Faith Instead Of Religion

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey – Faith Instead Of ReligionWith all my heart and soul I do believe that the new faith of the Aquarian Age is going to help us resolve every one of the conflicts of our world and that this will eventually be possible in harmonious ways and without further bloodshed. There has been far too much of that in our world. With my inner vision I envisage it as a place where national boundaries no longer exist and everybody lives together in friendship and goodwill, peace and harmony with their neighbours, locally, nationally and internationally.

The coming of the Age of Aquarius means that a new golden age is dawning, an age of friendship and siblinghood with all life and equal rights for every one of God’s children of the Earth, independent of their gender and creed, the colour of their skin and nationality. By thinking and dreaming about it as much as possible, whilst doing our best to bring it into being in our own life, we help to bring it about. I trust God’s great plan of life and believe that the day will come – in the not too distant future – when the wisdom of the feminine will once more be making its presence felt and voice heard much more powerfully. In particular this is true for the women of countries where to this day everything connected with the feminine is suppressed by religious beliefs.

Through the adjustments that are being made everywhere in connection with the application of the masculine and feminine forces, the balance of our world will at last be restored. Through this the religious beliefs that to this day are trying to dominate the world scene will be reaching their natural end, making room for the faith of the Aquarian Age:

There is only one faith, the faith of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And I, their only born Son/Daughter.
We are one Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

On reflection ‘religion’ is probably not quite the right word to use in connection with the new faith that is now unfolding. As the word religion has too many unpleasant and negative connotations for many, let’s replace it with ‘faith’. That is a much better description of what is happening to us and our world now, in any case. To my mind, the word ‘religion’ is a totally inadequate description for the new faith of the Aquarian age. It cannot do justice to what the new faith is about, which is infinitely more than what any of the old belief systems could ever bring humankind.

There appears to be a great deal of controversy over the roots of the word religion. Some argue that it comes from the Latin ‘religare’ – to link or unite. Be that as it may, I feel that the old religions were carefully designed to keep us away from discovering too early our own Christ nature, the living God within. Creating the illusion of separateness kept us from consciously reconnecting with and once more taking possession of our eternal oneness with God, which nothing and nobody could ever destroy. Showing us the way how to do just this that’s what makes the new faith into the first religion in the true sense of word. Yet, any of these things could only be revealed to us at the right time, i.e. when the energies available to us and our world were right. That’s what they are NOW! More about this in the chapter ‘The Origin Of My Truth’. Link …

We are presently leaving behind six thousand years of patriarchy with its religions that removed us farther and farther from the Source of our being. But there is no need for blaming anyone for this because everything that happened did so for the wise higher purpose of creating an ever deepening impression that we are separate beings from God and alone on the Earth plane. Through believing that we are struggling on our own we learn to lesson to appreciate the value of the support of our friends and helpers behind the veil of consciousness that separates our world from theirs, when the time has come for rediscovering and reconnecting with them. This is the reason why for a long time they have to remain unseen and unknown to us earthlings.

This is not helped by the fact that the old religions are based upon and supercharged with fear. It is highly likely that, if not in this lifetime then in previous ones, we were systematically indoctrinated with the fear of God and brainwashed into being afraid of anything connected with the Divine. God and the Angel alone know how many earthly lifetimes we have spent since losing the conscious awareness that through the Divine aspect of our own nature we have always remained one with God and all life. What a gift and reward awaits every one of us after having spent hundreds, maybe thousands of lifetimes in physicality of being disconnected from this part of our nature, when we eventually discover that nothing could disrupt our oneness with God and that in truth there is nothing to be afraid of re-entering into the state known as Paradise.

The new faith is bringing us something that none of the old religions could ever give us and that is true faith. It has its foundations in a deep inner certainty that we are safe and forever will be in the loving hands of the Highest realms of life and Its Angels. Nothing will ever be able to shake this trust and nobody will ever be able to take it from us. Although our earthly mind is the receiver station into which the wisdom from the Highest flows, this kind of knowledge is of the heart and not the head alone.

The new faith is based on a deep inner understanding of who we are, where we once came from and one day shall be returning to. Knowing these things with great certainty that is the prize and reward every soul receives from the Universe for patiently enduring whatever our Karma may still have to present us with. A pot of gold like no other awaits us at the end of the rainbow of our evolutionary journey of many lifetimes on the Earth plane and that is the renewed and healed relationship with our Creator. And that brings us the indestructible certainty that God is part of us as much as we are part of God and that thorough this we are one with all life.

Understanding the spiritual background of life and its processes much better, we appreciate that God’s great plan of life, in which every one of us has their allocated place, has always unfolded and will forever continue to do so. Having learnt about the laws of life helps us to trust implicitly that we shall always be safe and protected, nurtured and cared for, the same as everybody else. This is how what once started as a journey of spiritual infants on the descending arc of exploring the lowest and darkest corners of life in physicality, eventually winds up with us kneeling before the throne of the Highest. Now that we have evolved into a mature and responsible adult of whom the wise ones in charge of us and our world can be proud, they may even allow us to join their ranks by applying for one of their apprenticeships. Who knows?

The faith of the new age is a creed that is no longer of the head and earthbound, the way the old religions were. It is of the heart and belongs to the superconscious realms of life, because it has its foundation in the fact that every human heart is part of the living and beating heart of the whole of Creation. Whichever way one looks at the new faith, what could be more important in anyone’s life than finding it? Our heart is the seat of truth. It knows the answers to all our questions and what is right or wrong. And mine tells me that the unification of all countries and their people, including India and Pakistan’s, will come because it is predestined to be part of the Great Architect’s evolutionary plan for us and our world.

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