The Holy Trinity

Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - An Excursion Into Numerology - The Holy TrinityAs we all know, seeing is believing and that is how the Universe in its infinite kindness and wisdom is constantly providing me with evidence that numerology and astrology work. My experience has shown that they function at their best when used together. To me numerology and Western traditional Astrology are twin subjects that cannot be separated from each other, as one explains the meaning of the other. More than anything else these two, used in tandem, are helping me to unravel the deepest mysteries of the Universe and the processes of Creation. Because of this I am gaining an ever better understanding of the forces of life that are constantly at work in the spiritual background of our earthly existence. In my view, without these powers there would be no life anywhere, not merely on our planet.

To my mind, nothing else can explain the highly complex concepts of the Divine and the processes of creation, especially those that were at work at the very beginning in such easily understood terminology. Let me give you a few examples. In numerology the one represents the first impulse of Creation, the masculine God, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us, the power aspect of the Divine. Number 1 = the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo. The two is the second impulse, the feminine Goddess, its counterpart, whose symbol is the Moon. Number 2 = the Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer. These two aspects of the Divinity join forces in the three. 1 + 2 = 3. Number 3 = Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces, together with the dreamy and other-worldly Neptune. Both signs are symbolisms for the Divine realms responsible for the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties.

To understand this, we need to reach out a bit further. Jupiter stands for the principles of harmony, law and philosophical beliefs. The Sagittarian evolutionary pathway first takes us human souls, in the course of our earliest explorations of Earth life, into the exploration – alternately at the giving and receiving end – of religious bigotry, discordant and dogmatic beliefs, disharmony and injustice. At that stage of our development we are as yet unable to peer beyond the end of our nose and we fail to recognise the validity of other faiths and denominations. And because we are by nature quarrelsomeness creatures, at any moment we are ready to go to battle with those who disagree with our beliefs. We are greedy people with immoral behaviour patterns with a constant craving for pleasure and seeking satisfaction of our earthly desires and urges, and our outlook on life is still a completely materialistic one.

However, after many lifetimes of wallowing in the misery of this kind of existence we reach the evolutionary point when its demands have been satisfied. Now the behaviour we ourselves once displayed returns to us in the attitudes and actions of those around us, among them our nearest and dearest. The Karmic debts we are creating in this way towards each other are going to keep us chained together, until every one of the issues has been resolved and put to rest that stops us from living together in peace and harmony. Round and round the zodiac we go, one lifetime after another, learning from the experiences each sign and house can provide for us, and growing through them.

In one of the lifetimes spent in Sagittarius our higher consciousness begins to stir into life and our Highest or God Self increasingly nudges us into reaching for making the positive qualities of this sign our own. This awakens an ever increasing urge for growth and expansion in us that we spend more and more of our time searching for satisfaction, harmony and justice. Our approach to life changes into an outgoing, friendly and optimistic one of good living by simply being a good person. Our inclinations become more positive and constructive and the sense of moral and social obligations towards life begins to develop.

Our interest in the religious/spiritual/philosophical side of life awakens. Its hopes, dreams and aspirations increasingly act as our guide to doing the right things at the right moment and avoiding the wrong ones. Our inner guide, the living God within, shows  us the greater picture of life and with this comes an awareness of what is truly important in this life. With this recognition we freely and willingly seek ways of doing whatever is in our power to make a difference in our world and to ease the plight of our troubled and long-suffering planet.

Sagittarius is the storyteller and the conman of the zodiac, the wilder, more outrageous and less credible the story it brings, the better. Every one of the legends of our world bears witness to this. This is because wherever Jupiter’s energies enter into the picture, gullibility rears its ugly head and happily creates countless problems for us. Alas, for many lifetimes our earthly self is at the mercy of the desires of our lower nature. This part of us is so gullible that it quite happily believes just about anything it hears, sees or reads, thinking that it must represent some kind of what has become known as ‘Gospel truth’. It takes a long time before we find out that even that isn’t truth at all. But when we have become sufficiently evolved and the scales are falling from our eyes at last, we recognise with great clarity that stories like those of the Bible cannot possibly be taken at face value and that they have higher esoteric meanings that are hidden behind their surface words. hidden meanings. With this comes, among many other things, the illumination that the only person who can save and redeem us is each one of us ourselves.

