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Rays Of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Establishing God's Kingdom On The Earth

The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides on the theme of surrender. It appeared in one of the Reader’s Letters of Stella Polaris August/September 2017: ‘For doing your share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth, your small earthly self freely and willingly needs to surrender * its whole being to the Highest Forces of life. This does not mean entering into a state of apathy. On the contrary, it consists of the willingness to stand up and be counted as one of the healers and lightbringers of your world whose consciousness is rooted in the strong inner certainty that all life rests safely in the hands of God and the Angels. Irrespective of what may still have to happen on the Earth plane, you not merely believe but know with utter conviction that everything will work out well in the end. The main requirements for this pathway are conducting your life in healthy and wholesome ways, and learning to control your emotions and the stilling of your earthly mind.

‘The best way of dealing with and overcoming that which is evil in your world is by spreading the spiritual knowledge and wisdom we are bringing you. This needs to continue until the last person on Earth has become aware of God’s true nature and their own, and the working of the Universal laws and how it affects all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation. Encourage those with whom you are sharing your knowledge that they do the same with what they are receiving and that with as many people as possible. Without making a contribution towards dissolving that which is bad, evil and ugly in your world in the light of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, your efforts could never amount to more than a mere scratching of the surface of removing the evil that is caused by people’s ignorance * of their true nature and the higher purpose of why they are on the Earth.

‘When you share your spiritual knowledge with as many as possible, you are making a very real and valid contribution to the process of evolution and growth that constantly seeks to remove bad conditions and replace them with good, right and beautiful ones. Aspiring healers and lightbringers need to add their own insights that come to them intuitively from their inner teacher to the information received from us and other trustworthy sources. Through this humankind’s store of God’s wisdom and truth on the Earth will constantly be increasing. And when everybody does their share of distributing God’s light that is thus received, it will not take long until the last remnants of the darkness of earthly ignorance have been absorbed into it.

‘Please, dear Friends, do not think of any spiritual writings as set in concrete to last forever. This includes the sacred texts of the religions of your world and any teachings that were given by us earlier. Spiritual knowledge is always meant to be enlarged and enhanced by the fresh revelations that are reaching you and your world from the Angels and us. We spirit guides and helpers are merely the servants of those on the higher and highest levels of life. We are their channels of communication, the same as you are, and we can only pass onto you whatever they are giving us.

‘Generously share the knowledge that comes to you with anyone who is receptive for it in the circle of your family and friends around your world. Ask them to share with those around them, so that they too can spread the news that all is well with your world and that many good things are in store for anyone who willingly contributes to the movement that takes all of you ever closer to the new golden age * of peace and prosperity on the Earth.

‘Refuse to worry about souls who are too young and inexperienced to understand, for in due course they will be removed from earthly life. They will be spending their future lifetimes on a much younger planet *, where their spiritual development will continue there. Through this they will be assisting their new home planet with its evolution, the same as you have been doing with Mother Earth for a very long time indeed. Having received their initial trainings as human beings there, the young ones will take their earthly personalities and the Karma they have created thus far with them.’

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