The True Cause Of All Disasters

The True Cause Of All Disasters - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & HealingWhat are we to make of natural events like devastating forest fires like the one in California, the catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis that every so often strike our world, the man-made disasters like those of New York 9/11 and London 7/7/2005, and more recently Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Manchester, as well as all other catastrophes of the past? I believe that each one of them, the natural ones and those caused by human intervention, can only be grasped with a better understanding of the destiny of our whole world, and the influence of the Universal laws and the law of Karma in particular.

My inner guidance tells me that natural disasters, wars and acts of terrorism alike are essential parts of the lessons we and our world have to learn. The wisdom and understanding gained from any kind of experience is the property not only of the individual soul consciousness of its participants but also of our race’s collective soul consciousness and that in turn is an integral part of the soul consciousness of the whole of Creation.

The White Eagle group of guides teaches that there are five Universal laws.

1.    Reincarnation
2.    Cause and Effect
3.    Opportunity
4.    Correspondences
5.    Compensation (Equilibrium and Balance)

The law of cause and effect is the law of Karma. This law decrees that every cause has its effect and that every effect must have a cause, and that everything in due course has to return to its source. In accordance with this law, all things in the world around us is there for a specific reason and originates from someone’s inner or mental world. The essence of thought power is that every single thought, word and/or action sets something in motion, which in the fullness of time materialises in our environment.

Wise ones know that if we, individually and collectively, wish to become the masters of our destiny, every human soul eventually has to learn to take charge of their earthly minds. They accept that everything that exists and happens in this world is there for good purpose and appears for karmic reasons, i.e. at some stage it was created by one or all of us on the mental level. All wars, disasters and mishaps of any kind on the physical plane, no matter how great or small the events may be, are the result of human ignorance. Their only causes are the destructive thought patterns that over time establish themselves ever more powerfully on the mental level, for as long as the small earthly self still lacks an understanding of the higher and highest aspects of life that operate behind its outer shell, the world of appearances. Until the earthly self wakes up to its true reality and starts to consciously control its thought processes, there is nothing to protect any one of us against the destructiveness of feelings like hatred, greed, distrust and personal power-seeking.

Regardless of how uncomfortable many people to this day feel with this concept, the gruesome incidents taking place in the present are caused by the same thinking patterns, which the human race individually and collectively nurtured in its bosom, in this lifetime and all those of the past. Realising this, the wise ones in our midst refuse to think or speak of good or bad fortune, chances, accidents and coincidences. They are aware that such things do not exist on the physical plane of life and do their best to help others to grasp what truly is at stake for humankind and where the future for all of us lies.

Clearly then, the world around us is but a mirror of that which is happening on the inner levels of life and before anything can appear on the Earth plane, it has to be created on the inner mental plane. Knowing that, it stands to reason that at times of great disasters like the one, at the time when this article was written, in Japan, March 2011,  some gigantic shifts of consciousness are bound to have taken place on the inner level. As water relates to the emotional level, this particular shaking up of the inner consciousness of our race must have been followed by the sweeping away of huge amounts of the debris of false beliefs and prejudices, accumulated by our race in the course of almost certainly millions of lifetimes.

Bearing this in mind, all the disasters that ever befell our world are likely to have reflected upheavals and major changes on the inner levels of human consciousness and of all life. Now that we are becoming more aware of the spiritual aspects of life and the importance of taking charge of our thinking, events like the above mentioned one most powerfully drive the message home of the oneness of all life and how, on its inner level, we are all one and belong together. That undoubtedly is why such waves of compassion and love, as huge as the water masses of the Tsunamis themselves, go out to those afflicted by natural and man-made disasters, as soon as the news about them reaches the outside world. The heart-warming, overwhelming response from the rest of our world to those who are suffering reflects clearly our inner connection with each other and all life. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, it is there and we all react to it in some way or another.

It is interesting in this context to reflect on the significance of the arrival of the Cassini Mission space probe on Saturn’s moon Titan, in the context of the 2004 Tsunami. To those who have eyes and see and ears to listen within and without, the probe going into the orbit of Titan at 2am on Christmas Day 2004, also had special meaning. Was the Universe, through our environment, trying to give us a message and draw the attention of our world to the titanic destructive forces of nature? These same forces are contained in each one of us, because we are part of God, as much as God is part of us. These forces have to be understood and mastered by us, individually and collectively, if peace is to come to us and our world, at long last.

Nobody in their right senses would expect humankind to be able to do this on its own. I hope I shall be forgiven for repeating myself, but it cannot be stressed too much that with the help and the will of God all things are possible. After all, the purpose of our finding ourselves in our present existence is that we should learn to ask for and then trust the co-operation of the Highest beings, gratefully accepting their guidance. They are in charge of everything in our world, including us and they know God’s will and plan so much better than we could ever hope to do. They alone can teach us how to uplift and transmute the dark and destructive forces within us and our world into blessing and healing energy to be used for the Highest good of the whole of Creation.

To paraphrase the Buddha, we are shaped by our thoughts and we become what we think. When we have cleansed our earthly minds of all destructive and negative thought patterns and we have become a channel of light and the willing servant of our Highest or God Self, the Christ within, Divine joy, happiness and laughter fill our soul. They follow us like a shadow that never leaves. Having evolved into a Master soul, the necessity for further lifetimes in physicality has drawn to its close.

Master souls are pure and beautiful. Their whole appearance radiates a love that is strong and eternal. Serving the highest good of the whole of humankind is its only aim, but it does this in wise and loving ways that know when to give and when to withhold. These souls radiate the tenderness and gentleness of the Great Mother, which is combined with the Great Father’s strength of will, power and courage. This duality of the Great Father/Mother watches over us, our world and all others. Each one of us has their being in Its tender loving care.

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