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The ancient myths, without exception, contain esoteric messages that to this day have remained of significance for us and our world. For as long as humankind insisted on interpreting them exoterically, from a purely earthly view, their true meanings had to remain hidden. By shedding onto them the light of our inner teacher, the intuition, they quite happily start to reveal some of their most precious spiritual treasures. This surely is the case for the legend of Uranus and Gaia. The traditional rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, and at the time of our entry into the Age of Aquarius, this profound tale has some messages of great poignancy for us. It can provide us with some essential pointers to the very beginnings of all created life and therefore take us a vital step forward in our comprehension of the concept of God.

First we shall inspect the symbolisms hidden behind Gaia, the feminine aspect of God, the Goddess. The myth tells us that she gave birth first to Uranus himself and then to their offspring, but that Uranus hated their offspring so much, even though he had played his part in creating them, that he hid them in Gaia’s body. This raises the question why Uranus should have been presented to us as the husband and also the son of Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth. Many different versions of this legend have come down to us throughout the ages from various cultures. Yet, upon closer examination one finds that time and again they have been repeating the same message.

In the tale before us Uranus stands as a metaphor for the first aspect of Divinity, the masculine, the God. Uranus is the original creative thought, abstract and pure, he is the thought that consists of and expresses itself, now as it did ever before, through the elements of Fire and Air. Although this thought always was, for aeons it remained unconscious of itself and its own nature – the same as we have done until fairly recently. Eventually the thought woke up and became aware of itself, so the need arose to get to know itself.

The first step towards this was giving itself a name, God, and the second one was thinking of ways of getting to know itself. The creative thought came to the conclusion that the solution was to start creating worlds – ever more of them – through his feminine counterpart, the Goddess. These worlds were going to be inhabited by living beings, which he would created through her. Being a part of him, they would inherit all his characteristics. These they would reveal to him through their actions and with the help of these he too would become familiar with them. He decides that the more worlds he creates, the better he will get to know himself. No sooner said than done, so with the help of his Goddess he gets to work and starts creating world after world, all peopled with the most wonderful beings – which he dreams up.

As above, so below! The initial situation of Uranus is very similar to ours, up to the present phase of our return into the awareness of children of God and our own Divinity. His greatest need – the same as ours – was to get to know and learn about himself. On his own the male aspect could and did not want to do anything. The best way of helping him in this quest for self-knowledge was to convert his feminine aspect, the Goddess, into one through whom he could express his creative ideas. So, by the sheer power of his thoughts he created the elements Earth and Water. Ever since then, the Goddess expresses herself and her love for him through them. She responds to his creative ideas by bringing forth into all material worlds everything that is in them and all living creatures are imbued with his and her spirit. The Goddess is the mother of all God’s children and any wisdom that is gathered by them is stored in her.

The ancients Greeks called the Goddess Gaia. To the ancient Egyptians she was Isis and her consort was called Osiris. In the Christian tradition of our present world the Virgin Mary, as the Mother of Christ, became the esoteric and therefore hidden from public view and knowledge, representation of the spiritual aspect of the Goddess. St. John 1:5 grapples with how all life began as follows: ‘The word was in the beginning and that very word was with God and God was that word. The same was in the beginning with God. Everything came to be by His hand and without Him not even one thing that was created came to be. The life was in Him and the life is the light of the people. And the same light shines in darkness and the darkness does not overcome it.’

True! The word was in the beginning and it was with God. And the word was God, but in a different way. God wasn’t the word, he invented it. As he became conscious of himself, he needed a name by which to recognise himself. So, he called himself God. This embraced and explained the concept of God, first to himself and later also to his creation. Thus the word God was also given to humankind, when our race first descended onto the Earth plane. This was to provide us with the understanding that we didn’t bring ourselves into being, but that there are higher and highest forces who did so and who are in charge of us and our world, as well as all others. 

Moving through vast evolutionary cycles, we would eventually discover that our Creator’s highest aspects are all good, while the lower ones are what in Earth terms would be called all bad, although in truth that’s by no means the case. Nothing in God’s Creation is itself inherently bad. It is just that God’s destructive forces, which are also in us, require most careful controlling and handling. God’s cast-iron will has all parts are under perfect control and they are constantly kept in impeccable balance. Humankind would have to learn through its own experiences that when these powers are tapped into in pursuit of selfish aims and with ill intentions, for example to seek personal power over things, people, countries and our whole world, that which is known as evil is produced.

Saturn’s presence in Aquarius signals the need for human souls to acquire the sterling gifts it is waiting to impart on each one of us, God’s beloved children of the Earth. Saturn is a symbolism for the aspect of the Divine that spiritualises all areas of our lives that are touched by them. Self-mastery and self-discipline, an ever increasing awareness of responsibility of the self towards the whole of life are among gift all Saturnian experiences can bestow upon the human soul. Until ever one of our thoughts, words and actions proves that we have truly mastered these gifts, there is no hope for anyone of being released into the spiritual freedom of the Aquarian Age. Saturn is the gatekeeper and the guardian Angel of this age. He stands at its portal, stern and undeviating, making sure that not a single soul gets past him who does not fulfil his requirements.

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