What Is God's Light?

Rays Of Wisdom – Our World In Transition – Ideas That Changed Our World – What Is God's Light?Many are by now aware that in spiritual terms knowledge and understanding are light and ignorance is darkness. The Bible tells us in St. John 1:5: ‘God is light.’ What it cannot yet tell us is that this light is God’s spiritual wisdom and truth. Why should this be? In keeping with the great plan, the religions of our world, Christianity in particular, were specifically designed to do their utmost to suppress God’s truth for as long as it would be necessary. As ever, the purpose behind withholding anything from us is to teach us something. Only through the lack of something do we learn to value and appreciate when the object of our desire eventually manifests itself.

Compulsory cheating and lying has been a large part of earthly life for a long time and that reached all-time heights during the Piscean age, especially towards its end. That has left us and our world with a great hunger and thirst for knowledge that is based on truth and when it cannot be found anywhere on the outer levels of life, everybody in the end is forced to go in search of their own truth – within. Now we are ready for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nothing else is good enough for us and our world anymore.

Searching for God’s sacred truth helps us to develop our spiritual gifts. Yet, there really is no need to look for them outside ourselves, for instance by reading any of the sacred texts of our world or other spiritual writings that advise this, that or the other practice. Concentrating on mediation is more beneficial than anything else. It helps us to control our emotions and to develop our imagination and with it the power of imagery, which is required for creating form on the etheric planes of life. Most important of all, meditation re-establishes our direct inner connection with God and assists us with learning to control our thought processes, so the can be channelled into positive and beautiful creative thinking and that is God-thought.

During the Age of Aquarius ever more of God’s truth will be flowing without any outside intervention from the Source of our being directly into the consciousness of those whose hearts and souls are open to receive it. And that, with the passing of time, will be everybody. We and our world had to go without God’s wisdom and truth for such a long time, so that when ever more of it would be coming our way eventually, we would know what a priceless possession it is and value it most highly. We would enjoy serving the Highest and working for the good of the whole, appreciating what a great honour and privilege it is to have been chosen to do this kind of work and freely share our insights with everyone who is ready to receive it. And because all truly great ideas are simple, for presenting them we would use plain and straight forward language that could be followed by everybody and their understanding would expand together with ours.

In sharp contrast to this, with the help of scribes that were available in our world and could be used as their channels, the Angels saw to it that at any given time as little as possible of God’s truth or light would reveal itself in the surface words of the scriptures of our world. In due course we would find out that this precious commodity could only be discovered by peering behind the outer words of the myths and legends the Angels prepared for us. And because nothing can hide the truth forever, now that the spiritual freedom of Aquarian Age is with us, it can be found in publications like this one. They are doing their best to assist us with our development of becoming enlightened beings and free spirits, whose inner guidance tells them reliably what is true and what is not.

But the story by no means ends there. Whenever we discover another nugget of God’s truth, merely reading it is not enough. Wise ones prove their wisdom to their unseen friends and helpers in the spiritual background of earthly life, by applying such jewels to every one of their daily encounters. They know that this is the only way they can be integrated by their consciousness and become their eternal property. The degree of our spiritual maturity reveals itself in the way we are capable of bringing our own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth, for ourselves and those around us. Being kind and friendly and living with tolerance and wisdom, a good portion of humour and goodwill that aims to make friends with everybody, that’s what God’s kingdom on the Earth * really is about.

Every aspect of the great dance of life has been most carefully designed and on all its levels is lovingly orchestrated and directed by the Angelic hierarchy. To help us with the building of God’s kingdom in our world, fresh ideas always have been flowing into it. Not all are world-changing like those that were received with the assistance of people like Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. The smaller and even smallest ones come from the same source. Wise ones, who are aware of these things, recognise and salute the Highest as the true genius behind everything that has ever appeared in our world. Knowing that they are merely serving as one of Its many channels, they feel no need to think of themselves as geniuses.

The Universal Force experiences and gets to know itself through us and that is one of the main purposes of our existence. Every idea that comes to our mind is a gift from this force, so we can react to it. The manner we respond reveals the degree of our spiritual maturity and tells the wise ones in charge of us when we have grown strong enough to cope with our next Karmic lesson. The next obstacle we ourselves created with our thoughts, words and actions in previous lifetimes and earlier in this one, can then be tackled.

Part of the most painful lessons with the farthest reaching consequences humankind ever received has been the belief that every word of the sacred texts of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam – in the order of their appearance – should be taken literally. The great plan of life provided that as much as possible of God’s truth would remain hidden from public view and knowledge for a certain period.

