Restoring Our World's Balance

The Aquarian Revelations – Part Ten

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Restoring Our World's BalanceSix thousand years of patriarchy and male dominance did their best to convince our world that the Divine Trinity consists of a Father, a Son and a Holy Spirit of undefined nature. Naturally, this never changed one iota of the fact that the supreme ruler of the whole of Creation always has been and forever will be the undividable Spirit of the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, who is the light of all lights and Sun of all suns.

As we know by now, the love and wisdom of the Great Mother teaches through first giving us something, then withdrawing it and eventually returning it to us. For the purpose of teaching us the value of truth for six thousand years of patriarchy with its all-male religions the concepts of truth and honesty were systematically withdrawn from our world. Inspired by God and the Angels and under their supervision – nothing in the whole of Creation happens without it – the patriarchy’s belief systems were purposely designed to systematically suppress the truth.

Thanks and praise be that the religions of that sad chapter are in the process of moving over and making room in the individual and collective consciousness of our world for the religion of the Aquarian Age mentioned earlier. Rejoice, for it will not be long until this transformation will be complete. Some of us are destined to act as pathfinders. Others are meant to walk in their footsteps. Through paying attention to the knowledge that is coming their way, good progress is possible for them on their own individual healing journey.

But only if your inner guidance says that what you are hearing or reading is the truth, share it with as many as possible. Ralph Waldo Emerson advises: ‘Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail. Uncheedah, a Santee Sioux, added to this: ‘When you see a trail or a footprint you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing.’

Throughout the ages God and the Angels have been working hard to assist us earthlings with the awakening into the true nature of our being and the spiritual background of our existence, our true home. With the passing of time, they gave us one myth and legend after the other. Yet, each one of them contained the same symbolisms in a somewhat changed form. The Jesus legend is the most recent one and there will never be another one. Having reached the age of truth, there is no need to invent further tales for hiding the truth. This turned them into ideal instruments for suppressing it. That’s what the patriarchal religions to this day are trying to do. After all, it is what – in keeping with the great plan of life – they were specifically designed in order to teach us and our world the value of truth.

The end part of this lesson is ever more of us are becoming aware that the God-man Jesus has always been but a symbolism for the higher or God nature of every human being. As a result, the religion that was created for bringing us the cover-up story of the truth behind its surface words has been struggling for survival and dying on its feet for a long time. The true meaning of the Jesus legend is going to stay with us and become more common knowledge. Slowly but surely, hand in hand with God and the Angels, the higher nature of all of us together is merging with the Divine Trinity, the supreme ruler of our world. The more the genders learn to act as equal partners in the adventure of earthly life, the sooner our planet’s balance will be restored and its transformation into a place of peace and harmony complete.

Whatever we desire with every fibre of our being, God and the Angels have always given us, within reason, so that we may learn from the resulting experiences. The mistakes that are made along the way help us to evolve through constantly growing in wisdom and understanding. During the previous six thousand years of masculine rule of our world troublemaking and warmongering was its leaders wanted, so that’s what we and our world got. The aftermath of redeeming the negative Karma that was created in those days is still reverberating around our world and at times shaking it at its core. Take heart, dear Friends, because all together we are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, this too is bound to be but a phase that in due course will pass.

If it’s peace and harmony, honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity to come to our world we long and yearn for with our whole being, that’s what God and the Angels are going to help us to create. And who wouldn’t want these things after the traumatic six thousand years of masculine lust for power-seeking and empire building, oppression and exploitation, especially of the religious kind? Because it is part of God’s evolutionary plan, that’s what the Highest Forces of life are in the process of giving us. When this precious gift has become a reality on the Earth, it will be up to us what we make of it and how we handle this state of being.

My revelations of the Aquarian age have the loud and clear message for everybody that that which is good, right and beautiful will prevail when the last one of the karmic struggles that still have to be endured lies behind us. It cannot be any other way because that’s what the law of evolution is all about. God’s great plan of life is written in the stars, as the Cosmic dance of the planetary movements shows quite clearly. Take a look at the file about the great plan of life at the end of this chapter and you will be able to see for yourself that the great book of life has always been open for those who have eyes to see and ears to listen to music of the planets. If you can’t recognise it, you are either blind or maybe it’s just that your time for waking up has not yet come.

Who Is Blind?
Those who are unable to perceive another world.
Who is dumb?
Those who cannot speak a kind and loving word at the right moment.
Who is poor?
Those who are plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
Those whose hearts are contented.


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