The Sun In Cancer

 Cancer - sign of the Great Mother of all life

Cancer Glyph

The Sign Of The Great Mother Of All Life

The Nurturing And Caring Principle Of The Universe

Soul Food For Cancerians

May God be with you and bless you.
May you see your children’s children.
May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings,
And may you know nothing but happiness,
From this day onwards.

An Irish Blessing

Many happy returns of the day, dear Cancerian friends.

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care and God bless,

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Cancer but also when:

•    Your Sun is in the fourth house, the natural house of Cancer.
•    Your Moon is in Cancer or the fourth house.
•    Your Ascendant is in Cancer.
•    You were born on the 2nd or the 20th day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Cancer.
•    However, if you were born on the 11th or 29th day of any month, the Master Number 11 applies to you and you may find the following files in the section ‘Excursion Into Numerology’ of interest:

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Six pointed Star


The mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of human souls in general terms, as well as some of the character traits that are typical for souls born into any given sign. That’s why we are considering this aspect first. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and represents the essence of femininity. The Moon is a symbol of the mysteries of the feminine and its cycles, which are ruled by the Moon. Because of its constant waxing and waning, the Moon has always fascinated and puzzled humankind. All the records that are still available to us show a great deal of evidence that Moon lore and superstitions connected with the mysteries of the Moon and the feminine have been with our race for a very long time.

We, and by that I mean the whole human race in ancient times – yes, possibly even you and me in previous lifetimes – believed that the Moon was a powerful God or a Goddess. For example, the Romans called their Moon Goddesses Luna and Diana. Diana was also the Goddess of the hunt; she used a Moon crescent for a bow and Moonbeams as her arrows. The ancient Greeks had two Moon Goddesses, Selene and Artemis. Both the Greeks and Romans also believed in a Moon Goddess called Hecate; she was said to have three faces. As Hecate she was the Moon in its dark form; as Artemis or Diana she was the waxing Moon; and as Selene or Luna she was the full Moon. The early Egyptians honoured the Moon God Khonsu. The Babylonians knew the Moon as Sin, sometimes called Nannar, the most powerful of the sky Gods. Some American Indian tribes believed that the Moon and the Sun were brother and sister Gods. There are some cultures that to this day worship the Moon.
Although many cultures did not believe that the Moon was sacred, they were already aware that it greatly influenced all life. Early philosophers and priests believed and taught that the Moon, because of its many changes, was related to birth, growth, and death. In some parts of the world people feared eclipses, believing them to be signs of famine, war and other disasters. According to one superstition, sleeping by Moonlight could cause insanity. The word lunatic means Moon-struck; it is derived from the Latin word luna, the Moon.

Legends of various lands told how the ‘man in the Moon’ had been imprisoned there for stealing or for breaking the Sabbath. Some people saw other figures in the Moon’s markings, for example Jack and Jill, a beautiful woman, a cat, a frog, and a rabbit. Many people once believed that some form of life existed on the Moon. The ancient Greek writer Plutarch told of Moon demons that lived in caves. Johannes Kepler, a German astronomer of the 1600’s, wrote that lunar craters were built by Moon creatures. In 1822, F. P. Gruithuisen, another German astronomer, told of the discovery of a ‘lunar city.’ In the 1920’s, the American astronomer W. H. Pickering declared that insects might live on the Moon.

To this day, there is much Moon lore in our world and I can tell you from my own observations that the Moon does affect our weather quite strongly. You can easily check this out and see for yourself that frequently the weather changes around the time of each new and full Moon. If it has been warm, it may become colder, and vice versa; after a dry spell there could the long awaited rain, and again the other way round. Seeds are thought to grow especially well when planted during a waxing Moon. Because the time of the new Moon is always one of many new beginnings and a small rebirth, this is a myth that did not seem to make any sense to me. But on reflection it occurs to me that if one puts seeds into the ground after the full Moon has taken place, they can rest in the Earth to absorb water and the love and the warmth of the Sun. As the shoots develop inside the seeds, they are likely to get a head-start and really get going when the New Moon is in.

