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Rays Of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - The Buddha Legend - Part One

The legends of the Buddha and Jesus are the most significant tales for the present state of humankind’s development. Our earthly existence only begins to make sense when one joins the higher esoteric meaning which, for wise higher educational reasons, for a long time had to remain hidden behind the surface words of both stories. As the Jesus legend has been dealt with extensively enough in my writings, the time has come for doing justice to the Buddha legend. Let’s start with taking a closer look at the Wesak Moon.

The Full Moon during the Sun’s transit of Taurus is known as the Wesak Moon and that’s always an extra special event in our world’s spiritual calendar. In the year 2020 it took place on Thursday 7th May at 10.45 hrs Greenwich Meantime. The following is the essence of two teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that came my way in ‘The Vibration of Light’ of the White Eagle Lodge’s Stella Polaris June/July 2006: ‘There is nothing that has not happened before in your world or anywhere else in the whole of Creation. God’s wisdom and truth that existed in the beginning is as valid now as it will forever be.

‘However, through the learning that at all times is taking place, not only in your world but everywhere else, ever more wisdom and knowledge are added to this rich store. In the course of Mother Earth’s long evolutionary process certain cycles of light have come round time and again. The word light in this context means spiritual knowledge and the art of understanding it. Throughout the ages, God and the Angels from time to time released some more spiritual knowledge that brought enlightenment to those who were ready to receive it and therefore capable of acting as one of their channels, through which more light could flow into humankind’s consciousness.

‘Ever more knowledge was given in this way that slowly helped to develop humankind’s individual and collective intelligence. Simultaneous with this people’s superconscious faculties began to open and that enabled the more highly evolved of them to understand the meaning of some of God’s sacred wisdom that up to that time had been hidden from public view and knowledge, simply because nobody could as yet do anything with it. That applied as much to knowledge about your environment as to every human being’s inner world.’

The second part was inspired by ‘The Festival of Wesak’ in Stella Polaris April/May 2006: ‘Up to a certain point of every human being’s development, every bit of your world’s evil and suffering was caused by what then looks like people’s selfishness. That, however, is only what’s visible on the surface of things. In truth everything that ever happened in your world has been part of the lessons every human being, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, has to take part in. On the deepest innermost level your spirit/soul has always been yearning to be released from this developmental stage. Your world’s suffering causes the higher part of your being to cry out and it yearns that humankind’s homecoming into the awareness of its true God or Christ nature, should be speeded up.

‘Your Highest Self knows that the next stage of it’s earthly self’s development will be the merging of its upper and lower nature into one loving union that through the gift of friendship is connected with every form of life in the whole of Creation. This is how it comes about that, what once started as a journey of spiritual infants whose explorations took them into getting to know the lowest and darkest corners of humankind’s earthly existence, eventually winds up with every one of you kneeling before the throne of the Highest. The wise ones in charge of you and your world are delighted about every one of you who has evolved into mature and responsible spiritual adulthood.

‘Doubtless these things are difficult for you to imagine at present. Yet, when you look at them from the higher spiritual perspective, you will be able to recognise that everything that ever happened in your world and is continuing to do so in many parts of your world to this day, serves a wise higher educational purpose. Each time your soul is born into another lifetime on the Earth, it is nailed to the cross of earthly life, the oldest symbol known to humankind of its existence in physicality. The whole of humankind is also fastened to this cross and each one of you, who is presently taking part in earthly life was granted the gift of another lifetime for getting to know God’s true nature and your own. And everything that to this day is taking place on the earthly plane of life is an essential and necessary part of humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary process, on the material as well as the spiritual level.

‘Wise ones who comprehend these things feel the need to share their learning with as many as possible of their siblings in the great family of humankind. And whatever you do, refuse to fight against anything. Pay attention to your inner guidance, listen to what comes to you intuitively and respond to it by going with the flow of your life. That’s the best way of living in harmony with God’s laws and all life. As soon as this has been achieved, there is no more suffering for you. The Jesus legend’s crucifixion is a symbolism that provides humankind with a better understanding of this process. If Jesus had been a human being, his spirit/soul would have withdrawn when his physical body was crucified. As a spiritual Master he would have been able to observe the scene from the perspective of his Highest Self. And that’s how every human being eventually learns how to treat not only every one of their own earthly problems, but also those of your whole world.

‘Do not allow yourself to be crucified and tortured by anything. Instead, observe your life and everything that ever happened to you from your Highest or God Self’s angle. This empowers you to lift yourself above the tribulations of earthly life that may still be ahead for you, because of your remaining karmic debts. Make an effort to learn something from any situation. Recognise things for what they truly are, i.e. personal and collective evolutionary lessons and temporary development phases that will most surely pass. This approach will help you to rise above and cope with everything you still have to encounter, because you are then viewing it dispassionately with the perception of your highest God or Christ Self. This helps you to grow ever more into one with it.

‘Not only every individual spirit/soul but the human race as a whole has to experience the various initiations the Jesus legend describes. That’s how you, individually and collectively, each at their own pace is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. This happens slowly and by degrees, and whenever a certain point of this journey has been reached, another initiation has to be dealt with. On every occasion your consciousness expands and you advance one more step towards your final destination of spiritual perfection or wholeness.

‘It has been achieved when all aspects of your higher and lower nature have been integrated and become one. The more you bring forth the characteristics of your higher God or Christ nature, the more your God-likeness increases and the more you become consciously aware of your oneness with your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. This is what’s also waiting to happen for the whole of humankind and your world.’

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