of all times whose music knows nothing of this world. Coming from the soul level of life, it communicates with the listener’s soul.

The following list of famous Pisceans shows the wide variety of interests and professions in which those born into this sign are capable of leaving their mark on our world: A. Armstrong-Jones – Photographer; Arthur Schopenhauer – German philosopher; Albert Einstein – Scientist; Albert Speer – Nazi Politician; Bobby Fischer – Chess Champion; Buffalo Bill Cody – Historical Figure; Edward Kennedy – Senator; Elizabeth Taylor – Actress; Fats Domino – Singer; George Harrison - Beatle; Harry Belafonte – Singer; Jim Backus – Comedian; Joanne Woodward – Actress; John Updike – Writer; Johnny Cash – Singer; Maurice Ravel – Composer; Merle Oberon – Actress; N. Rimsky-Korsakov – Composer; Nat King Cole – Singer; Neville Chamberlain – British Prime Minister; Pierre Renoir – Artist; Prince Andrew – Royalty; Rudolf Nureyev – Dancer; Rudolph Steiner – Mystic and Occultist; Rupert Murdoch – Publisher; Shelly Berman – Comedian; Sidney Poitier – Actor; Sir Richard Burton – Explorer; W.H. Auden – Writer; William Westmoreland – Military; Yuri Gargarin – Astronaut.

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Air And Water Signs

Pisces is a Water sign and Aquarius an Air sign. The Water signs serve the development of the emotions and the Air signs that of the human intellect. Having reached the Aquarian Age, we are leaving behind the Age of Pisces. It has been a highly emotional age and one of the soul when, under the co-rulership of Jupiter and Neptune, blind faith was top of the agenda. Individually and collectively, we were deceived by the institutions we allowed to be in charge of the spiritual wellbeing of our race. Part of the lessons our whole world had to imbibe during the Piscean Age was being tricked by others into blindly following them. A rosy dream and an illusion appeared in our world that a saviour and redeemer would come, who would be capable of waving some kind of magic wand to release us and our world from all suffering. This tale was like a balloon that went up; it is in the nature of balloons that eventually something sticks a pin into it and deflates it.

Enormous soul growth is achieved as, at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, ever more individual souls and that of our whole race are waking up from their misapprehensions. In deep disappointment more and more are turning away from the institutions that have let them down, to go in search of their own truth. This is very necessary indeed now that we have reached the age that is under the rulership of the awakener and enlightener, Uranus. Aquarius is an Air sign and we are moving into an intellectual age, during which learning to control the thinking of our lower earthly mind is of the utmost importance.

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Pisces – The Idealistic Dreamer

Souls who are strongly affected by Neptune’s energies and in particular Pisceans tend to be highly idealistic dreamers. Because they view their earthly existence through rose-tinted glasses, at least early on during their present lifetime, they usually have great difficulties coming to terms with this plane of life. During the Piscean Age this affected us individually and collectively. Yet, the disappointments, disenchantments and disillusionments that this kind of approach to life is bound to bring in the long run also serve a wise and higher purpose. They are certainly not meant to drive us into depressions and maybe even suicide. Quite the opposite is true; the soul’s disenchantment with life and people is meant to stir it into lifting its eyes to the higher and highest levels of life, to search for life’s purpose and meaning there. This expands our horizons into the realisation that the Earth is not our true home and that if we wish our idealistic dreams to be fulfilled, we must look elsewhere, namely towards our Creator and His/Her messengers, the Angels and ask for their help.

They are in charge of humankind and it is their task to encourage and coax every soul to move forward in life. We, in return, are required to give of our best and to concentrate on working with any gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon us by the Highest, so they can be used for the good of the whole. Developing any art or craft to the point of excellence may take a great many lifetimes of concentrated efforts. Always they were given to us for a specific purpose; that’s why it is unwise to neglect them, now.  Alas, assessing one’s own abilities is extremely difficult wherever Jupiter and also Neptune are involved. Both their energies should always be handled with a considerable amount of caution and discrimination, as they all too easily lead the soul into self-deception and over-grandiose ideas, especially of our own and other people’s capabilities. Being aware that at times they can be somewhat gullible, wise Pisceans are constantly on their guard against people who try to deceive them and pull the wool over their eyes. Before ever signing any document they read all small print extra carefully.

As a result of the Piscean difficulties of clearly assessing their own true value, they usually have a deep hidden inferiority complex and an unhealthy sense of unworthiness that adds to their suffering. Somehow they never seem to be able to get rid of a nagging inner feeling that they are not doing enough. In their efforts at compensating for this in some way, they are always trying to do too much; they are then in danger of pushing their physical bodies too hard and neglecting its demands. If this is allowed to go unchecked for any length of time, they can make themselves seriously ill. At the other end of this spectrum lies a Piscean experience that can be an extremely self-indulgent one, in which the earthly self wallows and gets lost in its senses.

The crushing sense of worthlessness that plagues the Piscean is shared by its opposite sign, Virgo. Such feelings have their origin in the fact that, at the end of each one of the vast cycles of learning from our own experiences in all the signs of the zodiac, there comes the moment for every soul when – with the help of the wise ones in charge of us – we have confront every single one of the errors of our ways. This assessment takes place time and time again, until all earthly lessons have been thoroughly imbibed by us. Disappointed and tired of deluding itself and being cheated and lied to by others, of being hurt and wounded and doing the same to others, every soul eventually has to find its own inner way to God and gain the direct access that is every soul’s birthright. However many lifetimes of going round and round the whole zodiac this may take, we all get there eventually.

