A Woman's Tears

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A little boy once asked his mother:
‘Why are you crying?’
Smiling at him through her tears,
She replied: ‘Because I’m a woman,’
‘I don’t understand that,’ he said.
Hugging him, his mother answered:
‘Maybe you never will’.

Dissatisfied, the boy turned to his father:
‘Why does mother sometimes seem to cry for no reason?’
His dad shrugged: ‘I suppose women just are like that.
Sometimes they cry for no reason.’

When the little boy had grown into a man
He was still wondering why it should be that women
Are much more easily moved to tears than men.
And then, one fine day,
He decided to turn to his inner guidance
And asked:
‘Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life,
Can you tell me why it is that women cry so easily?’

The wise one within replied:
‘The female of your species
Is something extra special.
The part of Me that is the Father of all life
Created her in the image of
My beloved companion, the Great Mother.
The women of your world
Possess the Mother’s emotional and spiritual strength.
This helps them in times of crises
To carry the weight that is put on their shoulders,
Being loving and caring,
Gentle and supportive,
Capable of bringing comfort and healing
To everything that comes her way.

This gives the women of your world
The inner strength to endure childbirth and
Even the rejection that often
Meets her from her own children later in life,
Just like many of you to this day refuse to know
The Great Mother and Me.

Her strength is in your mother,
The same as in all other women.
It enables many of them to keep going
When others are giving up.
Their love makes them willing to care for
And steer the boat of their families through hard times,
Sickness, depression and death of the physical body
Frequently without complaining.

Wise ones love their children the way I,
The great Father/Mother of all life,
Love each one of you,
Totally and unconditionally,
Without expecting anything in return.
That’s why mothers, even when they have been
Upset and hurt badly by their children,
Do not stop loving them.

The high emotional sensitivity of the feminine
Connects women with the feelings of those around them.
Their empathy enables them to forgive their children
For the errors and mistakes they inevitably make.
Wise ones realise that each has to walk their
Own pathway through life,
Mothers as well as their offspring.
Even though they share their children’s anxieties and fears,
They do their best to use what their own life has taught them
To alleviate those of their children.

That’s how it comes about that your mother
Is capable of loving the men in her life,
Starting with her father, her husband and you,
In spite of any masculine shortcomings you may display.
She knows that a good husband would not dream of
Hurting or harming his wife,
But that sometimes you are sent tests and trials
That are designed to bring forth and develop
Someone’s inner strength.
Wise women uses theirs to stand by
Anyone who is in need of it,
Through thick as much as through thin.

The feminine is the soul of your world and all worlds.
Same as the Great Mother, the feminine of your world
Is My truly beloved.
Woman is part of the soft and sensitive,
Caring, nurturing and loving
Part of Me that is the Goddess.
I am Her masculine counterpart,
Which to many of you is known as God.
I am alive in Her and through Her
The whole of My Creation has come into being,
Including you and all My other children of the Earth.

Woman is the Goddess’s representative on the Earth plane.
The women in your life are outer manifestations
Of your own inner woman, your delicate and sensitive
Feminine side, your soul.
Take good care of both of them
And avoid causing them unnecessary suffering,
As on the inner plane all life is one.
Therefore, everybody else’s pain is also your pain,
And every tears that are shed anywhere are your tears.
They are tears of your whole world.

Because of her high emotional sensitivity,
Woman can shed tears much more easily then man.
They are her safety valve when she feels hurt and upset,
It’s hers to use whenever the need for it arises.
Her tears never are a sign of weakness but of strength.
Quite frequently they are wept
For the sake and on behalf of
The suffering of the whole of humankind.

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