The Sun In Capricorn

Capricorn - the sign of high achievements

Capricorn Glyph

The Sign Of High Achievements

Soul Food For Capricorns

May the good Earth be soft underneath you,
Whenever you rest upon it,
And may it lie easily over your physical body
When your time has come
For returning it to Earth Mother’s loving embrace.
May your quirky sense of humour never fail to
Lift you and all of us above the gloom of this world
By helping us to recognise the funny side of everything.

May the knowledge that you are spirit and soul
Help you rise above the Earth plane,
Your ruling element for your present lifetime.
May your ever growing conscious awareness of
The oneness with our Creator and all life,
When your time for doing so has come,
Aid you with leaving your earthly existence without a struggle,
Winging your way back into our true home,
The world of light, with the greatest of ease.

Happy Birthday, dear Capricorn!

Whether you are interested in my interpretation of this sign on your own behalf or that of a loved one, how about copying, pasting and printing this file, or any other – as well as my special blessings – and placing it inside a birthday card, as a special surprise?

Take care, God bless and enjoy.

With Love and Light,

Six pointed Star

Please, note that everything mentioned in this file applies not only to those with their Sun in Capricorn but also when:

  • Your Sun is in the tenth  house, the natural house of Capricorn.
  • Your Moon is in Capricorn or the tenth house.
  • Your Ascendant is in Capricorn.
  • You were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th day of any month, not merely while the Sun is in Capricorn.

Six pointed Star


We shall first consider this aspect, because the mythological background of the planetary ruler of each sign can reveal a great deal about the evolutionary pathway of the human soul in general terms, as well as some of the character traces that are typical for the souls that are born into them.

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. In sheer mass and size this planet is the second largest one in our solar system and in the order of distance from the Sun it comes in sixth place. Saturn’s dimensions are almost equal to those of Jupiter although in mass it is about three times smaller and it has the lowest mean density of any object in our solar system. Both Saturn and Jupiter resemble stellar bodies, because their bulk chemical composition is dominated by the light gas hydrogen. In Roman mythology Saturn represented the God of agriculture and harvest, of sowing and of reaping. Pictures of him usually showed him as bearded and carrying a sickle or an ear of corn. Saturn is known as the planet of Karma. This is a powerful symbolism that reminds us that the law of Karma ensures that as we sow, so we shall reap. Saturn’s Greek counterpart was the agricultural deity Cronus or old Father Time himself, a name by which Saturn is also known.

One of the main Roman festivals was known as the Saturnalia. Lasting seven days, it was a celebration of the Golden Age which, according to legend, Saturn had once ruled. We shall return to this theme in the Sun in Aquarius. A special feature of the Saturnalia feast was that temporary freedom was given to all slaves. It was a time when they were served by their masters and given first place at the family table. The Christmas and New Year celebrations of the Western world still echo the influence of this ancient festival. Originally, it lasted only one day and took place on 17th December; at a later stage this was extended to seven days. It was the merriest festival of the year. All work and business were suspended; slaves were given the short-term freedom of saying and doing what they liked; certain moral restrictions were eased; and presents freely exchanged. Saturday took its name from Saturn, the Romans called it dies Saturni. It is the only day of the week to fully retain its Roman name in the English language.

According the legend, Saturn was the husband of Ops, Goddess of plenty and the father of Jupiter, the ruler of the Gods; Juno, goddess of marriage; Neptune, God of the oceans; Pluto, God of the dead; Ceres, Goddess of the grain; and Veritas, the Goddess of truth and the mother of virtue. She was believed to hide in the bottom of a holy well, because she was very elusive. That’s where she still is most of the time, these days! Her hiding place is of special interest. Pictures usually show her as a young virgin dressed in white. The name Veritas was given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness; it was considered to be one of the highest virtues a good Roman could possess. Nothing has changed there; the same principle undoubtedly still applies to us and our time. Can you recognise the symbolisms in the Gods and Goddesses of times gone by and how they can still speak to us and our world?

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Six pointed Star

Progress On The Evolutionary Path

The day of the Sun’s entry into Capricorn marks the Winter Solstice, when the Sun moves from the exhilarating expansive fiery energies of Sagittarius into the deepest and darkest ones – on the Earth plane – of the Earth sign Capricorn, ruled by stern and undeviating Saturn. Under its influence life returns to normal and everyday duties are pushing ever more into the foreground of our consciousness. A rude awakening waits for those who, under the influence of Jupiter’s benevolent atmosphere and energies, indulged in living beyond their means and overspending.

Under Saturn’s rulership everything comes down to the Earth plane with a bump. So, don’t be surprised if you begin to feel more than somewhat deflated and maybe even slightly depressed, as if something good had been taken from you. As this is quite normal, don’t be alarmed and rush to your doctor’s for a prescription for the anti-depressants. Be aware that these are just feeling which, like all earthly things in due course will pass.

Capricorn with its planetary ruler is a cardinal Earth sign. It is the tenth sign of the zodiac and the tenth house is its natural domain. This house is commonly referred to as the one of social status. It is also considered to be the house of the parent who plays the more prominent role in our lives, usually the mother. The tenth shows up the place the soul is likely to attain during its present lifetime in its social/work/career groupings, in society as a whole and the role it is destined to take in its community. This house deals with promotions we may receive and any fame that may or may not come our way. It also reveals how we see ourselves and how the community as a whole views us and our efforts.

