No Fall From Grace Or Original Sin

Part One

No Fall FromGrace Or Original Sin - Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World

Voluntarily you once came away from the state of the conscious union with Me, widely known in your world as paradise. Every human spirit initially is but a tiny spark that nonetheless contains every one of My powers and characteristics. Like Me, you always have been spirit/soul, masculine/feminine, darkness/light, goodness and evil. To enable you to enter into earthly life, the first thing the Angels and I had to provide for you was a physical body that has potential for developing its own earthly personality through which your spirit/soul can manifest and express itself. In the course of many lifetimes on the Earth these faculties enable you to get to know every aspect of your lower and then higher nature. To show you both sides of every coin, in some of them you appear as a man and in others as a woman. In spite of this you always remained the same spirit/soul whose consciousness gradually expanded through your lessons in the earthly school of life.

Freely and willingly you once went forth into the adventure of discovering what life offers spiritual beings in a physical environment, like that of the Earth. You ventured forth because the laws of life are programmed into your being. That’s how you knew that the law of life is evolution and that the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma in the end will always take you back home into the conscious awareness of your true nature and your oneness with Me. You were eager to grow and evolve, excited and motivated by the idea that lots of you would be taking part in this adventure and that every one would always be allowed to learn from their own experiences. You loved the thought of being able to constantly add to the knowledge that was already stored in the soul memories of the Great Mother, dating back to long before human beings made their first appearance.

At the stage of being pure spirit/soul, you were happy to develop your own soul that is an integral part of the great soul, the Mother. You liked the idea of living in a physical environment in which you would have an inner world of emotions and feelings for experiencing it. You agreed with everything joyously because you knew that at the end of your journey of entering ever deeper into many different kinds of thus far unknown territories, you would unerringly find your way home into My loving embrace. Aware that the Angels would forever be by your side, watchfully and lovingly guiding and protecting you every step along the way, it was not difficult to decide whether you wanted to evolve into a pioneer, wayfinder and lightbringer for those who would be following behind.

You are by no means Angels who have fallen from My grace. Each one of you started their existence as one of My creative ideas = Fire. The will and power of My mind turned you into a tiny spark of My light of the Christ Star, from which everything that exists in the whole of Creation has been made in the same creative process. Every human being was created so that in the fullness of time it can fulfil its destiny of illuminating the darkness of earthly life with its light, i.e. the wisdom and knowledge that have been gained in the course of countless lifetimes spent in the great school of Mother Earth’s loving embrace.

There never has been such a thing as original sin and you could not be Angels who fell from My grace because the Angels are on a different evolutionary pathway than humankind. The two run parallel and are inter-twined, but that is all. The Angelic hierarchy on My behalf and by My will and wishes filled the patriarchal religions with concepts of this nature so they could be used as teaching aids to bring forth the destructiveness of the masculine when it is without the guiding hand of the love and wisdom of the feminine to show the way. Each one of you had to gather first hand experiences of what happens when the masculine’s thirst for power and possession, conquest and dominion over others is let loose in your world without restrictions, when it is allowed to force anything into submission that it can lay its hands on, by whatever means available. Sometimes you would find yourself at the giving end of events and later on the receiving one, either in this lifetime or a future one.

Every male of your species is an earthly manifestation of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, and every female of the feminine and the Goddess. The present state of your world came about when the Angels, with the help of the patriarchal religions, presented Me as an all-male Deity. It would take a long time before humankind discovered that this is impossible because the aspects of the Divine Trinity cannot be separated from each other, the same as they are in you. Without the feminine there would be no world for you to live in, the feminine IS the world. The astrological elements show this quite clearly. Earth and Water are feminine, while Fire and Air are masculine. Your physical bodies consist of matter = Earth and your world of feelings and emotions = Water. The invisible part of you is spirit = Air, the realm of thought, and creative ideas that are made manifest through the feminine aspect = Fire. Your soul is also invisible and its memories are stored in the waterbody of your our vehicle. Spirit/soul are one.

Through alternatively giving and receiving you have always been taught the value of things. This is how over thousands of years humankind first was made familiar with the love and wisdom of the Great Mother and the feminine orientation of your world. Based on truth, it was a peaceful one. In the course of the following approximately six thousand years, these values were gradually withdrawn. They were substituted by the rule of the masculine and the will and power of the Father principle that in Me dominates the feminine. This necessitated the systematic suppression of the love and wisdom of the Mother, the feminine and the rule of truth and peace.

The memories of lifetimes spent on Mother Earth during her earlier peaceful period of human habitation are stored in the collective soul of your world. Every individual soul is part of it and from the collective soul this knowledge radiates into them. Having once known the truth and peace, from the innermost deepest part of everyone’s being the soul has been yearning for them ever since.

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