The Six-Pointed Star - Symbol Of Perfection

Six-Pointed Star - Symbol of Perfection - Rays of Wisdom - Astrology on the Healing Journey

The six-pointed star is a symbol of the perfected human spirit and soul. The upper triangle represents its Highest or God Self and the lower triangle is its counterpart, the small earthly self. Perfection in this sense means wholeness. Each time one of the lower triangles connects with and merges into its upper part, healing and the sacred marriage between Heaven and Earth takes place. The two triangles blend into one shining light and another Christ Star in its own right is born.

All who are presently on the Earth plane are pioneers of the Aquarian Age. And as soon as the first one of us is completely reunited with the Source of our being and has become a star, everybody else follows in its wake and is drawn with it ever closer to the illumination of the Universal Christ. No-one knows who this first one is. It could be you, me or any one of us. No-one will ever know apart from the Great Father/Mother Architect of life who smiles upon all of us, Its dearly beloved children of the Earth, in total and unconditional love.

Following the directions of God and the Angels, received from deep within the core of their own being, all human souls eventually have to grow into their own saviours and redeemers, as well as our whole race and world. The only way this can come about is through millions of individual loving sacrifices that are made by wise ones who unselfishly serve the needs of those around them, whilst not ignoring their own. Such wise ones give unstintingly of themselves, i.e. their time and other resources for the blessing and healing of all life. There is no need to be afraid of being left behind, because when all life is blessed and healed, the same happens to us.

‘So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God,’ the Bible tells us in Romans 10:17. I don’t share this view. Human history has shown abundantly that faith cannot grow from head knowledge alone. It only comes from gathering our own experiences by conducting our lives according to the guidance we receive from the living God within, our intuition. Following it and witnessing for ourselves that it really does know the answers to all our questions and never leads us astray, builds up true and lasting inner faith in the goodness of life and our Creators great wisdom and love that speaks to us as follows:

‘All of you are on the Earth plane to evolve into masters of yourselves, of the ship of your life and ultimately your destiny. As you know, masters cannot fall straight from the Heavens. Only through learning and growing with the help of your own experiences can you grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding of life. Through this your consciousness expands into the state of mastership, which every soul has to achieve in the end. Born in Heaven, a metaphor used in your world for the highest levels of life, initially your spirit is but a tiny spark of Me. From the safety of My sacred heart every one of you once began their descent into life in physicality. Earth is the only place where each Divine spark can come alive and make amends for the damage, pain and suffering it has caused others and also itself.

‘Ultimately, all suffering of your world is self-inflicted through outrageous behaviour in previous lifetimes. Because of your oneness on the inner level of life, whatever you do to somebody else, with good or bad intentions, you also do to yourself. The law of Karma, My law, commands that whatever anyone sends out into My Creation has to return to its sender, for good and for bad. That’s why all your negative and destructive thoughts, words and actions in the end find their way back to you. Their results have to be endured and then made good  by you at some stage, either in this lifetime or in future ones.

‘For a long time your earthly self remains unaware of all these things and suffers intensely from – unbeknown to itself – the results of its own actions. When the going on the Earth plane gets particularly rough, the memories of your soul awake and start nudging you, it’s earthly counterpart, and reminds you of your true nature and home. Its yearning causes the Divine qualities of compassion and love to stir in your human heart. My spark within you wakes from its slumbers, comes alive and over time slowly but surely grows into a small flame.

‘Through loving service in countless lifetimes on the Earth plane the flame unites itself with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, and gradually develops into an ever more radiant blaze. It’s heat is capable of burning away the accumulated emotional/spiritual dross of many lifetimes that has accumulated in your own consciousness and that of your whole world. Constantly working hand in hand with the Angels and Me, in this process each one of you eventually turns into a Master and a Christed one in their own right. Only by becoming ever more simple can you hope to achieve this. Yet, this should not lead you into recklessness. Simplicity is the purity and beauty of a loving heart that feels tenderness towards all life, including itself and its own problems. It means being good friends with everything that you encounter and not afraid to simply be the kind and loving self you truly are. I bless you all, each one.’

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