Through Capricorn and the tenth house the inner self manifests itself and its desires in the outer world. The soul learns how to extend itself through its own efforts and there awakens the ambition to somehow leave its mark on its world. On the highest level of spiritual development Capricorn is the sign of the priest and of the power behind the throne.  As soon as the soul has become sufficiently evolved, opportunities for becoming a mediator between humankind and the Divine will come its way, in which it can learn how to give loving service as one of its channel.

After a lifetime of spiritual adventuring and explorations in Sagittarius, the previous sign, the soul comes down to Earth – sometimes with a bump, though not necessarily. For those who have done the necessary preparatory groundwork in previous lifetimes all will be well. Having reached Capricorn, the time has come for grounding the soul’s high hopes and aspirations that came alive in it under the influence of the Sagittarian energies. They are waiting  manifest themselves on the Earth plane in Capricorn. To make this possible, first and foremost the soul requires at least a degree of Saturn’s gifts. It begins to feel a growing sense of responsibility towards the wellbeing of society as a whole and the individuals in it, and it realises the need for discipline. The more highly evolved the soul becomes, the more it realises that every human being is responsible for itself and the development of its whole being, mind, body, spirit and soul, and especially its character. Instead of insisting on disciplining others it now takes charge of the ship of its own life and everything it contains.

And so the soul settles down to serve humankind in some way. A sense of having a contribution to make or a message to bring to make this world a better place for all begins to stir in its consciousness. Whatever expression and outlet this will eventually be channelled into, the soul quietly nurtures the hope that it will be able to leave its mark in some unique way. The life of Elvis Presley, a Sun Capricorn reveals this. It is known that he believed he had some kind of mission to fulfil. It is amazing how from the rolling stone that gathers no moss and finds it hard to endure ties and shackles of any kind, during its lifetimes in Capricorn the soul moves on to gathering experiences that aim to protect the wellbeing of society and lead it into a deep appreciation of home, mother, family life and traditional institutions, like marriage. The soul now learns to appreciate the past, the things and ideas it contained. It becomes anchored in the traditions of the cultural background the Universe has placed it in and draws its strength from them.

Six pointed Star


It seems strange that the symbol of this sign should be a goat and it is worth noting that among the souls born into this sign are two different types of goat and what a difference there can be between them! The first one represents the highly evolved Capricorn who moves with great agility through its life, always able and willing to climb to scale the heights of human achievement, as sure footedly as a mountain goat. The second goat is a metaphor for the less experienced soul. As its life progresses it is in danger of resembling ever more one of those boring, down-trodden and tethered domestic goats. If children born into this sign are to grow up as mountain goats, they need as much parental encouragement and loving support as possible.

Mind you, the wisdom of the Universal laws ensures that those wishing to receive that kind of sustenance during their present lifetime must have been good parents in their previous ones. As Capricorn is the sign in which the highest spiritual achievements can be reached, it is hardly surprising that it is also one of the most difficult signs to come to terms with. And every small effort you make on behalf of your personal development, not only if you are a Capricorn or have a child born into this sign in your care. If you witness a Capricorn succeed at something, rest assured that it did not happen perchance, but was brought about through sheer hard work, willpower and determination.

They are hard working people and what others would usually consider as downright slog can and does provide them with a great deal of satisfaction. Unless you are willing to do the same, there is no need to be envious. Just let them get on with their ceaseless toiling; it is right for them because during a lifetime in this sign, nothing ever does fall into anyone’s lap like manna from heaven. Everything has to be earned and worked for extremely hard. That is a challenge Capricorns can easily rise to; they do enjoy working and their present lifetime is going to offer them many opportunities for just that. And whatever evolutionary level their soul may have reached, many frustrations, delays and trials are certain to come their way that will test their mettle, sometimes to breaking point. Such experiences sort the wheat from the chaff; they bring Capricorns the choice of either rising to the highest levels a human soul is capable of reaching whilst in physicality, or of stooping down to the lowest.

Whether anyone is as yet consciously aware of this or not, the spiritual progress we shall be making in the course of this lifetime depends entirely on the wisdom of the choices we make. The only real freedom the human soul has on this level of life is how to react to people and circumstances. The events of our life are predestined and also the encounters we shall have; they were decided before we ever entered the present round of experiences. As we can only learn from our own experiences by testing, trying and exploring, it seems inevitable to me that at first every human soul feels mostly drawn towards the negative aspects of its Sun sign. We can only recognise its positive qualities by getting to know our own and other people’s reactions to the negative ones.

Life itself invariably turns out to be their best teacher of souls who are strongly under the influence of Saturn, not only when our Sun is found in Capricorn or the tenth house, but also when the Moon and/or Ascendant are located here. The same applies when Saturn forms one of the hard aspects, like a conjunction, square or opposition, to either the Sun or the Moon and also other planets in our birthchart. It needs bearing in mind that it is true for all of us that the more life experience we have under our belt, the more chances we have of finding and developing the special gifts each Sun sign is waiting to bestow upon each one of God’s children of the Earth.