Six pointed Star

General Observations

The Sun’s entry into Cancer is the day of the Summer Solstice when special celebrations are held on the highest levels of life. Those taking place on the Earth plane are their outermost manifestations. Both summer and winter solstice are special times when – for a brief moment – the Sun in the sky above us appears to stand still. In truth, however, throughout the whole of Creation everything is constantly and relentlessly moving and  changing. As nothing ever stands still or remains the same, the planets cannot do so either, not even for the briefest of moments.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon with its soft, sensitive and highly emotional energies. It is the sign of the Great Mother of all life, who is the soul of the whole of Creation. In her role as the soul of our world she bestows her own great emotional strength upon her children of the Earth, during their lifetimes in Cancer. Whenever the Sun moves through this sign the Mother’s creative love and warmth are added to the Earth’s energies and all life on our planet benefits from their combined emanations.

For emotionally sensitive people the Sun in Cancer can be a particularly weepy time, when tears flow even more easily than usual and without a great deal of provocation. On the healing journey this can be a great blessing because it brings the much needed relief the flowing of tears invariably provides us earthlings with.

Cancer’s energies are focussed on home, hearth, family and ancestry, as well as the past in general. Therefore, this is a particularly good time for getting our inner house in order, finding healing and celebrating a true inner homecoming. Many opportunities will be offered to everybody on the Earth plane to connect on ever deeper levels with our true home and mother, the Great Mother of all life. Let us bless her and give thanks for allowing us to share in the Universe’s abundance, as it manifests itself in the shape of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms. Appreciating that the Great Mother is the true mother of every human soul, how about making peace with our earthly mother through a better understanding of her role in our lives?

Help me to forgive the mother of this lifetime for any unlovingness
She has shown towards me, knowingly or unknowingly, especially ...
[Now pour all your pain into God – S/He does understand]
Help me to forgive her for the times she failed to provide me with
The deep and fully satisfying Mother’s nurturing
That only You, my Divine Mother, can give to any of Your children.
Help me to forgive myself for expecting
Such love from someone who is merely human,
Like myself and who is, therefore, but one of your children,
On her own pathway of evolution and therefore still imperfect.

From ‘Healing Prayer for Parents and Children’

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Six pointed Star


Cancer, the cardinal Water sign, is ruled by the Moon. The fourth house is its natural domain. The Water signs are feminine and symbolise humankind’s emotional nature. Cancerians are soulful and deeply feeling folks whose keyword is: ‘I feel’. The cardinality of their sign is an indication that they are highly creative and restless, especially in the home. Souls during their sojourn through this sign are so much concerned with home, mother, family, ancestry and the past in general that they try to cling to them with all their might. Caring and protective of their loved ones, they can be more than somewhat over-indulgent towards themselves and those around them. They cling to the past with all their might. Cancer loves to roam but no matter how far they travel, they will always feel as if some kind of a giant magnet was drawing them back home. Home is more important to them than anything else in the whole wide world. They are good homemakers and although they may not spend a great deal of time in it, for them there always has to be a safe haven and a warm nest to return to.

Cancerians are highly adaptable and deeply feeling souls who, until they learn to consciously take charge of the world of their feelings can be over-dependent on their moods. Without this, their frame of mind is in constant danger of swinging swing up and down, like the motions of the sea. Because they are emotionally so sensitive, they get hurt very easily. When they are emotionally disturbed it is unwise to even try to reason with them. It is best to leave them alone, until they come round again of their own accord. In any case, because of their restless nature, peace is hard to come by for Cancerians and it may take them a long time before they realise that nothing on the earthly plane, including the homes we make for ourselves, lasts forever.

Peace can only come to any of us and especially Cancerians, when we eventually realise that our true home can never be found on the Earth plane because it is in the world of spirit. And the only place where peace can be found whilst in our present existence is in our inner home and centre. We are all in need of rediscovering and taking possession of it, but during lifetimes in Cancer this is a particularly urgent issue. When Cancerians have found their inner home at last and begin to function from there, instead of through their emotional world, their soul finds rest and their earthly self is no longer subject to the otherwise so typical Cancer constant up and down mood swings. Meditation, Yoga and the power of positive thinking are beneficial and helpful tools on this journey of exploration of our inner world. 

