Humankind On The Home Run

Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - Humankind On The Home RunEver more of you have reached the final phase of your earthly development. From the cold and darkness of Earth life, you are presently returning into the loving and welcoming warmth of your true eternal home in the oneness with Me and all life. You no longer find it difficult to understand that the truth of the spoken or written words some of My messengers from the spirit world over the ages brought to you and your world, from time to time, were always written by the invisible hand and the intangible power of beauty and love of Me, the Source of your being.

But before this kind of recognition can happen to you on the Earth plane, your small lower self first has to deal with and overcome the obstacles of its existence, which to your spirit and soul feel as if they had been encased in a black box. Here the earthly self dwells in a prison that consists of the ignorance of its true nature. From this temporary state of your true being arise many false perceptions of things, misunderstandings and prejudices, which have to be shed when you reawaken into the knowledge of your true nature. The deeper your spirit and soul once descended into life in physicality and matter, the thicker the walls of this jailhouse grew. This continued until you had been cut off completely from all concerns of the spirit. The tale of ‘Jesus In The Desert’ tells you more about this phase of your evolutionary journey.

Because in the early stages of your earthly development the mind of the small lower self has great difficulties grasping things of a more elevated nature, it finds it hard to believe that any kind of wisdom and truth could be hiding behind many of the surface words of the sacred texts of your world. That’s why St John 1:5 tells you: ‘And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.’ The darkness represents this small self with its earthly mind and its limited grasp or even complete ignorance of spiritual matters and concepts. The light is a symbolism for My Wisdom and Truth, which the earthly self begins to understand when the Divine spark within you awakens from its slumbers. You can read more about this theme in ‘The Road To Bethlehem & No Room At The Inn’. Please follow the link here or at the end of this chapter.

As soon as your understanding has increased sufficiently, you will know intuitively that messages like psalm ninety-one, mentioned earlier, was brought to you by the Angels. Whenever it comes your way again, wishing to communicate with human hearts and souls once again, in the hope that it will be better understood each time. These parts of any human being have their seat in the deepest innermost core of their being. It can only be accessed when someone is ready to open their your whole being and that means mind and body, spirit and soul to the inflow of love that is constantly pouring from the highest level of life, My heart, into all life and lifeforms. Your true nature is love and when this aspect of your nature opens wide, your energies are again in harmony with Me and My infinite, Universal and all-embracing love. This is the place from which you once emerged and your innermost being, your spirit and soul, have always remained at one with it. And that is the state to which ever more of you are presently returning.

It is of vital importance that you should refuse to give in to the constant chattering and battering of your earthly mind with its trivial questions, fears and negative attitudes. With a better grasp of life’s true purpose and the meaning of all events that ever took place in your life and everybody else’s you will find it increasingly easy to cultivate a steadfast faith in life’s goodness and the ultimate purpose of your individual and collective evolution. Train your mind to become steady and calm and fill your heart with love for Me and the whole of My creation and in particular for your siblings in the human family, so that My energies can flow through you into them without hindrance. For you, as My beloved child of the Earth, this is a perfectly natural happening and when it begins to happen to you, you will be astonished to discover that you no longer know weariness and dreariness of mind, body, spirit and soul.

The Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light are constantly with you. They are guiding and supporting you and many of them have travelled the same road you are presently treading. They are familiar with the weakness and fatigue of your physical body that sometimes overcomes you. That’s why they now can tell you from first hand experience that it is possible to constantly renew our energies simply through your awareness of My presence in your life and your faith and trust in Me.

For the time being planet Earth still appears to be a very dark place, but its vibrations have gradually been quickening for some time. Pay no attention to those who say that your world will never be perfect. You know that My great plan of life is evolution and that therefore they are wrong. As time goes by, Mother Earth is becoming ever more etherealised. She is in the process of evolving into a planet of light and life on here in the not too distant future will be very pleasant indeed, for that is her destiny and also yours. And as I have told you many times before, each one of you is here to make their contribution towards creating a brighter and more beautiful world.

Remind yourself frequently that you are living in a Creation of thought and that what you think affects all your actions, as well as every particle of physical matter that surrounds your inner self, much more than you can imagine at present. Know that thought power is capable of quickening your planet’s vibration, so that eventually Mother Earth will not only be spectacular to look at but also good to live upon. Unbeknown to yourselves, from the moment of humankind’s first appearance in earthly life, all of you together have been slowly but surely raising your planet’s vibrations. This will continue until every last bit of the darkness of ignorance has been dissolved.

Train your whole being to become still and peaceful. You will then notice that you are receiving ever more true impressions and feelings from the higher and highest levels of life. The greatest power that can assist you with anything you hope to achieve is Mine and that of My  messengers, the Angels, who are sent to you by My will and under My command. Never shut us out, but remain still and calm whenever are with you. In your daily lives, attend to one thing at a time quietly and serenely, as this opens your channels of communication for the inflowing of our powers. This state of peace can only be achieved through learning how to control your earthly mind and your emotions. Endeavour to control and direct them wisely, for that is the razor edge upon which all of you as My disciples have to walk. Do not suppress the world of your feelings but learn to control it instead.

As you know by now, the whole of My creation is ruled by two streams of consciousness and thought: a negative and a positive one. The power of thought is the greatest force of all life. It is far more powerful than you may at the moment be able to appreciate.  Because on the inner level all life is one and humankind is one great monad, you are always highly responsive to the mental influences of those around you. That is why during this phase of your development it is essential that you tune the transmitter/receiver station of your earthly mind into My higher and highest positive forces of love and goodwill.

The time has come for leaving the negative things of earthly life behind and for rejecting out of hand anything and anyone who tries to drag you down. The purpose of your present existence is that you should become aware of your individuality and your own inner God-qualities. Make every effort to bring them forth in all their glory, so that they can shine and radiate the blessing and healing power of My love into your whole world. In your thoughts and with the help of your creative imagination rise into and join the spheres of light, as that makes you receptive only to the Universe’s constructive forces and My creative power.

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