 Potentially they are ours, but the only way of taking possession of them and integrating them into our character make-up is through constantly practising, living and working with them. Thus, the light of experience grows in humankind, individually and collectively. With every bit of knowledge any one of us gathers ever more of it flows into the pool of consciousness of which, on the inner level of life, every soul is an integral part.

Six pointed Star

Ambition – Thy Name Is Capricorn

Not for nothing is Capricorn known as the sign of the highest achievements. Those born into it are ambitious souls who have an inner drive to do better than anyone else, even in small details and that in all aspects of their lives. If their neighbours are decorating their house at Christmas time, it is likely that their display will be even more splendid. No trouble is too much and they are willing to work hard for everything, which is just as well because nothing ever comes their way easily or could be expected to be served on a silver platter to them. And when all is said and done, a true Capricorn would not wish it to be any other way, because otherwise it would not be much of a mountaineering job and victory.  What the unruly human soul needs most of all is self-mastery and self-discipline, and that is what it will certainly learn in this sign. Here comes yet another one of those astrological myths! Being a Sun Capricorn does not automatically mean that they are experts at self-mastery; far from it. The same as all good things, such qualities will never come to anyone without effort; they have to be worked for very hard indeed.

Someone having been born into Capricorn can be an indication that we are having before us an old and experienced soul, but this is not necessarily so. One thing you can be sure of though and that is that no matter which degree of spiritual awareness that person has reached up to now, on their journey through life their patience and endurance will frequently be stretched to breaking point. Let no-one begrudge this, for it is the Universe’s way of eventually providing every human soul on its evolutionary pathway with what it needs most of all: self-mastery and self-discipline. Ambitious as they are by nature, Capricorns are sure to succeed in the end. Those who persevere with their efforts are sure to find self-discipline, if nothing else. Persistence is one of Capricorn’s keywords and that is one of the most precious gifts that can be developed in this sign. If on the surface these things do not sound like too much, rest assured that on the spiritual level they are the most sought after qualities for any soul.

Success on the material level frequently comes late to Capricorns; this is because of all the obstacles, tests and trials they are sure to encounter on their way up the ladder. Capricorns frequently come across as being of rather a frail and delicate constitution, but do now allow such outer expressions to fool you. They usually are as tough and durable as a pair of old boots. As much as Mars rules youth, Saturn rules old age; many Capricorns and people with a strong tenth house reach a ripe old age and as a rule, the older they get the better and easier they cope with their lives.

Six pointed Star

Patience – Thy Name Is Not Capricorn

Now let us dispose of yet another one of those astrological myths, namely that Capricorns are naturally very patient people. In spite of all their tenacity and stamina to patiently work away at just about anything, let no-one run away with that idea, because it is not true! Or at least it was not when the soul entered its current lifetime. If you ask any Capricorn, you are sure to find that at least the more mature ones among them, male and female alike, who are honest enough with themselves and in touch with the world of their feelings, quite happily confirm that deep down they are not patient at all.  It’s just that the great wisdom of the Universe provided them with many opportunities for acquiring the gift of patience, Saturn’s most splendid gift. In the fullness of time, hopefully it will grow as a natural by-product of the sheer endless delays and frustrations they encounter almost at all times.

Saturn is a symbolism for the Divine aspects that presents itself to us as the stern teacher and taskmaster, who teaches human souls mastery of the whole self through self-discipline. Under Saturn’s eagle-eyed scrutiny things must be done properly and right; ‘i’s have to be dotted and ‘t’s crossed; nothing less will do. Capricorns reflect this by being orderly and responsible people who like things to be ‘just so’! Much spiritual progress is possible when Saturn’s energies are worked with in the right manner, namely conscientiously, as indeed is Capricorn’s way. This requires a positive frame of mind and that does not come naturally to souls born into this sign.  But when it has finally been achieved, Saturn acts as a stabilising and balancing influence between Heaven and Earth, spirit and soul on the one hand and the small earthly self with all its fears and inhibitions on the other. We are in this life to heal these two aspects of our nature together into one. Numerology demonstrates better than anything else how this is done. The eight is ruled by Saturn. Lay it on its side and what do you get? It becomes the ∞, the symbol of infinity, of life and worlds without beginning and end, ever flowing into each other, renewing each other and themselves in the process of healing together into one.

There is always a certain aloofness and coldness to all Saturn’s contacts; its cold touch crystallises everything and gives rise to fear in every human souls. This undoubtedly is the most formidable obstacle that must be overcome by each one of us, but it is especially true for Capricorns. Make an effort not to look at this not as some kind of punishment and recognise it as being in our lives for good and wise reasons. Our fears teach us to take great care in all our actions and until we have mastered this aspect, we show that we are unready to move onto higher evolutionary levels.

It is for this reason that souls who would otherwise go too far and too fast in their present lifetime choose to be taught by the restrictions of Saturn. Together with the wise ones who guide and protect us all, it is decided that the soul should either reincarnate into Capricorn or come in some other way strongly under the influence of Saturn, the pernickety and fastidious schoolmaster of the zodiac. Here are a few examples of how this may show up in the birthchart: Sun in the tenth house, which is associated with Capricorn, irrelevant of which sign the Sun is located. As mentioned earlier, the same is true for souls born on the 8th, 17th or 26th day of any month. Numerologically, the eight is ruled by Saturn; wherever it turns up it is always an indication that throughout the soul’s present lifetime old Father Time is putting some formidable breaks on it.