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Six pointed Star

Cancer On The Healing Journey

Cancer’s attention being focused on the past, home, hearth, family and especially mother, souls born into this sign reflect this by generally preferring to look backwards and dwelling on the past and ancestry to moving forwards and ahead in life. This too can be used for good purpose by all of us, as it makes this an excellent time for delving into our own past and retreating into our inner home, giving old hurts and pains their chance to rise to the surface of our consciousness. If we ask God and the Angels to help us deal with the most painful ones, especially those connected with our earthly mother, they can bring the healing and comfort we are seeking. Whenever someone willingly goes into their pain and allows tears to flow freely, the Angels draw particularly close to ensure that no soul remains stuck in the past and its pain.

The blessings of the Divine Mother and her Angels can now be more strongly felt than at any other time of the year. If some of our most troublesome excess soul luggage in the form of unresolved issues insists upon knocking at our inner door and pestering us to be looked at and released, there is no better time than Sun in Cancer for working our way through them and resolving them at last. Possible exceptions are the Sun in Scorpio and Pisces, the other Water signs.

So, if some of the most ancient skeletons that are still hanging around in your emotional/spiritual cupboard call upon you – as they do in everybody, whether someone likes it or not – it is unwise to suppress or push them away. Working and going with them is better by far. If you sense that some of yours might be too difficult and frightening to cope with on your own, as God and the Angels to help you. No matter how deep any human soul may have fallen, they never leave us, let us down or forget us. Whenever one of us calls out to them, they are there. Our prayers draw them close and they stand by us in total and unconditional love in any earthly ordeal we may have to face. The more one practises this, the more one’s faith in them grows.

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Six pointed Star

The Great Mother Of All Life

Being the quintessence of femininity, the Great Mother of all life is merciful and forgiving. She is the caring, nurturing principle of Creation and the ideal mother every soul yearns for. Yet, she cannot be found in mere Earthly mothers, no matter how hard any woman may strive. Unbeknown to many to this day the Great Mother of all life is our true mother. Cancer is her sign and she herself is the human soul’s teacher, especially during the lifetimes we spend in this sign, which offers many opportunities to absorb some more of her finest qualities. All the best character traces imaginable in a human being, like tolerance, kindness, compassion, gentleness and tenderness are this Mother’s gifts and she is willing to bestow them upon all her children in reach measure. The only thing we have to do is to claim them, take possession of them by bringing them forth in our daily lives. It’s that simple!

Irrespective of what may still be showing in anyone’s surface behaviour, every human soul has these inner feminine qualities. In some of they are awake; in others they are still slumbering. And in all of us they are intended to be used to make our world a better place for all its creatures by unselfishly caring for and nurturing them. Children of God and young Gods in the making that each one of us in their own right, through constant practise women and men alike are in this life to develop both their feminine and masculine attributes of Divinity to the heights of the perfection that is in our true parent(s). The Great Mother/Father of all life dwells within each one of us and is coming ever more alive. Through conscious attunement to Her/Him in our daily prayers, reflections and meditations each can do their share of facilitating the inner homecoming that is the fulfilment of the purpose of humankind’s being on the Earth plane.

Fully experiencing the Cancerian energies traditionally seems to have been the privilege of women only in previous lifetimes. But, thanks be to God and the Angels, times are a-changing and we with them! As the great awakening and homecoming of humankind in its true nature marches full steam ahead, ever more are becoming aware that everybody contains everything, namely both feminine and masculine energies. This, to my mind, is one of the most important evolutionary steps forward for our race, because it leads us all back into the way we once were: androgynous, whole and holy, just like the Angels.

Six pointed Star

Soulful And Deeply Feeling

The Water signs are feminine and rule the emotions. Cancerians are soulful and deeply feeling folks whose keyword is: ‘I feel’. The cardinality of their sign is an indication that they are highly creative and restless, especially in the home. Souls during their sojourn through this sign are so much concerned with home, mother, family, ancestry and the past in general that they try to cling to them with all their might. Caring and protective of their loved ones, they can be more than somewhat over-indulgent towards themselves and those around them. They cling to the past with all their might. Cancer loves to roam but no matter how far they travel, they will always feel as if some kind of a giant magnet was drawing them back home. Home is more important to them than anything else in the whole wide world. They are good homemakers and although they may not spend a great deal of time in it, for them there always has to be a safe haven and a warm nest to return to.

