Ignorance - The Cause Of All Suffering

Rays Of Wisdom - Healing Corner For Parents And Children - Ignorance - The Cause Of All SufferingAnd now let’s take a look at D.I.Y. astrology *, briefly touched upon in the previous chapter. The main features of every birthchart are Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Looking them up is easy because there are sites on the web where you can do this free of charge; http://www.astro.com/ is one of them. Although I know of it, I am in no way connected with it. Because a friend recommended it some time ago, I tried it and was surprised about the quality of their information. But see for yourself. And as soon as you have found out where your child’s Sun, Moon and Ascendant are, go to my interpretations of the relevant signs in the Astro Files *.

By studying each one of the relevant signs, you can discover a great deal about your child, including some of its subconscious motivations. This will give you a first class idea of how the newcomer is going to fit into the energies of the rest of your family *. Don’t take my word for it, but first try your own details. You are sure to find the study of the Sun sign that corresponds to your Moon sign particularly revealing. Its negative characteristics are of particular interest here, as the Moon tends to bring them more to the surface of our thinking and behaviour patterns than the Sun in the same sign.

In my view, much of the suffering in our world could quite easily be avoided if everybody took the trouble of finding a better understanding of their own true nature and of those around them. Equipped with a good dose of kindness and patience for ourselves and our children we have a much better chance of assisting them on their predestined way through life. That’s how frustrations and disappointments can easily be avoided for everybody involved.

The kind of understanding that can be obtained from astrology prevents us from ever telling any child that it is useless and no good. Because children tend to take things literally, an incredible amount of damage is done by such talk. Someone should also have a word with teachers about this. When people tell us things like that early in life, is it any wonder if later in life we fail and do not have the courage to try anything new and exciting? But in truth every human being is gifted in some special way * and is good at something. All of us have hidden talents that may already have taken many lifetimes to develop and in this one need to be brought to the surface of our consciousness.

Knowing this, clearly there is no such thing as a complete and utter failure in life, although we can certainly be brainwashed into believing that we are. This is particularly damaging in childhood, because it creates the wrong perception of ourselves in our earthly mind. In truth, everybody has the potential for doing anything they truly wish to do, within reason. If our hearts truly desire something and we are ready to work for it with all our might, so that we should learn from it one way or another, God and the Angels will eventually make our dream come true. It would not do to want to grow a pair of wings to fly to the Moon. Although this can be done, spiritually and in the mind, in our physical bodies it is impossible.

I believe that every bit of suffering on our planet is caused by nothing but ignorance and that it’s up to ordinary people like you and me to do our share of absorbing it into the light of God’s sacred wisdom and truth *. Never forget that many small people, in many small places, doing many small things have the power of changing our world.

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