The Sun in every birthchart represents the male, active and outgoing aspect of the soul’s nature. Because of the Sun’s close contact with Saturn in Capricorns both genders are likely to experience restrictions in expressing this part of themselves. As a result, throughout their whole present lifetime they are likely to constantly have to strain against all manner of frustrations. Yet, whenever we reach the point when we think we can bear no more of the soul lessons, it is helpful to remind ourselves that we ourselves chose this particular lot, once upon a time in the world of light. Capricorn is the densest one of the Earth signs and because of the earth-bound ways of those born into this sign, it can be extremely difficult for them to find and grow some spiritual wings. If that has been the case for you up to now, rejoice because that is the purpose of the exercise. But when your wings finally do grow, you will have found one of the finest achievements any soul can hope for.

Six pointed Star

Sense Of Humour

Two of Capricorn’s keywords are: ‘I use’ and expediency. Having reached this sign, for human souls the time has come for learning how to act responsibly and develop a sense of purpose, be serious minded and practical. Wise ones who follow their inner need to attend to their duties punctiliously and intuitively knows how to make good use of everything that comes their way are making excellent use of Saturn’s energies. Yet, their heavy earthiness and seriousness are quite a burden to carry and may result in a more than somewhat gloomy outlook on life. This, however, in some Capricorns is considerably alleviated by a delightfully Saturnian sense of humour, which in this sign can be developed to the fullest. The ability to recognise the funny side of things lightens up their frequent test, trials and frustrations, so they can be endured with fortitude. Exceptions, as always, confirm this rule.

The more highly evolved the soul already is by the time it has reached another lifetime in this sign, the more its sense of responsibility towards the community around it develops. While younger, less experienced souls ask themselves: ‘How can I use this?’, more evolved ones prefer to reflect on: ‘How can this be of use to everybody?’ What a world of difference! But whatever level the soul may have reached thus far, like in all the other signs, the focus is on bringing forth from within the highest qualities of its present sign. Capricorn’s most outstanding ones are great inner strength, tenacity, stubbornness and a good sense of purpose. It is of the utmost importance for the soul’s personal evolution these gifts are applied and for what purpose they are used. As this lifetime progresses and the more these character traits are practised, the more it is likely that its dreams will be fulfilled before this lifetime is over. So, take heart, dear Capricorns!  For those who are willing to pay attention to Saturn’s demands, success is inevitable, but don’t be disappointed if it comes late in life; that’s Saturn’s way.

With the necessary degree of maturity Capricorns potentially function at their best when they are allowed to rule by delegated authority, as a kind of power behind the throne. Their greatest strength lies in leadership, but taking charge with humility is required of them is. However, that is something that does not come easily to any Capricorn, because one of the greatest pitfalls of this sign can be false pride and that is an open invitation to failure. This is a weakness like any other that can be overcome with the help of Saturn’s gift, self-discipline. No soul has it automatically; but to overcome this weakness, like any other, it has to be developed. To develop this takes great honesty with ourselves, as well as time and application, but rest assured that it is worth every small effort one makes.

Six pointed Star

Capricorn – The Control Freak

Capricorn in the physical body rules bones, skin and knees. The knees represent the soul’s ability to bend inwardly and that is where Capricorns encounter difficulties. In later life this may manifest itself in their physical bodies as problems with their knees, a complaint that is particularly common among them. Less experienced souls in this sign may be control freaks who find putting themselves into another’s shoes very difficult. Because of this they can be in constant danger of believing that they are the only ones who know what’s really best for everybody around them, and that is an open invitation to troublemaking in human relationships, if ever there was one.

Self-knowledge is the key for unlocking this problem, the same as all others. Wise ones are aware their urge for control is but an externalisation of their soul’s inner need to learn to control its earthly aspect and especially its unruly mind. This helps them to make an effort at counteracting it when their need to control rises to the surface of their consciousness. No longer breathing down people’s necks but stepping back from them and giving them the space to listen to their own inner guidance and to learn from their own mistakes, they are capable of conducting much happier and mutually satisfying relationships with those around them.

Six pointed Star

Money – Money – Money!

Capricorn is the densest of the Earth signs. This reflects itself in the attitude towards life of those born into this sign, which with some of them can be altogether too Earth bound, materialistic with too much emphasis on money matters. The love of money is shared by the Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn – more of this in a moment. Interestingly, this manifests itself in each in its own unique way. Capricorns are not really interested in the money itself, the way Taureans can be. Capricorns love money as an expression of the power it helps them to wield in the material world, but what they do is not as much seeking ‘power’ as control. Acquisitive and fond of the good things of life, Taurus loves money and lots of it, to buy, possess and enjoy as many of these as possible. Fifty pairs of finest quality shoes, thirty odd tailor-made suits, shirts and accessories, all carefully colour-matched, that is part of many a Taureans’ idea of Haven on the Earth.

