Developing Discernment

Rays of Wisdom – Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey –Developing DiscernmentIn my view, the same applies to the White Eagle teachings as to any other collection of religious/spiritual knowledge in the vast storehouse of our world. Let us be ever careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. For dealing with any spiritual wisdom what we need first and foremost is to develop our discerning faculties to the highest degree. Equally important is that we constantly work on strengthening the contact with our inner guidance, so that these two faculties together can help us to distinguish reliably and unfailingly the wheat from the chaff. The task for aspiring healers and lightbringers is picking the best and leaving the rest, to be recycled.

That’s how I have always handled any kind of writing, including the White Eagle teachings. My relationship with the White Eagle group of guides will never be disturbed or disrupted by anything that happens in the Lodge that carries its name. From the moment of first encountering one of its teachings, the name White Eagle for me has always been a symbol of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit.

On the mighty wings of the wisdom and truth that are now flowing ever more powerfully from the Universe’s loving heart into ours, the Christ Spirit seeks to empower each one of us to lift ourselves and those around us above the myths, legends and superstitions of earthly life into the radiance of the truth that for so long had to remain hidden behind them. Through searching the esoteric meaning of such tales and through that learning about the fate that ultimately awaits even the last and slowest one of us, our superconscious faculties unfold and our inner vision opens. This enables the Christ Spirit to lift us into the realities of the higher and eventually highest realms, and we recognise that this is our true home and the place from which we once emerged.

I believe that peace will come to our world when a majority of souls in earthly life have grown into this kind of awareness, which is the gift of spiritual adulthood. The energies that are created when as many as possible are working together on the healing of our world, hand in hand with God and the Angels, will gradually grow powerful enough to pull the rest of our world along with us.

Spiritual adults are those who know and accept that every right brings with it a duty. The right of taking part in earthly life and taking from it what we need, brings with it the responsibility and duty to take first class care of our planet and do what we can to avoid over-consuming and protecting Mother Earth’s precious resources. What spiritual adults require most urgently is finding their own truth. This aspect of our being is deepened and strengthened by every small effort we make to develop it some more. The inflow of God’s sacred wisdom and truth directly into every heart and soul that is open to receive it, is bringing our world a new kind of truth that is no longer based on someone else’s beliefs, but on what everyone’s inner guidance says is true and right for us, now. This is the only truth that really can provide us with a deep inner knowingness and certainty.

With regard to understanding spiritual truth I am sure there is a great deal that each one of us and our whole race still have to learn. Although I have been attending to my writings just about every day and that week after week, month after month and even year after year, and that for a long time, I imagine that I shall never have found and told you all there is yet to be discovered. All I can do is attend to the lessons I have chosen for this lifetime and let you take part in them through my jottings, as best as I know how to.

Alas, it is in the nature of spiritual awakening that, until we have reached full consciousness, much of the time we are working blindfold and stumbling around in the dark. Let’s not begrudge this because it’s an essential part of the mystery of our earthly existence and God’s great plan of life. If we wish to develop real and lasting faith in the goodness of life, all we can do is keep going quietly, trusting the power of God’s all-knowing, all-seeing and all-redeeming love to show us the way forever. In this way we shall find out soon enough what more glorious spiritual experiences than those of our present existence are waiting for us.

Because there is no way of knowing when our karmic debts have been paid and all lessons learnt, true faith and trust in the Highest are the most important parts of our armoury whilst humbly serving on the Earth plane. But in spite of our spiritual awareness we cannot help still to a certain extent being caught up in the darkness and illusion of Earth life. Yet, if only we can manage to keep going no matter what, every new day is sure to bring us another bit of wisdom and understanding.

To return to White Eagle for a moment, I would like to repeat that my relationship is and always will be with the White Eagle group of spirit guides and NOT with the White Eagle Lodge. However, should an injustice be done to anyone and/or should someone be accused of things they are not guilty of, you can count on me to speak up for and support them. Naturally, this includes the White Eagle Lodge. But independent of what may ever happen there, my relationship with the White Eagle group of guides and their teachings will never change. In my view, there is no need for anyone else’s connection with them to do so either. Naturally, this is for each individual to decide for themselves.

As far as any kind of spiritual knowledge is concerned, let’s not repeat the mistake that was made by humankind so often in the past. We can do better than to confuse the bringer of a message with the things of great value they may have been sent from the Highest planes of life to bring down to the Earth. With the degree of understanding we have developed by now it is no longer difficult to recognise the higher esoteric meaning that lies behind the surface words of many of these teachings.

To make the most of the time that remains of our present lifetime on the earthly plane, we need to strive for balance. Cultivating a sense of humour and of fun is as essential as enjoying the gifts of Mother Earth, taking part in life without abusing it. Balance needs to be striven for in all things and there is no need to lose our liking for the physical realms of life and its gifts. By looking for and revelling in that which is good, right and beautiful on the Earth plane and leaving the rest behind, our earthly self gets to know and absorbs true beauty. And there is no reason for not experiencing the spiritual background and the higher aspects of our existence at the same time. This safeguards the balance we are here to seek for our spiritual progress.

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