Cancerians are very much at the mercy of their moods, up one day and down the next, like the ever surging tides of the sea. While they are emotionally disturbed it is unwise to try to reason with them. Best leave them alone, until they come round again of their own accord. In any case, because of their restless nature, peace is hard to come by for Cancerians and it may take them a long time until they realise that nothing on the earthly plane, including the homes we make for ourselves, lasts forever.

Peace can only come to any of us and especially Cancerians, when we eventually realise that our true home is not on the Earth but in the world of spirit. And the only place where peace can be found is in the inner centre. We are all in need of rediscovering and taking possession of this home, but during a lifetime spent in Cancer this is a more urgent issue still. When Cancerians have found it at last and they learn to function from there, instead of through their emotions, their soul finds rest and their earthly self is no longer subject to the otherwise constant up and down mood swings. Meditation, Yoga and the power of positive thinking are beneficial and helpful tools for Cancerians.

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Six pointed Star

Water Says: ‘I Feel!’

Cancer is the sign of instinctual consciousness and the most unconscious one of the zodiac. Cancerians display this by mostly acting and reacting to life instinctively and through their emotions. They are deeply caring people, passive by nature and completely subject to the world of their feelings. This sign is; for them everything takes place on a subconscious level, latent and hidden from view and no issue is ever clear or direct with them.  Cancerians work their way through life with the help of their feelings, unlike for example the Air signs who do it by thinking. The keyword for each of the four elements is a different one. Water says: ‘I feel’. Earth: ‘I serve’. Fire: ‘I create’. Air: ‘I think’.

The life of the French philosopher René Descartes, born 31 March 1596 provides us with one of the finest examples of this. His quote: ‘Cogito, ergo sum’ ‘I think, therefore I am’ to me, sounds typical of someone in whose birthchart the Air signs are strongly represented, but Descartes during that lifetime was a Sun Aries. As he has a whole stellium of six planets in this sign, it does not come as a surprise that he was a pioneer and a forward thinking man. His time of birth is unknown, so there is no way of telling where his Ascendant was. Not to worry; looking at his date of birth numerologically reveals a great deal about the man, his approach to life and his predestined pathway through it. The first vital clue is that he was born on the 31st March; the same applies to the 31st day of any month, which is always an indication of being under the influence of Aquarius, an Air sign, and its ruler Uranus, i.e. 3 Jupiter + 1 the Sun = 4 Uranus.

When one adds up all the numbers of his date of birth, 3+1+3+1+5+9+6, the result is 28, which consists of 2 = the Moon and Cancer and 8 = Saturn and Capricorn; 2+8 = 1, the Sun and that is his destiny number. As you can see, the components of the total are as important as the resulting sum itself. Small wonder that Descartes grew up to become a forward looking thinker and a philosopher, a leader of people with a big ego and also a teacher with a strong desire to let his light shine and who had much to say and give to us and our world!

To return to Cancer though, to gain a better understanding of the Cancerian nature, to my mind there is no better way than observing the restlessly moving tides of the sea. Cancer’s emotions are constantly surging and ebbing in just the same way. They are a reflection of the powerful inner connection with the ocean of life that souls born into this sign have; the oceans of our world are outer manifestation of this. Cancerians are highly adaptable souls who feel deeply and are very dependent on their moods, which swing up and down like the motions of the sea. As they are emotionally extremely sensitive, they get hurt all too easily.

Six pointed Star

The Crab – Cancer’s Symbol

The crab with its tough outer shell is the symbol of this sign. It is amazing how the behaviour of Cancerians, when they feel in the slightest bit threatened or wounded by someone, resembles that of this creature. Like it, Cancerians are timid and shy folks, who easily feel threatened. Even though with some of them this may not show on the surface, you can be sure that this is sitting somewhere in their nature. This maybe because the soul over time, like the crab, of necessity had to build itself some kind of protection and defence mechanism in the form of a hard outer protective shell.

