On The Wings Of Golden Healing Light

On Wings Of Golden Healing Light - Rays of Wisdom - Astrology on the Healing Journey

I am the archetypal Christ,
The God-man who for aeons has been waiting
To come alive in all human hearts.
Jesus is one of the symbols for Me.
When you become consciously aware of My presence in you
And listen to my guidance, you will always be safe
And all your crooked paths will be made straight.
Together we move towards the perfection you have been seeking,
Without knowing that this in truth
Means no more than healing together with me,

Death, once imagined by humankind
As an old black rider who was forever chasing you,
Is now becoming the friend who takes you
Into the world of light, your true home.
The only way of travelling for you now
Is on the beams of My golden healing light,
For I am the highest Star and the brightest light
In the whole of Creation and you are a spark of Me.
Together we create nothing but waves of wholeness and holiness.
Your immortal spirit and soul rise in endless flight
And reunite themselves with Me in seamless fusion.

You have got to the end of your earthly education.
Reaching for the higher and highest levels of life,
You are leaving the Earth plane behind,
As no force there can hold you back.
The illusions of Earth life have been your training ground
And although there is much truth in them,
Do not be deceived by anything you see and hear there,
As for you life fulfils a higher and greater purpose
Than the one you perceived in the past.

The presence of My Light, the Christ Spirit’s light,
Is increasing in your world and for those who have
Become aware of their true nature,
The importance of earthly concerns fades away.
To you life on your planet begins to reveal  
Its and humankind’s true inner being and beauty,
As you grow ever more into the perfection,
Which each one of you, My children of the Earth,
For so long had to seek in vain.

For you the rulership of earthly masters and their dominion is over,
For your soul is drawn back to Me,
Your true Lord/Lady and Master/Mistress,
The source of your being.
You are re-entering into the conscious awareness
Of what in truth you have always remained:
A spirit and soul at one with Me.

You have woken from your spiritual slumber
And your whole being is presently in the process
Of changing into a living and breathing body of light.
The freedom of the Aquarian Age courses in your veins,
And I, the Universal Christ, am calling out to humankind:
‘Turn to Me, oh turn and be saved!
For I am waiting to come alive in all of you.
I wish to teach you and show you how
To save and redeem yourselves and your world.
The only way this can come about is
Through becoming ever more like Me,
Living and loving all life, the way I do.
I bless you all, each one.’

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