The earthly mind was not given to any one of us for nothing. It is a wonderful instrument that is in need of constant fine-tuning and training until it can finally serve as a channel through which the wisdom and truth of the Highest can reliably flow into our world. To enable us to distinguish truths from lies and that which is true and right from falsities, what we most urgently need to build into our character make-up is discernment, the abilities of thinking logically and rationally, of analysing and differentiating. The Air sign Gemini and earthy Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods. These two signs, each in its own unique way, serve the training of our earthly minds. Gemini and Sagittarius are polar opposites in the zodiac. This is an indication of frictions on the surface of life between these two aspects of our nature, but at the same time they have the potential of harmoniously working together when they join forces and become one.

In broad outlines the evolutionary pathway of all human souls is the same. Everyone’s religious/spiritual education consists of an initial stage that for a sufficiently long time keeps us firmly stuck in  the bigotry of believing that our religion is the only holy-making one and that therefore it must be protected at any cost against all non-believers. Somehow they have to be converted into following our beliefs. This must continue until the dream the leaders of our religion have instilled in us comes true and our religion has become the only one on Earth. Because that’s what they are telling us, we think that this has to be achieved by whatever kind of force is required and available to us.

This religious intolerance is pursued by us until our Highest or God Self takes us away from it and guides us upwards and onwards through the remaining stages of our earthly curriculum. For each one of us there eventually comes the glorious moment of awakening. The veil is taken from our inner eyes and perception, the earthly blinkers are removed and once more we become aware of God’s true nature and our own. And that in the end leads us on into the recognition that every one of the religions our world has ever seen has been nothing but another road up the spiritual mountain, which all of us have to walk in our search for a conscious reunion with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life.

Religious institutions of all kinds are under the rulership of the Fire sign Sagittarius and its mighty and expansive planet Jupiter. I leave you to your own thoughts of how this has always expressed itself in the religious institutions of our world and how some of them to this day are experiencing the initial stages – the nursery classes, so to speak – of their earthly curriculum.

However, let’s return to numerology for a moment and consider how in earthly life, by expanding their joint characteristics Sun and Moon, God and Goddess bring each one of us into being. We are part of their third aspect, their child, and together they are constantly manifesting and getting to know themselves – through us. That is the process that has always brought all worlds and the creatures populating them into being.

As far as humankind is concerned, the superconscious faculties of each one us awaken at a certain point in our development. From then onwards they assist us with finding a better understanding not only of ourselves and our world, but of all things. Sooner or later we discover that God and Goddess as such cannot be seen by earthly eyes, but can only be perceived by our inner vision as abstract beings who in the 3 in the first instance of creation manifest themselves as the Great Light. This is the force through which all life and lifeforms are given. The Great Light is their only born son/daughter, who is visible to us earthlings as the Sun in the sky above us as a manifestation of the Great Father and Mother. The physical aspect of the Sun is the Mother, and the spirit behind it and shining through it is the Father. Mother Earth too is a physical and spiritual manifestation of the Great Father/Mother. All creatures are their children, including you and me.

With the help of the worlds they created and the creatures that inhabit them, God and Goddess are constantly expanding their knowledge of themselves and their own nature, just the same as we are doing on the Earth plane. All aspects of the Divine are in complete harmony with each other. Peacefully they are co-operating and through their only born Son/Daughter, the giver, nurturer and sustainer of all life. All is ceaselessly working together in the worlds they have already brought into being, while simultaneously new ones are in the process of being created.

This is what the Holy Trinity means to me and if you can think of a better way of explaining it, please let me know.

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