Thrifty and cautious by nature, Capricorn is the minimalist. As few possessions and as much money as possible, safely tucked away in a savings account that yields the best interest rates, as a security shield during old age – that is Capricorns’ dream of the ideal life. Exceptions, as always, confirm the rule, but that in a nutshell is the basic difference in their attitude towards money between the two signs. Highly attentive and sensitive to what people may think of them, they want to be seen to ‘be someone’. To illustrate this point, let me tell you of a Capricorn friend of mine, who in the course of many years has sighed to me quite a few times: ‘If only we could see ourselves as others see us!’ He has difficulties accepting the concept that it is more important to get to know ourselves and to find out who we really are, not what other people think of us. Maybe this idea is so alien to a Capricorn that he just cannot grasp it, because it does not fit into his view of the world and of his and other people’s role in it.

Back to Taurus, the value and also the money sign of the zodiac for a moment and the excessive fondness of those born into this sign of money and also gold. As referred to earlier, the Taurean love for money is shared by Capricorn and you may find it interesting to look into the motivations behind this. Taureans love to enjoy all the good things Mother Earth has to offer and this means spend, spend, spend! Both signs will do all they can to get their hands on money, lots and lots of it. Having it to Taurus means being able to afford wine, women/men and song, literally and metaphorically speaking, as well as good food and drink, fine clothes, furniture, works of art, especially sculptures and pottery. These things are eagerly explored and greatly enjoyed by Taureans, who will insist that everything is of the best and the finest quality they can possibly afford.
However, by the time that same soul has reached Capricorn, through its own experiences it will have grown wise to the fact that in Earth life – and that on all its levels – times of abundance are inevitably followed by ones of great need. The same principle applies to lifetimes and the wise purpose behind it all is to teach each one of us the value of things and to help us differentiate between fat and lean times. That’s how in Capricorn we realise the need for putting something by for a rainy day and enjoy the merits of thrift and saving, but care needs to be taken that this does not wind up in miserliness and excessive frugality. The balance, as ever, lies halfway between the two extreme approaches to money of Taurus and Capricorn.

Six pointed Star

Tests Of Wealth And Power

During lifetimes in Capricorn respect and wealth, like everything, have to be earned and worked for exceedingly hard. Those who succeed will not suffer from a shortage of opportunities for finding out that both great wealth and power are the greatest of all spiritual tests for the human soul, because they bring with them a great deal of responsibility. Appreciating this helps wise ones to use them wisely. Not for nothing does the Bible warn us in St. Matthew 19:23-24: ‘Truly, I say to you: It is difficult for a [materially] rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven [whilst still on the Earth]. Again I say to you: It is easier for a rope to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of God [to find, bring forth and act upon the goodness within them].’ Words in square brackets have been added by me in the hope of further clarifying the meaning of this quote.

As the planet of Karma, keeping a perfect set of books about everything any soul has ever done is a vital part of Saturn’s role. It is true that the laws of this earthly existence can at times be broken in such a way that the impression is created that the offender has somehow got away with things. Rest assured that in truth no-one ever truly gets away with anything; it is impossible. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, if we break the Cosmic laws, the laws of God, sooner or later the price we have to pay the price. We all get our just deserts and there comes a time when every soul is presented with the bill for all its misdeeds.

The Divine wisdom behind the Universal laws ensures that everything in the whole of Creation must balance, and that anything that ever becomes unbalanced has to be put right again, by none other than the one who broke the law. The law of Karma sees to it that eventually everything returns to its source. That is why, for good and for ill, whatever we send out inevitably must come back to us. Thus, sooner or later we all get what we truly deserve – no more and no less. And when our learning is finally done and we are ready, it takes us back to where we truly belong, into complete reunion with God, the source of our being.

Six pointed Star

Leadership Qualities

Meanwhile back on the Earth, a well used lifetime in Capricorn can help the human soul to develop and bring forth from within the very core of its own being, the already mentioned sterling qualities of leadership, patience and persistence, but also efficiency and practicality. Capricorns are ambitious and industrious, ever willing to work hard for what they want out of life. There is great strength and integrity in the higher evolved ones among them, who thus reflect and use the qualities of Saturn. Dependable, confident themselves and superb at instilling a sense of confidence in others, they are fond of tradition, home, mother and the past; some are also fond of antiques. These things reveal the influence of Cancer, Capricorn’s polar opposite in the zodiac. As you may recall from other interpretations, this sign is known as the sleeping – or rather unconscious – partner. Appreciating this, it does no longer come as surprise that Capricorns of both genders tend to cling to their mothers, even after they themselves are married.

The wise ones among them take extra care not to make their mother the hub of their life, which helps them to avoid problems in marriage and partnerships. In touch with their inner world of feelings, they are capable of being the most competent and caring leaders anyone could hope to find. In spite of having great difficulties of showing their affection to those around them, Capricorns can be most deeply committed family people. Let the cool exterior fool no-one, underneath there does beat a warm and loving heart – it’s just that it suffers from too many inhibitions and are over-afraid of rejection.

