Hold Your World

From 'The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World'

Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - Hold Your World

Beloved children of the Earth,
Take good care of Mother Earth.
Hold her in your loving hearts and hands
And recognise her as the precious jewel she truly is.
Her wellbeing and health is closely connected with yours.
Look at her and the way she has been and still is
Suffering at the hands of humankind.
The time for action has come for those of you
Who are aware of their own and Mother Earth’s
True nature as a spiritual being
And the higher realities that lie behind
Every physical manifestation of life.

Give Mother Earth all your love.
With every breath you take, send it to her.
In each one of your thoughts, words and actions
Express it and make it known.
Realise that she is a living breathing organism,
Who for aeons has taken care of all of you,
Regardless of how you maltreated her,
Because of the lessons each one of you has to learn.
Once you have woken up to your true nature,
Your time has come for redemption and making good
Where you once sinned.
Care for her now and stand up and be counted
When it comes to defending her needs,
In preference to your own.

Aspiring lightworkers and healers
Know their responsibilities towards themselves and their world.
They have come to act as your planet’s guardians and keepers.
Therefore, they do whatever is in their power to put an end to
All future exploitation of Mother Earth’s precious resources.
So, take up the good fight against contamination
And further damages to your beloved home planet.
Especially make a stand against fracking,
Where water holes are drilled into the Earth,
Into which a high-pressure mixture of
Water, sand and chemicals is injected
To force the gas contained in the rocks
To the head of the well.

Do all you can to veto the decisions of
The companies involved and their shareholders,
Whose greed will never be satisfied until
Our whole planet has been ruined and it is too late.
Don’t allow it, for this is the only planet you have.
The Angels and I will are not going to
Allow your race to disturb another one
By raping and pillaging its resources,
The way you were for wise higher reasons
Were once permitted to deal with the Earth.
Do your best, so the Angels and I can do the rest,
To protect her and keep her safe for the occasions
When you, as your own descendant,
Return to her in future lifetimes.

* * *

‘When our interest in the religious/spiritual/philosophical side of life awakens, its hopes, dreams and aspirations increasingly act as our guide to doing the right things at the right moment and avoiding the wrong ones. Our inner guide, the living God within, shows  us the greater picture of life and with this comes an awareness of what is truly important in this life. With this recognition we freely and willingly seek ways of doing whatever is in our power to make a difference in our world and to ease the plight of our troubled and long-suffering planet.’

Extract from ‘The Holy Trinity’

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