Neptune's Transit Through Pisces

Neptune's Transit Through Pisces - Rays of Wisdom - Astrology On The Healing JourneyFrom 3rd February 2012 until 27th January 2026, the planet Neptune will be transiting Pisces, its own sign. During this period the influence of the planet’s energies will be felt more strongly than before. As speculations of the most negative kind seem to abound about this time, I would like to add a few of my reflections and observations here.

To those who are unfamiliar with astrological terms, I would like to point out that a planet is said to be strong or in the old terms ‘dignified’ when it is found either in its own sign or in the sign of its exaltation. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are believed to have no exaltation because they are outer planets and too far removed from what we would define as good or bad in human terms. Between them co-rule Aquarius, Pisces and Scorpio.

In its own sign a planet’s highest and most positive qualities can be unfolded and developed to their highest potential. In Neptune’s case they are: artistic gifts; the ability to play our part in life; being dreamy and idealistic; imaginative, inspirational, mediumistic, loving music and rhythm; being sensitive, spiritual and subtle. The negative aspects are: carelessness; castles in the air; deceptive; head in the clouds; hypersensitivity; irritated by discords; sentimental; subversive; unstable; wandering and woolly.

Neptune is one of the outer, very slow moving planets. Because they affect whole generations in the same manner, they are known as the generation planets. Neptune spends fourteen years in one sign and one of its orbits round the Sun takes one hundred and sixty-five years. Astrologically the planet stands for the energies of the higher octave of Venus, the highest love vibration. As it knows nothing of the Earth plane, not surprisingly we earthlings have difficulties trying to grasp and understand it. Neptune is the co-ruler with Jupiter of Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac and its natural domain is the twelfth house. The Neptune’s keynote, as well as that of Pisces and the twelfths house, is sacrifice. It brings to us and our world the obligation to give ourselves away in loving service to the One. The position of this planet by sign and house signifies the area of life in which we have taken from others in past lifetimes. This is where we are required to give of ourselves in this one.

Neptune is the God and the ruler of the sea. The oceans of our world represent the collective subconscious, the feeling side and highly sensitive, artistic, dreamy and imaginative soul of our world and all worlds. The Romans worshipped Neptune as the God of the sea, although originally he had been the God of springs and streams. His Greek counterpart was Poseidon. Many of the myths surrounding Neptune and Poseidon reflect them as bad-tempered, easily angered and quarrelsome, like the sea.

At the time of writing this in April 2013, thirteen years of Neptune’s transit through Pisces are left. In my view, during this span the Universe’s energies will be providing us and our world with one of its greatest and most natural helps imaginable. For aspiring healers and lightworkers, who know how to work with and tap into this power supply in the right spirit, it could turn into the most enlightening time ever experienced on the Earth plane thus far.

I believe that it will bring humankind the long awaited renewal of hope, faith and trust in the guidance and protection of the Highest – in a totally different way from the ways of the past. Shedding that which is no longer wanted in our character make-up, so that our highest and best can emerge from within, will be much easier during this transit than at other times. With the wisdom of hindsight, once this transit lies behind us, the quantum leaps of consciousness we and our world made during Neptune’s time in Pisces will be clearly visible to all.

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