How Did Humankind Begin?

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – How Did Earth Life Begin? Irrespective of which phase of their development anyone is presently experiencing, there is a yearning deep down in every human heart to love and be loved. This is because basically we are creatures of love. The law of life is love and the Great Father/Mother’s love once brought every one of us into being. Everybody carries the Divine spark within and also has inherited the Great Spirit’s longing for getting to know Itself.

Nothing in the whole of Creation ever stops or stands still. All life is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Without ever stopping our Creator is getting to know Him/Herself through ever more new creations and creatures whose experiences assist the continuing growth and expansion of the Universe. In order to get to know itself during one lifetime after another, our spirit self creates itself a new earthly counterpart, whose physical body serves as a vehicle for getting around and exploring itself and its environment.

Our soul contains the memories of every experience of our present lifetime as well as those of all previous ones. During each new one we enter these memories are stored in the very cells of our physical body. This way they remain accessible and we can draw from them, unconsciously, at all times. This continues until we have become sufficiently evolved to be released from the yoke of further earthly sojourns. Every soul’s oldest memory is the one of our true nature and our real home. It is this memory that at the end of our evolutionary odyssey draws us back home into the oneness with God, where we truly belong.

The whole of life is a circle that started when the creative ideas and the sheer willpower of the masculine aspect of the Divine began to bring whole worlds and everything in them into being. Every part of the created world is the Great Mother of life and therefore Divine. Through the element Air, thinking, the God transmits its ideas, Fire, and shapes them into matter with the help of feminine elements of Earth and Water. Thus it was, is and in all Eternity will be that God constantly creates and re-creates His Goddess. And all life that exists has been created from the light the Father created in the first place, when He said: ‘Let there be light!’ We shall return to this theme.

God and Goddess are two halves of a whole. They are totally equal partners who cannot be separated from each other. One cannot function without the other. Peacefully and harmoniously their love bond is constantly occupied with responding to each other. This is how their coo-operation ceaselessly creates new worlds and beings, as well as improving and enhancing existing ones and destroying old ones that have outlived their usefulness. The same creative drives and urges are also part of our nature. As co-creator with God, who has not felt the satisfaction that comes with clearing out something that no longer is of any use or value? The buzz and the relief one gets give an inkling of how our Creator feels each time something old is removed and makes room for something more beautiful and perfect to come into being.

The more we work with the light of the Christ Star by absorbing and assimilating Its knowledge into our consciousness, the more we recognise the necessity of destruction – de-creation, as someone called it. There even is beauty in acts of ‘de-creation’ as this is sometimes the only way of making space available for the manifestation of new ideas. This is how we too, in the fullness of time, shall learn how to rejoice rather than to weep and mourn the way our earthly selves tend to do over the loss of something that was old, outdated and ready to be removed.

Nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted. Everything is incessantly recycled and used over and over again. That, in a nutshell, is the evolutionary process. And when we have consciously become co-creators with God, we can share the joy and privilege of observing our Creator in the act of creation, as well as de-creation. Spiritually, the latter is never an act of senseless destruction, the way it would be if human beings were in charge. It is a disassembling of every cell and atom and recycling it. This opens the door for re-creating that which was destroyed in a form that comes closer to the idea of the archetype our Creator is holding in His/Her mind.

Everything in the whole of Creation is energies and vibrations and consists of dualities and the polarities of opposing forces. The words ‘Let there be light!’ have two different meanings, as befits the nature of the Divine. It was the pure thought on its own who created the first rays of light. By the power of its will the thought decreased the vibrations of the light until the first bit of matter began to form. Earth and Water appeared and together they became clay that could be shaped and moulded into the forms of the creative ideas conceived by the mind of the Highest. When the time for creating physical bodies for human spirits had come, the Divine breathed a spark of its own spirit into one of the animal forms that had already been created through the process of evolution on the Earth. Lo and behold! They came alive and started to move about.

That’s how the experience of Earth life started and to this day we are getting to know ourselves and the Earth, the world that was created for us. Through the knowledge that is constantly gathered in this way, our planet is no longer shrouded in darkness in both senses of the word. The wisdom and understanding that is constantly growing in each one of us is the spiritual light that will eventually disperse every last bit of Earth’s darkness. As all matter is of a transient nature, God’s will and the power of Divine thinking will continue to speed up the vibrations of the physical aspects of the whole of Creation. Thus the Universe will keep on expanding until every particle of it has converted itself back into light.

Although the material Universe will have disappeared, its spiritual background will go on forever. Instead of the darkness that once filled the void of the Universe before Creation was begun, it will then be filled with light. That which is now the spiritual background of life will be the only thing in existence and in this state the stars and planet will forever continue their Cosmic dance to the music of the spheres. Naturally, we shall be part of it because truly, truly we are eternal beings of light whose essence is pure spirit and who can never die.

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