A strong presence of Saturn can bring either the best or the worst out in human souls. This explains why less experienced Capricorns tend to behave like street angels and house devils. Mind you, by showing us how not to behave, such people can be excellent teachers to those around them. Although we have the freedom to choose how to behave in any situation, it may take us a long time before we become aware of this. Clearly, making wise choices becomes much easier once we understand what is at stake. That enables us to turn into a wise one, who pays attention to overcoming the negative aspects of our sign, including making a special effort at being as pleasant at home as the face we are showing to the world.

Six pointed Star


When wise Capricorns have children of their own, they avoid acting like an over-strict and altogether too heavy-handed disciplinarian. Realising how hard they find it to put themselves into another’s moccasins, they endeavour to remind themselves frequently that everybody has a right to their own feelings and needs to have sufficient amounts of personal freedom, if they are to learn and grow from their experiences. Aware that they can be veritable control-freaks, if they let themselves go, they resist the temptation of constantly telling their offspring: ‘Do as I tell you!’ Although they may find this difficult, within reason they then let their children do their own thing. Due to Saturn’s rulership of their sign, at heart and underneath it all they really are strict disciplinarians. The prospect of not being hated by their children in later life is sufficient reward for them, which they justly look forward to.

Wise parents, not only those whose Sun is in Capricorn, love their child as the precious and unique child of God that has come through them and been given into their care, for a limited time. You can read more about this in ‘You are special’ in the ‘Other Writings’ section. Each child is indeed a chip off the old block, though not of its earthly parents but of the Divine. People who are aware that this is so no longer dream of trying to live their unfulfilled dreams vicariously through their children. They know that each one of us has come into this lifetime to develop their own special gifts some more; and to follow their own dream and ambitions, because that is how the Wise teacher within guides each one to the fulfilment of their highest potential. As parents, it is our task to support and encourage our children to bring forth the best from within, which they have not inherited from us. Their gifts were given to them by God, the same as we received ours. In the course of many lifetimes everybody’s talents have been developed and we bring them with us into each new one, so that they can be practised and honed to new peaks of perfection.

As briefly touched upon earlier, the need for controlling those around them can be exceptionally strong in inexperienced Capricorn souls. To resolve this, it helps to know that this is but a misinterpretation of the promptings the soul receives from its Highest Self that the time for learning to discipline the drives and urges of its earthly self has come. As long as this remains unrecognised it is almost impossible for poor Capricorn to change its behaviour patterns and to avoid creating further negative Karma. But even young souls eventually reach the point for becoming aware of what is at stake and focusing on taking their earthly self in hand. This may take another lifetime or two, maybe even several more circuits round the whole zodiac, but every soul gets there in the end.

On the inner level of life all is one. Unbeknown to us for a very long time, our Highest Self or God Self has always guided and protected us from within the core of our own being. It alone knows our soul’s evolutionary needs, our Karma and this lifetime’s lessons. It is the only who can safely guide each one according to their specific requirements through their own experiences, not only in this world but in all those yet to come. Each one of us is constantly receiving guidance from our inner and Highest Self. Alas, it takes a certain degree of spiritual maturity until we finally wake up to its existence and by tuning into it, first learn to interpret the meaning of the messages we receive through this channel and then also to act upon them.

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Family Life

Back to Capricorn though. In their constant striving for success, they can sometimes be in danger of not having sufficient time for their families. They are capable of getting so wrapped up in business matters and making money that they grow rather cold, remote and unconcerned about the needs and feelings of those around them. Another risk they are running is getting too immersed in the practicalities of life and as a result losing touch with their own inner world of feelings. Besides, concentrating too much on one’s working life frequently leads to ignoring one’s own and other’s need for satisfying personal relationships. It is all too easy to overlook that everybody has a right to having their wants and needs fulfilled in their personal relationships, including one’s own.

There are many reasons why it is important to stay in touch with the world of our feelings; the main one is that through it we are meant to receive guidance from our inner or Highest Self. Alas, if Capricorns concentrate too much on their thrust for worldly success, in the long run their feeling nature is likely to suffer and become increasingly impoverished. I believe that it is worth everybody’s while to regularly take time out and create a special place where they can allow their feelings the luxury of flowing naturally. That is the only way one can get to know and take advantage of the cleansing and healing properties of tears, as well as of the comfort our inner Self is always waiting to give to us, when we are in distress. Those who attend to this regularly are far less likely to find their physical bodies crippled with arthritis in later life, an all too common Capricorn complaint.

It is useful to remind ourselves, at least now and again, that the main purpose of our being on the Earth is that we should learn to love wisely, the way God loves us. The Sun’s close contact with Saturn reflects the somewhat cold and aloof nature of Capricorn; for them it may take a special effort to build some lovingness into their character make-up, too. The wise ones among them no longer insist upon always wanting their own way, regardless of how the world around them feels about things. They know that making an effort at going towards others and meeting them half-way will get them much further in life; and that with the help of love their frostiness can be dissolved. That indeed is the healing ingredient that can rid Capricorn – and everybody else – of all arrogance and selfishness, because anyone who truly loves no longer puts their own wellbeing first.

As explained in ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer – Healers and Healing’, we are all in this life to find healing through taking possession of all aspects of our being and becoming whole; wholeness means to be holy and healed. This is a process through which every soul gradually grows into the role of a healer in their own right. First of all we need to become aware that our world is one of paradoxes and that each one of us is a many faceted jewel that contains many puzzling dualities and polarities.