It is also possible that the person who is hiding this character trait so well, has one of the outgoing Fire or Air signs is on the Ascendant of its birthchart. But, watch any Cancerian when they feel hurt and see how they are capable of snapping at you suddenly and unexpectedly, and nipping you just like the crab. And when hurt, the Cancerian just like its animal symbol has the habit of retreating into their shell and that so deeply that it is almost impossible for anyone to reach them. The wise ones amongst them bear all these things in mind and take care to resist the temptation of feeling offended at every slight because they are aware that many of them may merely exist in their own rich and vivid imagination.

As you can see for yourself by now, because of their high sensitivity Cancerians don’t have much choice but to acquire some kind of a shell as a self-protective measure that guards their soft and delicate centre. With most of them this happens unconsciously and quite early on, during their present lifetime. Watch the crab and see how it physically carries its house on its back and retreats into it, when exterior forces threaten it. Cancer does the same psychically. Both also have the habit of side-stepping any obstacles that come into their path; they are equally reluctant to confront anything head-on.

Like the crab, Cancerians are equally at home on land, the physical plane, as they are in the water, the emotional plane. Cancerians live entirely in and for the world of their feelings and affections. Not wishing to drive their loved ones away by all too frequently seeking sympathy from them, the wise ones among them realise that this is very self-centred and selfish behaviour that can soon drive their loved ones away.  Accepting that it is impossible to always come first with anyone saves them a great deal of unhappiness and disappointment.

Six pointed Star

Cancer – Another Mystery Sign

It is a commonly held belief that Scorpio is the mystery sign of zodiac. When I first started to study astrology, I did share that view. However, the closer I try to get to the essence of Cancer and penetrate it, the further I seem to get away from it – and yes, the more interesting and fascinating it becomes. For me, this sign is unquestionably the most intriguing one of the zodiac worthy of joining the ranks of the mystery signs and so is another one, Pisces. Because Water rules the emotions, the subconscious world of our feelings, the nature of all the Water signs is elusive and hard to grasp; with great ease they slide through one’s fingers when one tries to analyse them too much.

Whenever I try to find a better understanding of a new Cancerian friend, in spite of being aware of all the characteristics mentioned in this file, at first I always get a strangely empty or vacant inner feeling, as if I was working to fathom out some kind of a vacuum. Only by looking at their Moon sign do things begin to fall into place. Next to the Sun, this is the most decisive factor in getting to know oneself in any chart, but this is particularly so with Cancerians. As soon as the Moon by sign and house position is known, everything clicks and starts to make sense. Baffling, to put it mildly!

In my view the reason for this is that for all other Sun signs the Moon in our birthchart reveals the Sun sign in which we spent our previous lifetime. But because Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself, this planet is involved twice in every Cancerian birthchart.  The Sun’s light, the spirit of the Sun, shines through and expresses itself in different ways in each sign. In every birthchart the Moon is also a planet in its own right, a symbol of the past and where the soul comes from, the personality it has built itself up to now. That Moon from the past continues to reflect itself from its position into the Sun sign, where it is making its presence strongly felt. Phew! This is complicated and hard to grasp, like everything about Cancer, but I do hope you have followed me thus far.

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Six pointed Star

The Nature Of The Moon

A reflection on the nature of the Moon in the sky above us sheds light onto this mystery. The Moon has no light of its own; it merely reflects that of the Sun onto the Earth. In astonishingly similar manner Cancer’s character and behaviour is that of its Moon sign. With them too everything is hidden from view – even their Moon sign can only be recognised with the help of an astrologer. And like the Moon, when clouds move over it, hides its kindly face and refuses to light us the way down here on the Earth, the true self of the Cancerian, its spirit, slips out of sight at the slightest sign of trouble. It withdraws its love by going within and taking refuge inside the protective shell it has built for its delicate inner self.

Alas, the world can then no longer enjoy the emotional warmth and the light of the Cancerian spirit, which in truth is a reflection of the wonderfully comforting presence of the Great Mother and her Angels who nurture and care for all her children wherever they may find themselves. We are on the Earth plane to strive to be like her, holding all those who are in need of it in our warm and loving embrace, literally and metaphorically speaking, doing our best to keep them save and lighten their way, especially during someone’s darkest nights.

