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A Message From The White Eagle Group Of Spirit Guides

 Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - A Message From The White Eagle Group Of Spirit Guides

At this time of year in the Western hemisphere life can sometimes appear to be rather dark and gloomy. After the light and magic of Christmas, the festival of the rebirth of the Sun and its return to this part of our world, and the New Year celebrations, many find that the short winter days are passing too slowly. Extreme weather conditions can cause problems and add to making us feel unwell, depressed and chilled within and without.

This is not surprising when one considers that at the time of the winter solstice the Sun moves from fiery and enthusiastic Sagittarius into Capricorn, the Earth signs that is ruled by Saturn, the stern and undeviating schoolmaster of the zodiac. Here the Earth element has to be encountered at its densest and this brings our souls down to Earth with a bump. We may feel somewhat gloomy and restricted because our spiritual wings have been clipped and whether we like it or not, we have to pick up the threads of the often stark realities of our earthly existence. Instead of our spirit feeling free to move around and travel the way we did under the influence of the Sagittarian energies, under the Saturnian ones we become stationary again. On the positive side they encourage us to focus on our objectives in life and any long-term plans we make at this time of the year are likely to work out well.

The general atmosphere of gloom and doom is lifted when the Sun moves into the Air sign Aquarius, the sign of humanitarianism and the highest hopes, dreams and aspirations for the whole of humankind. In the coming year, 2017, this takes place on the 19th January. Each time life seems to get too cold and earthbound during the Capricorn period, it’s a good idea to now and then take a moment to reflect on the warmth and the love of the Christ Star. Remind yourself frequently that Its radiance never leaves us and that Its blessing and healing energies have no difficulties flowing through the densest of cloud covers, literally and metaphorically speaking.

To put you into a receptive mood, listen to the essence of some words of wisdom from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Seeking Serenity – Look Up To The Light’: ‘We see the Christ Light’s radiance shining beyond the clouds that to this day surround so many in your world and we are bringing this light to you. Each one of the clouds has a golden lining and although it cannot be observed by any one of you at present, we assure you that we are seeing it quite clearly and that on behalf of all of you.

‘The Angels on the Highest levels of live are celebrating Christmas at regular intervals to commemorate the birth of the Universal Christ, the moment when God, the first impulse of Creation, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, said: ‘Let there be light!’ With this command the first inklings of life started to flow and emerge. The Christ-Mass is a service of thanksgiving to the Great Father/Mother for the gift of all life, including that of the Angels. This event has been celebrated on the Earth plane in many different forms since human beings were first introduced to it.

‘The festivities around the winter solstice always were designed to serve humankind’s slowly awakening and growing awareness of the spiritual background of its earthly existence. In every human heart this eventually leads to the Christ spark rising from its slumbers. In some parts of your world the Christ-Mass to this day is celebrated with the help of the Jesus legend and in particular the allegory of the birth of the Christ child in the manger. As many of you know by now, it is a symbolism for the awakening of the Divine spark in all human hearts.

‘When you worship the Christ Star’s light, realise that your own soul is part of the Star and that when its light begins to shine in you it has the power of beautifying all earthly concerns for you. Mother Earth’s beauty is one of the many manifestations of the Christ Star, so is the love that makes you happy and the power that comes to you each time you ask for God’s blessing. The glory of this light is the Divine fire that has been waiting for a long time to come fully alive in every more human hearts and souls.

‘If you call upon the Christ Star’s light when you are weary, you will feel its Divine strength flowing through you and your anxieties fading away. And whenever your inner vision focuses on this Star, you are in conscious contact with your higher self, your eternal and immortal God Self. Ask it to direct your actions, so it can bring into your life the blessings of the heavenly realms, so that you may no longer be touched by the small earthly things that used to disturb you.

‘At all times, look up and keep your inner vision focused on the Christ Star. Trust that Its blessing and healing power truly can heal any condition and make all crooked corners straight. And so, let’s join hearts and hands and concentrate on the Star and affirm:

•    I send the light of the Star to all who are experiencing poverty, depression and hardship not only in these winter months but always.

•    I ask the Angels of the Star to help all those who are suffering in mind, body and spirit and in need of light and love.

•    I believe in the power of the Christ Light.

•    I trust God’s perfect plan.

•    I am in the Star. The Star is in me. I am the Star.

•    The Star and I we are one. From my loving heart Its light flows into the heart and soul of all humankind and our whole world. From there it pours itself into the farthest and remotest corner of Creation for the blessing and healing of all life.

All life is one under the Christ Star and all like-minded people are one single unit. The energies of the Star focus our thoughts so that our minds are steady and balanced to reflect the light of the heavenly realms into the darkness of earthly life. We shall continue with this until the last shred of it has been absorbed into the radiance of Star, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all life. We pray that every single one of our thoughts from now on should be filled with nothing but positivity and light.

God bless each one of you and keep you safe, always.

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