The Folly Of Manipulating The Masses

Various Masters from the world of spirit walked the Earth with you from time to time, to be your teachers. Many of the messages I gave to your world through them were intentionally misinterpreted so they could be used for the manipulation of the mass of people. As the wise use of power is one of humankind’s most important lessons, I allowed this. Your ignorance of the fact that none of you on the Earth plane ever gets away with anything, and that every offensive thought, word and action sooner or later has to be accounted for and made good, has brought about vast amounts of soul growth.

The wise ones amongst you realise that nobody on the Earth plane has any true power. I alone have power, for I am The Power. However, any power – even the smallest amount of it – I allow human souls access to in your present existence creates opportunities for testing the degree of spiritual maturity a soul has reached. There are two ways of approaching power and using it. While inexperienced souls still selfishly pursue their own ends, mature ones seek to serve the good of the whole. Power-seeking spiritual and political leaders, throughout the ages and within different civilisations, religions and belief systems, since time immemorial have been among My most valuable teaching aids for you and your world.

To this day and through real life situations, I am teaching all of you the folly of manipulating the masses into beliefs that serve the purpose of gaining control – spiritual power – over their hearts and minds. This type of power-seeking aims to serve the self of religious organisations and their priesthoods, rather than Me and the welfare of My people and the world I have temporarily entrusted into your care. You are in your present life to evolve into caretakers and guardians of Mother Earth, who are capable of loving and cherishing her the way she beyond any shadow of a doubt deserves. You are all responsible for yourselves, each other and also for the wellbeing of your planet and I expect and demand from each one of you that at the end of every one of your lifetimes you hand it over to posterity in a better state than you found it.

As pointed out earlier, you, My children of the Earth, have a great lust for power. Over time this has gradually resulted in a world that has become spiritually so impoverished that by now many have forgotten their Divine origin. They are the ones who to this day are getting lost in the illusion of Earth life. Yet, do not look down on the present over-materialistic outlook of your world and accept that this too serves a wise purpose. It is only through over-feeding your desire for earthly goods that with time you will be able to feel growing within an emptiness that cannot be satisfied by material things. Only through a lack of spiritual nourishment can you eventually become aware of what it is that you are truly hungering and thirsting for.

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