The influence of the Great Mother’s feminine energy in human souls is subtle and elusive. Nonetheless it is a powerful presence that makes itself felt in the character of those strongly influenced by it. This is the case when Sun, Moon, some of the other planets and/or the Ascendant are in Cancer or the fourth house. This energy can be a highly beneficial one, especially in men. The most striking example of this that comes to mind here is one of my friends. He is a Sun Aries, Moon in the fourth house and Cancer on the Ascendant. Having been born on the 22nd March reveals that there is yet another double dose of Moon energies in his character make-up and also that he is on the Master vibration of the 22.  By no means an effeminate man or a bit of a Casanova, he is such a kind, caring and also shy soul that there is no evidence in his behaviour of the typical push, drive and male aggression that can be the unpleasant hallmark of Aries in both genders who as yet fail to keep a close reign on their Mars energies. As a result, women are drawn to him and take easily to his kind and caring ways.

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Six pointed Star

Psychic Abilities

Cancerians are subtle and highly psychic souls and in common with Scorpio, they are among the master manipulators of the zodiac. It is hard for souls born into both signs to overcome this because this kind of behaviour has its roots in the subconscious. Awareness is the only the key for helping us to unlock and resolve this problem, the same as so many others. While the soul remains ignorant of what is at stake here and what kind of Karma it is constantly creating for itself, the unconscious urge to push those around them into doing as the Cancerian wishes can be so strong that without this knowledge it may be impossible to resist.

Wise ones appreciate that although wallowing in self-pity and bursting into overwhelming floods of tears every once in a while is essential for the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of their soul, but that this is best done in the privacy of one’s own space. Life itself with the help of their own experiences has taught them that even if the world around them at first is sympathetic to them and their needs, people soon get tired when someone tries to constantly lean on them in this manner.

We are all endowed with psychic gifts and each new lifetime spent in one of the Water signs brings us many openings for developing these gifts to their highest potential. This can only be done through using them unselfishly for the relief of human suffering and shedding light into the darkest corners of our earthly existence. The psychic abilities of some of us are still dormant, while others are already using theirs. The need for developing them is accentuated in the three Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, because people born into one of them are emotionally and psychically highly sensitive souls. Out of these Cancerians are the most prone to absorbing any negative vibrations that are floating around in the environment. In positive atmospheres they thrive but where negativity and bad feelings are in the air they are in danger of wilting.

Six pointed Star

Psychic Protection

One of the Water signs on the ascendant is often linked with at least a degree of clairvoyance and the ability to ‘see’ into our other world, and souls born into one of the Water signs can usually sense what is going on around them. Yet, Cancer is the most psychic sign of the zodiac. Unbeknown to themselves, Cancerians are capable of absorbing the vibrations of depressed people. Unless they take precautions and learn to protect themselves psychically, in due course they too may become seriously depressed. Although great sensitivity at times feels more like a curse, in truth it is a precious gift. Like any gift, it is in need of further development and taking great care of. Wise ones make it their business to find out all about psychic protection to help them close off, so that they are no longer in danger of acting as psychic sponges of others.

The more our spiritual awareness increases the higher our sensitivity becomes to the detrimental psychic influences that emanate from others. Whenever we have to go through hurtful or negative experiences or sense that we are otherwise in danger of absorbing the negativity of those around us, we are in need of protecting our psychic space. If someone around us gives out negative vibrations, intentionally or otherwise, whether they originate from this level of life or any other, the best advice I have ever come across was from White Eagle, who recommends that in such situations we should quickly fold our aura around us, similar to an Angel closing its wings.

This works best for me when I say in my mind: ‘Like an Angel folding its wings and like a flower closing its petals when the Sun goes down, I now close my aura around me; I am safe.’ I find it helpful to accompany these words by making the corresponding movements with my hands and taking several deep breaths, breathing in the Great White Light of God and breathing out love. We all are spirit and soul, in this existence to develop our psychic abilities. That’s why in my view everybody is constantly in need of this kind of protection. I suggest practising it especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night, as well as any time in between, as and when one feels the need for it.