Before our Creator each one of us stands alone and when we become aware of the many times we have thus far broken God’s laws and sinned, we kneel in deep submission before our Divine Father/Mother. Faced with Its radiance and glory, we do indeed feel as nothing. All that is then left to us is praying for forgiveness for all the mistakes we ever made. Without hesitation this is granted because God knows only too well that each one of them merely represented a lesson, which in the end would lead us back home into the oneness with our Source. 

On the conscious level, the soul’s earthly counterpart and twin experiences the above described feelings that rise from within. For as long as it fails to understand their origin and meaning, it is bound to misinterpret them as signals of its own unworthiness. Awareness, as ever is the key for unlocking this suffering, the same as all others. The first step is recognising and accepting the feelings for what they truly are, which lifts them into our earthly self’s consciousness. From here they need to be released through the realisation that in the eyes of God all souls are loved and each one of us equally precious and worthy.

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The Piscean’s Dream Of Freedom

No matter which evolutionary level the soul has reached thus far, it yearns and dreams of a freedom that, in truth, is impossible to find on the material plane of this life. It does not exist here and can only come when the earthly personality surrenders itself completely to its Highest Self; that is the only way the deep spirituality of Pisces can be unfolded. The purpose of every lifetime in this sign is a high and holy one that can only find fulfilment through the earthly self’s recognition and unflinching response to the needs of its innermost soul. As the first and most important step on this journey of discovery is that it learns to follow the calling and the guidance of its inner teacher that rises from inner levels of life that dwell deep within its own being, where all is one.

There is only one way that can and will truly satisfy the needs of the Piscean soul in the long run and that is striving to walk once again hand in hand with God and the Angels, and under their guidance become a true and humble servant of all humankind. By the way, the same high and holy destiny awaits each one of us and the things mentioned here do not merely apply to Pisceans; they are true for all of us. To my mind, the most important aspect of spirituality that every soul first needs to discover is the fact that on the Earth plane we are always allowed a certain amount of freedom, i.e. we are allowed to choose how we react to people and situations. The awareness of this puts the onus on each soul individually to make wise choices. But how are we to know what is right or wrong in any given situation? Our inner and Highest Self is the only one who can tell us that; it knows the way of all things and the answers to all our questions; it is waiting to show us the way – all we need to do is ask. And that is the only way the freedom our souls are yearning for will come to anyone. This is a particularly urgent issue for souls born into Pisces, as they are at present experiencing the end of at least one whole evolutionary circle and are preparing themselves for a whole new cycle after their present lifetime.

Pisceans are compassionate souls; alas, this is a faculty that can only be developed through the experience of one’s own suffering. Pisceans feel drawn to helping the underdog and many do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for those in less fortunate circumstances. Theirs is a deep love and appreciation of music; it brings them much comfort and sustenance, as well as healing. Part of the soul’s experience in this sign is a strong wish for escaping and losing its sense of separateness. As it becomes more highly evolved, the true reason behind these feelings dawns on the soul. It recognises them as the calling of its innermost spirit and soul, who is trying to help it find its way back home into the re-awakening into the deep spirituality of its true and Highest Self.

When this has taken place and the earthly self has surrendered itself completely to its Highest Self, when the destructive desires of its lower nature have been relinquished, the soul can pours itself into the healing currents of the great river of life. The more Pisceans dedicates their lives to work of a spiritual nature and to giving loving service; the more the pull of the pursuit of lust and earthly pleasures diminishes, the further they are along on the road to being one of most wonderful and dedicated servants of humankind.

Not surprisingly, the road there is cobbled with many temptations. Worst of all is the one of the soul deluding itself because it is has got trapped and is held prisoner of what is known as the Neptunian illusion. Neptune’s energy is the highest love vibration of the Universe. This love knows nothing of material things and earthly existence; it is the kind that deep down inside we all yearn and crave for. It is the perfect love our most beautiful love songs talk about which, in truth, is not about human love but God’s all-embracing love. The love that is all-knowing, all-understanding and therefore all-forgiving, all giving and wanting nothing in return, except to love and being loved. We vainly seek it in others, because this love is not of the Earth, but belongs to the highest realms of life. Nonetheless, it is a reality that exists. It is there for everybody and can be accessed by anyone who is willing to walk the inner way. We are all capable of re-connecting with this kind of love and experiencing it, whilst dwelling in physicality.

This is something the soul feels more strongly during its lifetime in Pisces; their softness and sensitivity is a gift that equips them for this work much better than it would be in any of the other signs. They willingly seize the opportunities that are on offer to develop their gifts, and endure their suffering with fortitude. The Piscean’s high emotional sensitivity earlier in life frequently feels more like some kind of a curse than a gift. But, eventually the soul reaches the point when it realises that in truth something this is a character trait that, like any other, must first be developed and used only for unselfish and loving purposes, so that it can turn into a gift. In this process, the soul gradually turns into a finely tuned instrument and a channel, through which the inspiration of the Highest can flow through, to bring comfort, healing and peace to all who come in touch with it. Through constant attunement with the Source of all being, the soul slowly becomes one again with God, whose blessing and healing energies then flow through it into all worlds and all beings, on all levels of life.

The legend of the Master Jesus shows us how even the human voice can finally be used as a tool through which the prayers and blessings of the Highest are meant to flow into our world and speak to us of the Divine wisdom and truth that brings healing, peace and reconciliation for all life. On the inner levels all life has always remained one and once we are consciously re-united with God, our connection with all life is restored. From this grows the realisation that it is because of this inner oneness that when one of us suffers, all life suffers with us and when one of us heals, all life heals with us. From that evolutionary point onwards at the latest, we do our utmost never to hurt or wound anyone again, in thought, word or deed.

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