The Suffering Of Your World

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Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Four

 Rays Of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - 2020 Year Of Healing - The Suffering Of Your WorldThe following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached my during the Coronavirus outbreak at the end of March 2020: ‘Let your hearts and minds be filled with compassion and sympathy for those who are suffering. Never turn away from any of it but from the depths of your innermost being and oneness with God and the Angels on the highest levels of life bring forth nothing but light. Do all you can to alleviate any kind of suffering in your world and remember that at all times, even though they are invisible to earthly eyes on the outer plane of life, God and the Angels have always been with you. They are as much part of you as you are of them and at all times they are doing their best to apply their special kind of healing balm to everything that happens in your world.

‘This is particularly true during the present outbreak of mass hysteria. Remind yourselves frequently that on the earthly plane of life most people can only ever see one side of any event that is taking place. Alas, that’s how the majority of people so far perceive them. The task of us, your spirit friend and helpers, is to bring the light of a better understanding to your world through those whose frequencies are tuned into ours. Today we have come to reveal the other side of Coronavirus picture in the hope that this will strengthen humankind’s faith and trust in the goodness of the life that has been given to you through the Great Father’s infinite and unlimited power and the Great Mother’s wisdom and love. Both of them together are manifesting themselves in any kind of suffering that exists in your world.

‘Every one of you is a co-creator with God and the more you think light and project nothing but good, kind and loving thoughts into your world, you can be sure that hand in hand with God and the Angels you are making a valuable contribution towards creating a more beautiful and peaceful humankind and world. If you direct such thoughts to those around you and are guided by nothing but the law of love in the face of anything that takes place in your world, you will soon be able to witness how everything smoothes itself out. You will see for yourself that much good really can come from what initially looked like a frightening and overwhelming experience and that as a result, everything in your world functions more peacefully and harmoniously in the end.

‘Every one of you will eventually be able to notice how God’s main laws of life of love and evolution are constantly trying to bring about improvements through better understanding of the spiritual background of your world and its importance. The Divine love is the greatest power of all and it has at heart nothing but the best for every one of its offspring, including God’s children of the Earth and its world. Loving that way brings inner peace and happiness to those who tune the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind into the frequencies of the Highest and freely and willingly follow the intuitively received instructions of their inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, through which God and the Angels have always tried to communicate with your humankind. It is the small still voice of conscience that people for a long time have ignored to their detriment.

‘The deeper you move into the Aquarian age, the more of you are becoming aware that the life story of the Master Jesus is not literally true. It is a legend and the Master represents the Divine spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ Spirit, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns who is all love. The spark at first is but a tiny fire of God’s all-encompassing love, which in this form is placed in the heart of every human being at the beginning of its earthly education. It is waiting to be woken by the Great Light of its Creator from its slumbering state, so it can begin to grow. The Universal Christ is the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. The power of the Divine Trinity’s love is constantly drawing all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation, including Mother Earth and everything that dwells upon her, into its loving embrace.’

‘The life story of Jesus is a picture book illustration of how every one of you eventually wishes to conduct their life in simple, pure and holy ways. The legend was inspired by God and the Angels as an illustration of how every human being, towards the end of their earthly education, needs to conduct their life as a loving sacrifice and of service. However, at the same time it is necessary to behave in a determined, stern and strong manner. Love does not mean always being soft and easy going. There are times when a situation has to be grasped with courage and determination, when you have to trust the Great White Spirit, the living God within you, to show you intuitively how to handle a situation. That’s how spiritual gifts are developed and through applying them whenever possible, with the passing of time you evolve into a healer and lightbringer, a Christed one in your own right.

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