Six pointed Star

Character Is Destiny

Every soul is in this life to develop as an individual being; each must do so in their own right. By consciously working on and bringing forth from within our highest and noblest character traces we can quite literally take our destiny into our own hands and influence it greatly. During their lifetimes in Cancer human souls are highly impressionable and easily swayed by the views and opinions of those around them and quite capable of unquestioningly absorbing them. Developing their discriminatory faculties to the full helps wise ones to overcome this. Instead of allowing themselves to be absorbed into the identity of others, they insist on maintaining one of their own and get to work on  the development of their character and forming their very own vision of our world and all life.

Allowing ourselves to be easily influenced and totally absorbed by someone else is what happens on the highest level of life in the perfect loving union of God and Goddess, spirit and matter, when they come together in the silent act of creation. Being two different aspects of the One, they trust each other implicitly and respond to each other’s needs and wishes unquestioningly. Because we have been created in God’s image, the same qualities are also in us: ‘as above, so below’. The total submission of the feminine principle – represented by Cancer and the Moon – to the masculine – Leo and the Sun, during the times of the patriarchy was presented by the teachings of some of the churches of our world as a necessity for human relationships. This was because our world was as yet unready to grasp the meaning of the teaching of total submission that had at some stage reached our world and had been integrated into the spiritual repertoire of various religions, where it has remained to this day. To me, the present state of our world is sufficient evidence that this kind of behaviour between the sexes has never been desirable on the Earth plane.

As sparks of the Divine, the same qualities and dualities that are in God are also in us and as we know by now, no human being exists who is purely either woman or man. Yet, total submission of one gender to the other is necessary only on the highest levels of life and also on the inner plane. On the outer side of life, in my view, it is downright undesirable and unhealthy. The only thing it could ever hope to achieve was to seriously interfere with the healthy spiritual progress that is otherwise possible in human relationships for all those involved.

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Six pointed Star

The Mass Of People – Ruled By Cancer

The Moon - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing - The Masse Of People - Ruled By The MoonThe masses are under the influence of Cancer, the Water sign, ruled by the Moon. Through the world of their emotions, Cancerians are all too easily impressed, influenced, swayed by and taken in by just about anything. Aware that this is part of their present lifetime’s experience, wise ones prefer to make their own decisions to following any kind of herd. Whenever you get the chance of watching the behaviour of a crowd, you will see how easily it too is reached through the emotions of its participants. Just like the Cancerian’s their feelings are easily won over by just about any impression. Throughout the ages this has been exploited by humankind for good as well as for evil – it seems to me mostly for evil. Around our world orators of all kinds, especially dictators,  have used it to manipulate, rule and control the mob. One cannot help wondering whether they, consciously or unconsciously, knew that this is possible because on the inner level of life we are all one.

The emotions are a body of water and water must be allowed to find its own way by flowing wherever it will, which is where it encounters least resistance. At its weakest point any dam will break and bring the whole structure down. In the same way, one person in a crowd going into hysterics, especially the one at the front, can set the whole multitude on fire and carry it with it, if need be into destruction. Emotionally and psychically we are all part of the great ocean of life and also of each other. Each one of us is a unique stream of consciousness in its own right that is nurtured by the ocean. In return, everybody’s learning constantly feeds back into the ocean.

Within this ocean, our whole world is one group soul with a common karmic past, present, future and destination. Contained in that, each nation is one group with its own Karma. Within that again, each one of us is an individual soul that has its particular karmic pathway to walk. Everything that feeds into the great ocean has an influence on the ocean itself and everything it contains. This shows the importance of learning to control our thought processes and of feeding nothing but positive and loving thoughts into the collective consciousness. Spiritually nothing is ever wasted. Whenever one of us insists on looking for the good in a experience, situation and person, that soul is making a small contribution to its role as saviour and redeemer of itself and its world.

