The Tale Of The Brick

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A successful business man one day was driving down a street in his neighbourhood. Being the proud owner of a new sports car, he was going much too fast. Suddenly, he spotted some children who seemed to be playing between the vehicles that had been parked by the roadside. And then a brick came flying towards him and crashed into the side of his beloved new toy. Slamming on the brakes, our man reversed in the direction from which the brick had come, to where a boy stood who looked as if he had thrown it. Jumping from his car, our man grabbed the youngster, pushing him against the car he shouted: ‘Why did you throw that brick? It’s damaged my brand new car and repairing it will be very expensive!’

Bursting into tears, the boy said: ‘I’m so sorry, Sir. My name is John and I’m fourteen years old. My brother William is two years younger and since his operation he needs to be use a wheelchair for a while. I have been taking him out in it every day and nothing has ever gone wrong. Yet, something happened today and I don’t know how. It made the wheelchair topple and my brother fell to the ground. I tried to lift him back into his chair, but that’s impossible on my own. I tried to stop other cars to ask for help. As no-one did and I was getting ever more desperate to help my brother, there was nothing within my reach that I could throw except the brick. So I grabbed it and hurled it at the next car that came past, and that was you. It all happened so quickly there was no time for thinking. I threw the brick because I didn’t know what else to do to help my brother. Would you please assist me getting him back into his chair?’

When he saw that tears were dripping from John’s chin, our man swallowed the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. Together they picked William up, placed him in his wheelchair and made him as comfortable as they could. Using his handkerchief, our man dabbed the boy’s cuts and bruises, but otherwise he seemed to be all right. John gratefully thanked his helper and blessed him. My parents are not rich, but I am sure they shall want to pay for repairing your car. Their place is not far from here. If you follow me, I’ll take you there.’

‘I would not dream of it,’ our man replied. The bump will be one of honour. I shall not repair it. It will be my constant reminder that I should not move through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at me to draw my attention to what is truly important in life, namely helping whenever someone is in need of it!’ Our man’s spirit guides and helpers rewarded him with a flash of inspiration. Suddenly, only seemingly out of the blue, it came to him that in truth nothing that ever happens on the earthly plane is but an accident or a coincidence. There is no such thing. Everything happens for the wise higher purpose of teaching us something. In this case it had been waking up our man’s higher God or Christ nature from its slumbers.

These flashes of inspiration come about whenever someone is ready to find a better understanding of something. It dawned on our man that the true God of the whole of Creation, therefore also our world, is the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only bon Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, This Divine Trinity is in everything that exists in the whole of Creation, therefore also in our world. Every human being taking part in earthly life has an earthly personality as well as a higher God or Christ nature. That’s the origin of the small still voice of conscience which has always tried to communicate with us through our feeling world and the whisperings that come from our heart.

Many times we are going too fast down our earthly existence’s pathway and that leaves us not enough time for noticing what’s really important, namely the spiritual value of the lessons in which we are participating in any given lifetime. To help our higher nature wake up sometimes the Highest Forces of life need to bombard us with some kind of a brick, for example through an accident or an illness. None of these things are intended to be punishments. They are merely wake-up calls that slow us down and that creates opportunities for helping us to think and reflect on the true meaning of our life and what is really important. That’s how our spirit guides help us to become aware that our present existence is ultimately not about earthly possessions and values, but spiritual ones.

Without whatever happens to us on such occasions, what’s truly important would remain unnoticed by the side of the road every one of us is constantly travelling as a spirit/soul who for a while is experiencing life on the material plane. Without our own suffering we would never be able to compassionately act about that of others who are far worse off than we are. But still they are patiently carrying their much heavier cross. That’s how the characteristics of our Christ nature of love and compassion for any kind of suffering, human and animals alike, eventually wake up.

This is how the Great Father/Mother of all life’s infinite wisdom and love assists every one us to eventually re-awaken to our true nature and discover a new set of eternal values as one of God’s beloved children of the Earth. After all, every one of us is a precious and unique being and our Divine parents love us just the way we are. The living proof of this is that at all times they are showering us with their gifts, for example food to eat and clothes to wear, places to live in, flowers in spring and new sunrises and sunsets each day. The only thing we have to do is take possession of, enjoy and be thankful for that which is on offer. All our true Divine parents demand from each one of us is that we should learn something from every one of our experiences, so that through this we constantly evolve and grow in wisdom and understanding of ourselves, each other and our world.

We are all specially gifted in some way. Wise ones, who voluntarily and with loving hearts give of themselves and their talents, which may have taken many lifetimes to develop, are offered many opportunities for doing their share of making our world into a more beautiful, harmonious and peaceful world for everybody. Maybe our man was one of these and without the brick he might never have bothered to discover the values that truly matter in earthly life. He might never looked within and discovered the special gifts he had brought with him into his present lifetime. And yet, this is how someone’s worthiness as a true son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother comes to the fore. Only then can our special gifts be supported the right way by the wise ones who are in charge of humankind our world’s spiritual background.

Nobody ever promised that all of humankind’s days should be without pain and that there would be laughter without sorrow and sunshine without rain. Yet, what our spirit friends and helpers can and are allowed to do is provide every one of us with renewed courage and strength for every day, comfort for our tears, healing for our wounds and the light of their wisdom and truth to show us the way into the conscious awareness of our true nature as spirit/soul and our true eternal home, the spirit realm. And whenever one of us is struggling with the redemption of their most ancient and heaviest Karmic debts, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, as well as countless spirit friends and helpers on the lower levels of the spirit realm are sure to accompany us and help us work our way through everything.

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Updated May 2022

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