The right time for revealing ever more of the Divine wisdom would have arrived when we entered into the Age of Aquarius. To our astonishment we would then begin to discover that God’s truth has always been hiding behind the surface words of the sacred texts of our world. Each one of the images and symbolisms, allegories and metaphors, fables and legends that have been used is filled with higher esoteric meaning. When viewed from this angle, even our most ancient writings can reveal their great spiritual wealth, inherent beauty and magnificence. See ‘Myths And Legends For The Aquarian Age’ *.

As soon as our inner perception has opened sufficiently, we realise that things like metaphors and symbols have always been the language with which the spirit world has communicated with us. The wise ones on the highest levels of life, who are in charge of and are taking care of us and our world, have always used this mode for conveying their ideas, thoughts and truths. Alas, for a long time we had to remain unaware that this is the case. The story of Jesus in the desert * is an allegory of this phase of our earthly existence. It provides us with an illustration of what happens when our Christ nature – Jesus is its symbol – takes over and rejects the temptations of our earthly nature’s desires – symbolised by the Devil. When the lower part of our being freely and willingly surrenders itself to our Highest or God Self, we lose our taste for the temptations of the Earth and our wishes adapt themselves to those of our higher nature.

It takes a long time before anything of this nature can happen. But with the passing of time it eventually dawns on us that the sacred texts of our world are filled with symbolisms. This opens our inner doors for exploring what they stand for and our superconscious faculties, which are required for interpreting them, slowly begin to unfold inside us and start to provide us with an ever clearer vision of the spiritual background of life. We are in the process of developing the gift of true clairvoyance, i.e. an understanding of the esoteric meanings of symbols and the spiritual truths that have always been hiding behind all aspects of our earthly existence.

The Angelic hierarchy, with the Angels of the Christ Circle around the thrown of God at the top, are in charge of God’s great plan of life * and also the millions of small individual plans that are an integral part of it. The same as each one of us was created for one specific task *, see the link ‘You Are Special’ at the end, God created these Angels to orchestrate His/Her plans into one mighty symphony. Conducting every earthly development down to its finest details in keeping with these plans is essential for its success.

That’s why the Angels around the Christ circle have always broadcasted into our world God’s creative ideas as well as just the right amount of the Divine wisdom and truth that was required for the progress of our world at any given time. More ideas have always appeared at the right moment to help our world’s development move forwards and upwards. And sometimes it happens that several people receive the same idea for a discovery or invention that will help us progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. Good examples of this are the ideas at the basis of the scientific theories that reached us through people like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

Our world’s progress will never be allowed to stop if one person for some reason or another is unavailable to serve as a channel. In such cases the ideas are given through someone else. The history of Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory * shows quite clearly what happens, for example when the first person hesitates too long to go before the public with the idea that has been given to them. That’s what Darwin did and promptly a second man appeared on the scene with the same idea. This in the end forced the very reluctant Darwin to go ahead with the publication of his truly world-changing theory.

That’s how the genius of the Highest * has always manifested Its ideas in earthly life through human communication channels. This undoubtedly will continue on every level of earthly life and it’s more than likely that further strokes of God’s genius will appear as rewards for those who are willing to patiently and with great endurance work hard for the progress of our world on all its levels. This also applies to people who are bringing ever more golden nuggets of God’s wisdom and truth for the nurturing of humankind’s spiritual requirement onto the Earth.

It’s unlikely that anything of this nature will ever be given through anyone who is merely in pursuit of fame and glory, and vast amounts of money for acquiring ever more earthly possessions. Wise ones who, unperturbed by such things, are freely and willingly and without pursuing selfish motives, are serving the whole of humankind, serenely walk their predestined pathway guided and protected by their inner teacher, the living God within. Through them God’s radiates the blessing and healing power of Its love into everything that shares this world with us. And that is the only way God’s light can begin to shine in any one of us.

Rejoice! The end of six thousand years of patriarchy * has been reached, with its seemingly endless cycles of sad and painful lessons and the religions that were necessary for teaching them. The awareness of the Great Mother’s presence is returning. This reveals itself in the fact that in many parts of our world equal rights for women already exist and that the feminine is once more having its say in the running of its affairs. Wherever women are still struggling to claim what is rightfully theirs, it’s merely a question of time when they will be getting it. With this the influence of the wisdom of the feminine with its caring and nurturing qualities is steadily increasing. Under the protective shield of its energies, during the by now rapidly approaching new golden age *, all warfaring will gradually cease and peace come to our world with prosperity for all.

We, who have been entrusted to do our share of ushering in this age, have an essential role to play. Wherever you may find yourself at present, never forget that you are a disciple of the Universal Christ spirit. By behaving like one at all times, let’s prove that we are worthy of such a great honour and privilege, for that’s what our being here at this particular time most certainly is. And all together we welcome Thee, the living and loving spirit onto the Earth.

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