Under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, all of us have been placed in this life to learn how to consciously influence the mass of people in positive ways that serve the highest good and the greatest joy of our whole world. Consciously attuning ourselves in prayers and meditations to the outpourings of the energies of the Universal Christ was never intended to remain a privilege for the selected few. The time has come in the evolution of our whole race when each one of us is required to make their contribution towards and acting as channels capable of increasing the power of the blessing and healing energies of the Christ that are now pouring ever more strongly into us and our world.

By the way, the oneness in the great ocean also sheds some light onto occurrences like outbreaks of mass hysteria. To my mind, the most recent example of this was the reaction of the British public to the death of Diana Princess of Wales, a Sun Cancerian. This connected her, the same as all other souls born into this sign, deeply with the soul of the mass of people. The Moon in the Cancerian birthchart is of equal importance to the Sun. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon. Because of this they are as strongly under the influence of their Moon sign as that of their Sun sign. Diana’s Moon in Aquarius tells the story of a very different soul, underneath it all.

In keeping with her name Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, the Princess’ ascendant was in Sagittarius. This reflects her love of pomp and circumstance, as well as for being on display and noticed. Undoubtedly, she was a child of the Aquarian Age with a great thirst for freedom and an inner need to break away from the patterns of the past, in spite of the fact that her Cancerian Sun will have pointed her also in that direction. The resulting conflict between these two energies is sure to have led to a great deal of soul growth for the Princess, now enjoying the greater freedom of the world of light. God bless her and keep her safe, always.

Other famous Cancerians: Bill Cosby, Dan Ackroyd, Daniel Radcliffe, Deborah Harry, Donald Sutherland, Geoffrey Rush, George Michael, Harrison Ford, Jeff Beck, Marianne Williamson, Meryl Streep, Nelson Mandela, Pamela Anderson, Prince William, Ringo Starr, Robin Williams, Rufus Wainwright, Selma Blair, The Dalai Lama, Tobey McGuire, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks.

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The Perfected Human Being

Up to the point the soul reaches the sign of Cancer – maybe for the first time on its journey round the zodiac – it is busy with building itself a personality, while so far it has remained unconscious of itself, its actions and reactions. This changes dramatically when it reaches the next sign, Leo, the Sun’s own sign. Starting with its first lifetime and increasingly so during each subsequent one in this sign, the soul begins to become conscious of itself and starts to integrate and develop the energies and the qualities of the Father. It discovers its God-like qualities and creative drives and urges, and awakens to its role as a co-creator with God. As the Creator’s ideas flow through it directly from the spiritual fire of the Sun, the highest levels of life, while the soul is still young and inexperienced it may grow ever more bigheaded and arrogant over its artistic achievements. It takes the soul many times round the zodiac before it acquires sufficient humility to realise that all it can do in its earthly existence is to act as a channel and an instrument, through which the Divine pours its inspiration to make the Earth a better and more beautiful place for all. This theme will be continued soon in my forthcoming release of the Sun in Leo.

The legend of the Master Jesus shows us through the example of his life what a glorious and powerful presence and influence a man, who is in full command of his feminine faculties, can be in our world. To this day, most of all he gives us a shining example of the perfected and whole human being, the Christed one. He showed us how much can be achieved when our masculine and feminine energies, as well as our earthly and its Heavenly counterpart are working harmoniously together for the highest good of all, under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels. He came into our world to demonstrate to us the way every soul must eventually walk, of its own free will.

We are here to follow in the Master’s footsteps and it makes no difference which denomination anyone may follow at present or whether one chooses to remain a free spirit, like me, who refuses to be hindered in their spiritual progress by anyone’s dogma and creed. There have been Christed ones in our world before the Master Jesus and the evidence is all around us that a great many will follow in the foreseeable future, as the awakening of the masses is speeding up before our very eyes. Alleluia and thanks be to God and the Angels for helping us all to get there, at last.

Last but not least, my interpretation of the Sun in Cancer is dedicated to my dear friend, Vicky, the lionhearted one, who has had more than her fair share of life’s trials and tribulations to endure. With her Moon in Leo she is an indomitable spirit and a fine example of how, in spite of everything, in the end the warmth and love of her own personal Sun comes breaking through the clouds, to envelop all she meets. Bless you, Vicky, many happy returns of the day and my special thanks to God and the Angels for the gift of our friendship.

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