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Rays of Wisdom - Stargazer's Astro Files - Special Events - Easter - Easter Message From The Angels 2015Today I would like to share with you the essence of a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris April/May 2007 under the title ‘An Easter Message From White Eagle given Easter Sunday 1933.’

The spiritual Universe is singing to you and your world today. And those whose inner ears have opened and whose hearts are tuned into the frequencies of the higher and highest levels of life can hear the glory of the message that at Easter of every year flows from there into earthly life and that’s what we are bringing to you today. Alas, many in your midst are so sad and distracted by your world’s present circumstances that they are unable to hear us. And that makes us all the more glad that ever more of you are progressing well on their journey up the evolutionary spiral of life. 

Through determination and perseverance you have come a long way on this road that is strewn with the trials and tribulations that are necessary to help every one of you to eventually become what we call Heaven-tall. Those who have reached this developmental stage you can perceive the presence of us, your friends and helpers in the world of spirit or light, humankind’s true home, from which all of you emerge at the beginning of each lifetime and return to at its end.

Wake up, beloved children of the Earth. A new day really is dawning for all those who weep. We are bringing you the message of the true and eternal love of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Listen to the joy we, as part of the Heavenly Hosts, are proclaiming at Easter about the resurrection and awakening of the true Christ, the Christ spirit who for a long time has been waiting to come alive in ever more of you. That’s why since time immemorial at Easter the Universe’s spiritual power has been pouring itself more powerfully than at other times into everything that exists on the earthly plane of life.

In 1933, when we gave our original Easter message through the White Eagle group of guides, it was too early to tell you that the life story of Jesus of Nazareth is but a legend that demonstrates to humankind the behaviour of a very old and highly evolved soul, who has prepared himself for his role in the course of countless incarnations, long before your present world came into being. The man has mastered his earthly self and is at one with his Highest Self. By integrating every aspect of his nature and passing every test and initiation that was required of him, he has become a perfect being, one who is whole, holy and healed. He has evolved sufficiently to act as a channel to bring onto the Earth plane the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the third aspect of the Divine, who is all love. This legend of a Christed one was created to demonstrate to your race the pathway each one of you has to walk when their earthly education has run its course.

By now, however, sufficient numbers of human beings are ready to comprehend the true meaning of the Jesus story, but in the year 1933 your world was still a very different one. Too few would in those days have understood what we had to say. Besides, too many still needed the comfort of believing that there really is a Master Jesus who one fine day would come to save and redeem them during the times of horror that were yet to come. The revelation that there never was or will be such a being had to wait until the energies were right. This was the case when the planet Pluto transited Sagittarius, the sign of the superconscious mind.

God’s truth is unchangeable. But how much of it we reveal to you at any given moment alters in keeping with the spiritual progress you are making and your ability to understand. That’s why something that is right for you now, may no longer be valid in future years. It has to be that way. We rejoice that sufficient numbers of you by now are capable of grasping that the story of the resurrection of Jesus always was no more than a metaphor that stands for the coming alive of the Christ Spirit. It rises from its death when your earthly self becomes aware of this hidden aspect of its nature.

This is the resurrection that eventually takes place in all human souls, when they slowly begin to free themselves from being trapped in the realities of Earth life and its beliefs. This awakening is quickened by an extra powerful outpouring of the Christ energies onto your planet during the Easter period and especially on Easter Sunday. The Divine spark in all human hearts then unites itself with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun and together they bring about the renewal of all life in your world.

Easter is a spiritual rather than a religious period of the year. Mostly it is time for quiet thanksgiving because on the inner level of life the Christ Spirit within each one of you individually and also your whole planet is strengthened and fortified. Hand in hand with us turn your faces towards the great Sun of God and together let us give thanks and praise for the Great Father/Mother’s love, and for the gift of all life and lifeforms who are ever progressing towards more beautiful and perfect expressions.

Our love and special blessings are with you, always.

Happy Easter!

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