Humankind's Spiritual Rebirth

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The following was inspired by a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me through the Lodge’s Stars of the North Newsletter February 2020: ‘Every moment of your life endeavouring to pay attention to your inner guidance to show you what is best for the whole of humankind and therefore in keeping with God’s great plan of life, activates the Divine spark within you. Your true higher God or Christ Self that for a long time had to remain hidden deep within the innermost heart your being then awakes from its slumbering state and begins to grow. And that is the higher esoteric meaning behind the surface words of the Jesus legend’s birth of the Christ child.

‘Through steadily increasing the amount of the Christ light that fills your whole being, every one of you eventually reaches the developmental point when, through you, God and the Angels can lift everything you come into contact with onto their level of consciousness. As a result, the Divine spark in them also wakes up and starts to unfold. With the passing of time, they gradually become aware of their spirit/soul’s oneness with the power and love of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ spirit.

‘When you constantly project your inner Christ light with its love and healing power into the world around you, the clouds and shadows of the darkness of ignorance that for so long have been the bane of humankind’s earthly existence will gradually be absorbed into the light of the Christ Star. In the healing temple of the Highest Forces of life they are then uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies not only for your world but the whole of Creation. As many of you know by now, every one of you is destined to evolve into their own saviour and redeemer of themselves and all of humankind. Nobody can do the required work for anyone else. No-one will come and wave some kind of magic wand to make it happen for you because you alone are responsible for it.

‘Wise ones are aware that spiritually knowledge is light and not knowing and understanding is darkness. That’s why they let the light of the Great Mother’s wisdom and truth guide them and apply the spiritual knowledge that is coming their way to everything they think, every word they speak and whatever they do. They pray that the will of God may also be theirs so that it can manifest itself through them, their lives and everything they touch.

‘Be a wise one and strive not to allow the knowledge we are bringing you to be merely lip-service for you. When you make it your heartfelt truth that you apply to the smallest details of your existence, you will no longer worry about the events that are still ahead for you and your world. It will enable you to meet all of it with confidence because love and hope, faith and trust in the power of the Highest Forces of life and God’s great plan of life then fill every cell and atom of your whole being.

‘That’s how every one of you will eventually be able to make their own contribution towards assisting humankind’s rebirth into the conscious awareness of its true nature and the high and holy destiny that awaits all of you in the end. The more you practise living this way, the more easily God and the Angels will be able to lift those around you into the conscious awareness of their presence. They too will gradually awaken to the fact that the love and wisdom of the Highest Forces of life, together with countless groups of spirit guides and helpers of the lower ranks will forever be guiding and protecting each and every one of you.

‘And whenever you feel in need of assistance, look towards the light of the Christ Star and reach out for the blessing, healing and helping hands of our friends and helpers of the spirit realms. When you ask for it, they shall never fail to support you and show the way to wherever you may be required to venture forth. They, together with God and the Angels, rejoice each time they spot another Earth channel opening up and unfolding to receive the blessing and healing power of their wisdom and love. That’s how everybody can play the role of miracle worker and actively take part in the miracle and wonder of humankind’s rebirth into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own. The most efficient way of going about it is by spreading the good news we are bringing and also by frequently focussing on the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star’s light.

‘The Aquarian age has been with you for quite some time. It is a period during which spiritual wisdom and truth will be flowing with steadily increasing strength from the Angels of the Christ Circle around the throne of God directly into all human hearts and souls whose earthly mind, the transmitter/receiver station of their ideas, are tuned into their frequencies. Increasing numbers of you realise that all human beings in truth are young Gods in the making and co-creators with God. Independent of their present state of development, every one of you is constantly serving the initial part of their apprenticeship that consists of experiencing life as a physical being on the physical plane of life.

‘Increasing numbers of you by now are discovering that, whenever someone thinks about and visualises the Christ light penetrating ever more deeply into all manifestations of life on your planet and how everything this light touches restores itself to normal and healthy functioning, it really does happen. The time has come when every one of you needs to realise what powerful tools their thought processes and imagination are and that it is necessary to take good care of them.’

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