Familiarising ourselves with all aspects of our nature, working with them and coming to terms with them are essential parts of every soul’s healing process. To my mind, one of the best ways of doing this is by studying the qualities of the sign that is in polar opposition to our own Sun sign, the sleeping partner already mentioned. The negative and positive qualities of the opposite sign slumber in our subconscious, from where they influence our instinctive reactions and behaviour patterns. Consciously taking possession of and integrating the best qualities of both signs into our character is every soul’s own responsibility.

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Seeking Wholeness And Healing

All negative aspects and weaknesses have to be worked on and overcome, so that they can no longer wreak havoc in our lives. Until we finally resolve them by making peace between the two parts, the polarities within will cause us many inner conflicts and turmoil, because they are then struggling against each other by one part seeking to dominate the other. Becoming aware of what is happening is the tool that is now given into everybody’s own hands for putting an end to such struggles through reconciliation of these polarities. We need to take possession of all conflicting parts and teach them to make peace, so that they can work together, instead of against each other, supporting the wellbeing of the whole person – mind, body, spirit and soul. To my mind, the most urgent issue on which each one of us now needs to concentrate is finding inner peace and living our lives in more peaceful ways. That is the only way that peace can come to us and our world. The world around us is a mirror of what inside us, as inner manifestation must always come before outer. Read more about this in the jottings.

In their search for wholeness Capricorns can benefit greatly from getting in touch with Cancer, their opposite sign, also know as the sleeping partner. Theirs is ruled by the Moon and represents the essence of femininity, the mothering and nurturing principle of Creation, the sensitive feeling side of humankind, its soul. Lo and behold! Suddenly there reveals itself to us a very different Capricorn. Now we can take a peek behind the cool, aloof and usually self-controlled face they like to present to the world. In truth, this is but a mask that hides their tender and extremely sensitive underside, i.e. the world of their innermost feelings which, alas, all too frequently they keep hidden even from themselves.

By consciously taking possession of their inner alignment with the Moon’s own sign the power is given into Capricorn’s hands to establish a beautiful direct connection with the Great Mother of all life. Through Her they can then not only draw on great intuitive and psychic abilities, but also consciously tap into the Moon’s treasures – their own individual and the collective unconscious of our world. It is not advisable to use such gifts for the pursuit of selfish gains, like money-making and career. To become truly powerful they need to be made available for helping souls in distress and for alleviating the suffering of humankind. As this is the course highly evolved Capricorns dedicate their lives to, the difference between them and younger and less experienced souls easily reveal themselves.

Capricorns make good civil servants and politician, mathematicians and osteopaths, but their interests and ambitions vary as widely as you could possibly imagine. To illustrate this, some famous Capricorns, in alphabetical order of first names, are: Ava Gardner – Actress; Cary Grant – Actor; Dolly Parton – Singer; Edgar Allen Poe – Writer; Elvis Presley – Singer.; Helena Rubenstein – Cosmetics; Helmut Schmidt – Politician; Henry Miller – Writer; Howard Hughes – Millionaire Recluse; Janis Joplin – Singer; Kevin Costner – Actor; Louis Pasteur – Scientist; Marlene Dietrich – Actress; Michel de Nostradamus – Astrologer; Muhammad Ali – Boxer; Oliver Hardy – Comedian; Paul Cezanne – Artist; Richard Widmark – Actor; Tycho Brahe – Astrologer.

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Scaling The Heights Of Human Achievements

No matter what occupation they may choose in the end, to be genuinely happy Capricorns have to come first. Yet, this has to be worked for very hard, especially in this sign. Any success on the earthly plane has to be earned. It never arrives for anyone without being deserved, if not in this lifetime then in previous ones. By nature Capricorns are solitary creatures and although they are ambitious and love to scale the heights of human endeavours, they venture forth with great caution in all their endeavours. In spite of looking determined and confident on the surface, they do proceed with utmost caution and carefully put one foot in front of  the other.

While in Aries the human soul experiences what it is like to boldly blunder in where Angels fear to tread, by the time it reaches Capricorn, it has learnt that such behaviour does not show courage but is nothing but foolhardiness. Having reached Capricorn, the soul has learnt what fear is. By now it’s motto has become: ‘Feel the fear and doing it anyway!’ Through many first hand experiences, it finds out that only those who overcome their fears deserve to be called courageous.

Yet another exceedingly fine and rare gift that can be developed by the soul during its present lifetime is the ability of envisaging a distant goal, while slowly, carefully, watchfully and patiently working its way towards it. It does not seem to matter how long success may be in coming and how arduous the journey turns out to be. When this gift is applied by evolving Capricorns to humanitarian pursuits and for the good of the whole, having learnt to meekly bend their knees before the Highest, they can indeed be truly great, worthy and unselfish servers and carers of humankind.

Understanding is the beginning of wisdom. In the course of a great many lifetimes of going round and round the zodiac, one more lifetime in every round is spent in Capricorn. All the time the soul grows in wisdom and comes that bit closer to understanding the purpose and meaning of its existence in physicality and of the delays and frustrations of a lifetime spent in Capricorn. This continues until finally the soul appreciates and gratefully accepts Saturn’s precious gifts of patience, endurance, stamina. Applying them all, it skilfully envisages any far distant goal and plods its way towards it, safe in the knowledge that – no matter what obstacles may ever present themselves – it will get to its destiny in the end.

