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Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Be The Christ StarThere now follows the essence of another teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris August/September 2017 under the heading ‘The Gentle Brother’: ‘All human beings in earthly life, as well as those who are presently resting and recuperating in our world, are born of God’s infinite and eternal, all-loving, giving and forgiving spirit. It is the same spirit that manifests itself in the beauty of nature, the power of the elements as well as in all human beings. At least potentially each one of you possesses every one of its characteristics and powers, and also the ability to create without restrictions and boundaries.

‘Do not allow the mind of your small frightened earthly selves to get in the way of your overall vision of life and how you think about it. In your daily lives and contacts, whether you are working or resting, and even in dreamtime, do your best to move beyond the restrictions that your existence in physicality places upon you. The way any one of you perceives things is always a question of consciousness and because the power of thought * is mighty, whether you are as yet aware of this or not, what you think that’s what you are and will become.

‘Now, in your imagination create a Christ Star with its blazing light radiating into your world. You are in the centre of this Star, for in truth each one of you IS the Star. From your hearts, loving or otherwise, the vibrations of your consciousness are constantly flowing into and penetrating the ethers that surround you. And that is the place where those who have developed the ability to rise above the concerns of earthly life, receive God’s power and love, courage and strength that knows no malfunctions.

‘And because God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, S/He unfailingly knows the way of all things and the answers to every question you may ever care to ask. Wise ones trust that with God all things really are possible. They appreciate that God not only dwells within the innermost core of their own being and fills every cell and atom of their whole being, but also everybody else’s.

‘The realisation that you are God, the point within the circle at the centre of the blazing Christ Star, will help you to find the peace of mind and the deep inner peace you could never find in the past. Having found them, you are filled with Divine love and experience first hand how it expresses itself in earthly life. Every one of your thoughts, words and actions is now motivated by the Christ Spirit of the living God within you, the light of the Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above you.

‘The collective light of the whole of humankind is the Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. The human love for the whole of God’s Creation and everything within it is this light that manifests itself in your love for nature and everything that is good, right and beautiful, and also for music and the music contained in words carefully chosen and strung together like precious strings of pearls. The Divine love makes you tolerant towards other people’ beliefs and their ways of life. You become ever more compassionate and uncritical, kind and loving, and have no longer any problems seeing the good that is contained in everything. You instinctively follow your inner guidance and intuitively know the best course of action in any given moment.

‘The six-pointed star is a symbol of the Christ Star. It represents human intelligence when spirit and matter are working together in perfect harmony and balance. This Star has a powerful vibration and its sound is part of the music of the spheres. Loving God’s way is only distantly related with what in earthly life is frequently called love with its passions and desires. The more your Christ nature takes over its earthly counterpart, the more easily flows the light of your joint compassion and beauty, wisdom and love into the world around you.

‘Alas, to this day many in earthly life are still surrounded by a kind of barrier that acts like a dense fog. This mist is waiting to be dissolved by the light of the Sun beyond the Sun, i.e. the spiritual wisdom and truth of the Highest, when the right time for the winds of the heavenly world, the highest levels of life, brings them. Each one of you is a tiny spark of the Christ Spirit and Its great light is waiting to eventually start burning in all human hearts. And you are the only person who can uncover this light inside you, to care for and nurture it until it has the power of shining so brightly that the fogs of Earth disperse before it.

‘When this light is carefully and thoughtfully applied to wherever it is needed, in the end it grows so strong that it has the power of a wind from the Heavens that blows through the consciousness of those surrounding you and gets rid of whatever is troubling them. As you mature spiritually, the conditions of your life change and the concerns of earthly life, which you found so troublesome in the past, no longer affect you this way. This is because you are now viewing everything that happens from the right perspective, i.e. as lessons that are part of the karmic debts some of you still have to pay, and therefore merely passing phases in humankind’s individual and collective development.’

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Six pointed Star

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