The Tears Of Your World

‘I am He who comforts you, who are you to be afraid?’

Rays of Wisdom - The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World - The Tears Of  Your World You are on the Earth plane so that, in the fullness of time, each one of you can grow into a seeker of My wisdom and truth, instead of gullibly swallowing – as you were required to do in previous ages and lifetimes – what others placed before you. To expand their consciousness there eventually comes a moment for all human souls on the Earth plane when they begin to increasingly feel an urge to go in search of their own wisdom and truth that gives them a better understanding of the purpose and meaning of their existence and in the end takes their whole being back into the oneness with Me. Evolving into a fully conscious integral part of Me for all of you is an extraordinary journey of exploration and discovery of a thousand miles that may consist of many thousands of lifetimes on the Earth.

Tears have always been one of the most essential and valuable ingredients of your pathway through any of these sojourns. That’s why I told you through the Jesus legend in St Matthew 5:4: ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.’ You may often have wondered how this should be. The Bible speaks of a comforter who in due course will come to you. However, in truth this solace giving being is a part of you that has always been with you. It is Me, I am the one who comforts you. How do I do it? By dwelling inside you. Since time immemorial, during periods of struggle and trauma, no matter of what nature and how severe, I have been with you. When you have finished thrashing about and sit down to have a good weep, through the tears you shed I am the one who brings you comfort and healing. Crying causes a chemical reaction in your system that releases endorphins into your bloodstream and from there flows into every cell of your physical bodies.

The ancient folk wisdom that crying is good for your health is based on this and by now has been confirmed by the scientific researchers of your world. In every part of it crying has always been one of the main outlets for all earthly selves to release and let go of the inner pain and suffering of their souls. Up to recently the only thing you knew about crying was that traumatic events, prolonged stress, loneliness, loss, pain and frequently just simple daily upsets and struggles can trigger it. Tears of rage and frustration, impotence and helplessness, remorse and guilt are as much part of the gamut of the world of your feelings, as those of happiness and joy. This is one of the great paradoxes of Earth life that demonstrates to you how closely related all your feelings are.

The more spiritually mature you become, the better you will grasp that in the final analysis every pain and sorrow you have to endure is also an essential part of your joy, because in times of suffering you grow closer to Me and My world, your true home. Wise ones who already have grown sufficiently in wisdom and understanding no longer begrudge their tears, but welcome them as My harbingers of healing and peace. If you suffer from a spiritual guilt complex, let go of it. You are not some kind of worm or miserable sinner, as some to this day would like to make you believe. You are nothing of the kind. Each one of you is My beloved child, a young God in the making.

As many different kinds of evolutionary lessons had to be imbibed by each one of you, individually and collectively, your pathway up to now has been an extremely tough and stormy one. But, unbeknown to you for a very long time, I never left you. As the small still voice of conscience, I have always guided and protected you from within the very core of your own being. My Angels and your Masters on the higher and highest levels of life are watching every step one of you makes. Whenever someone reaches out to them, they are only too happy to help – for those are My instructions.

I have never left you and your world without a witness of My eternal truths. Through a general lack of understanding much of them have been misinterpreted and even abused for personal gains. However, the further you and your world move forwards into the enlightenment of the Aquarian Age and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, there will be less and less need for these distortions, as by now ever more of you are ready to receive My wisdom directly from me.

You are as much part of Me as I am of you. I am merciful and I love you. I do not enjoy your painful experiences any more than you do. I have never left you and will in all Eternity be with you. Whenever traumatic events cannot be avoided in your life because that is the only way for you to learn a certain lesson, all you have to do is reach out for the helping hands of the Angels and Me. Your own life alone can teach you total and utter trust in Me and My truth, and the fact that I will never leave or fail you and that I will eternally be there for you.

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