So, my dear Capricorn friend, whenever you are struggling make an effort to take comfort from knowing that great soul growth is achieved through the intensity of the suffering, which most souls born into your sign create for themselves in their struggle against the constant frustrations, restrictions and limitations during their transit through it. For many the time of release from further earthly lessons is getting ever closer. Yet, this can only happen for souls who are capable of bearing the above things with a gradually increasing acceptance and appreciation for the value of the all-important and essential self-mastery. Without having mastered this aspect of their nature no soul will ever be released from its education in the material world.

From ‘The Sacred Science’ by Joan Hodgson comes the following: ‘Many astrologers teach that Capricorn is the sign of the Priest Initiate. This indeed is the highest expression of the attributes of the sign. For when by self-discipline, training and struggle the physical body has been prepared, when the trials and temptations to selfishness on all planes have been mastered, when the heart is filled with pure and simple love, then that soul can become a focus point for the Wisdom, the Love and the Power of God. These qualities pour through it as a living stream of light, to heal, to bless and to consecrate. It then fulfils the highest function and obligation of priesthood.’

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Changing The World
Do not try to change the world.
You will fail.
Try to love the world.
Lo, the world is changed,
Changed forever.

Sri Chinmoy

If we try to change our world
Without first changing ourselves, we are sure to fail.
But when we come to terms with its true purpose
And perceive it in a new light, we learn to love it and
For us, quite magically, the world changes forever.

As our inner eyes open, we begin to recognise
The good in all people and situations.
Our heart and soul then fills with compassion and love
For those who, trapped in the darkness of
Their ignorance and greed, still insist on creating suffering,
Maybe for millions, and therefore negative Karma for themselves.
We no longer sit in judgement over anyone
And that helps us to create ever more positive Karma
For ourselves and our world.

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White Eagle on Saturn And Patience

Saturn as Father Christmas - Asto Files Special Events - Rays of Wisdom

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides on patience: ‘Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn* and the tenth house, and also the traditional co-ruler of Aquarius *. This planet is sometimes presented as old Father Time and when looked at from the right perspective, time * is one of humankind’s best teachers. In earthly life it will always be your master and it can be an unpleasant one. But this only applies for as long as you perceive life with the limited vision of your small earthly self.

‘The likelihood is that you are taking part in Saturn’s wisdom at this very moment. The influence of its energies causes delays and frustrations that may test you to the utmost, as Saturn is very strict with his students in the school of earthly life. Under his supervision hurried lessons, hasty sums and superficial essays are not allowed. Saturn insists that the right time is given for every lesson. That’s why time is one of the most irksome forms of discipline that has to be endured for as long as you dwell on the Earth plane.

‘But on the upside, the Saturnian energies provide you with the determination to work your way one small step after another towards a distant goal. They equip you with the desire to try and try again. Through this your endeavours get better and more perfect all the time and when they are ready to be presented and shared with your world, they are likely to be crowned with success. Saturn’s rewards * can be great, when they come. And they surely will – for those who patiently plod on. So muster yourself with patience and remind yourself that you are taking part in one of the most essential lessons for every soul on their pathway of spiritual development.

‘That’s how Saturn in the end brings true, i.e. spiritual wealth to every human soul. Think of this beneficence and refuse to see anything malefic. Instead remind yourself frequently that all of you have a great deal to thank Saturn for and that at any given time. True, the influence of this planet’s energies makes people come across as somewhat cold and too earth-bound. This serves the wise higher purpose of holding things up and delaying the actions of those who in previous lifetimes hot-headedly rushed into things prematurely without due foresight and caution. This behaviour pattern is typical for the Fire signs, Aries of the head, Leo of the heart and Sagittarius of the spirit.

‘People who have been affected by this in one or several of their past lifetimes, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of you in our world, choose a pathway in which Saturn is prominent, for example with the Sun or Moon in conjunction, opposition or square to Saturn. This forces people to move through life with great caution. Whenever they are tempted to rush into things, Saturn says: ‘No! You are here to learn how to proceed slowly and patiently, if need be trying time and again before you can succeed! If you persevere, you will.’

‘Anyone who sees this as unpleasant and resents it needs to be reminded that it is unwise to ignore the lessons of a venerable, gracious and wise teacher. And as co-ruler of Aquarius the Saturnian energies will be providing your world and ours the necessary strength and stamina, determination and perseverance for bringing Mother Earth’s new golden age into being. Saturn’s main task during your earthly sojourns consists of teaching the self-mastery that is needed to control the urges and desires of humankind’s lower animal nature.

‘After the Aquarian Age, from approx. 1900 AD – 4,100 AD, we shall be moving into the Age of Capricorn, which will last until about 6,300 AD. Capricorn is Saturn’s own sign where it’s energies are particularly strong and in the right hands can express themselves in the most positive and constructive ways. This will be helpful for the unfoldment of the new golden age in all its splendour. How great Thou art, o Great White Spirit, and how wise! We thank Thee and bless Thee.’

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