Human-Made And Natural Disasters

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As you know by now, I have always accompanied you through all your experiences, good and bad alike. I was there with you, even if for a very long time you did not know that this is so.  Nothing was ever beyond My will or out of My control. Everything that ever took place on the Earth plane did so for wise reasons, namely to teach you and your world some crucial lessons. I sense the responses that are coming from many earthly minds in response to this. They are saying: ‘And what about times of tyranny, wars, holocausts, man-made and natural disasters, ranging from the torture of individuals, to mass exterminations?’ My beloved children of the Earth, such things too have been and still are part of your curriculum.

More of this in a moment, but first I wish to repeat what I told you in the chapter ‘2012 And All That’ of ‘Our World In Transition’, when the end of your world had been prophesied for the year 2012, because that’s where the Mayan Calendar ended: ‘Nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen in 2012. Look around you and see the profound changes that are now taking place in your world. Its evolutionary march forward is unstoppable and progressing well. This will continue in the year 2012 and beyond, the same as it is doing now and the way it has always done. Your world is changing rapidly before your very own eyes. In the year 2008, an important part of this was the new President of the USA. He brought with him a renewal of hope for your world. He, the same as everybody else, is guided by Me and the Angels. Never doubt that you and your world are resting safely in My loving hands.’

From time to time throughout the ages, I have given to you and your world new legends about prophets, seers and sages, who genuinely had the good of humankind at heart. Among them are the ones about the Lord Buddha, the Master Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed, to name but three. Gullibility has always been a problem in earthly life and to this day, some assume the role of soothsayers who are only too happy to take advantage of this. Did you know that sooth is an old-fashioned word for truth? Alas, on your present level of life it is still in the nature of things that the predictions of these people grow ever wilder, the more those around them believe in them and clamour for more. You can observe for yourselves how, when the masses show through their reactions how frightened they are, the forecasts of the professional gloom and doom mongers in your midst take on an ever more outrageous and less likely to be true colouring.

You have to bear in mind that oracles of this nature, of past and present, still lack all sense of responsibility for their creations, which are their forecasts. Negative Karma is created through causing suffering and pain to any of My creatures. Little do your fortune-tellers know that they, the same as every other soul, are directly responsible to Me for every single one of their thoughts, words and actions. If they knew that instilling fear – especially the fear of God – into people’s souls is a spiritual crime that weighs more heavily than many others, they would soon turn the focus of their attention to more positive aspects of life.

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