Living In Polo Mint Societies

Rays Of Wisdom - The Spiritual Background Of Depression And Suicide - Living In Polo Mint SocietiesFor as long as our earthly self still lacks the inner direction of knowing that this life serves a higher evolutionary purpose that is hidden from the common view and knowledge, we are like ships without a rudder and an anchor that have no safe haven anywhere, to which we can retreat regularly for some rest and to be restored. My own life has taught me that human beings cannot live by bread alone. Never were wiser words spoken than this.

Until the earthly self realises the most basic truths of its existence, namely that we are all spirit and soul and merely temporarily encased in matter, our existence in physicality can do nothing but turn into an ever more threatening, hopeless and pointless enterprise. It is not hard to see that in some the temptation of seeking to escape from this terrifying experience gets ever stronger, and how they may start looking towards suicide because on the surface of things it appears to be a way out – maybe the only one.

Statistics reveal that this ‘escape route’ is by now reaching epidemic proportions, especially among the young. At the threshold of the Aquarian Age this is hardly surprising because among the souls that are now coming into this life are a great many highly evolved and therefore extremely sensitive ones. Their earthly selves on their own have no way of knowing that their souls have chosen to live through one of their most difficult experiences ever, and that is having to face and coming to terms with an existence in over-materialistically orientated societies and world.

We seem to have created veritable Polo Mint societies for ourselves, i.e. societies without centres. In case they are unknown in your part of the world, Polo Mints are small round mints with a hole in the middle. In my view, there is no need to get unduly upset about this state of our world, because this too undoubtedly serves a wise higher purpose. We shall return to this theme. Only through the lack of something is it possible for human being to learn how to appreciate its true value, in this case the presence – or absence, as the case may be – of the awareness of the Divine and our inner connectedness with all life. There can be no sadder and more depressing experience the Earth has to offer than plodding through life in this state, maybe for several decades, the way I did.

Scores of people are still in this predicament. Yet, eventually the time comes for each one of us when the conditions around us force us into facing up to ourselves and asking a few searching questions about the purpose and meaning of our lives. Many initially turn to a pastime that has become extremely popular these days and that is trying to intellectualise the emotional/spiritual problems of the human psyche. The abundance of books that have been written in this vein and their sales figures speak volumes in themselves.

Superficially, it may well appear that all human problems can be solved by intellectually explaining them away. This approach is so tempting because it looks as if it offered some kind of a quick fix and a shortcut on our soul’s way into enlightenment. True, it is every soul’s birthright to eventually become an enlightened being, but this is not going to come about through spending our time by playing with words. The words themselves are part of the illusion of this world and unless they are followed up by right thoughts and deeds, at best they will count as nothing; at worst they will rebound on us and work against us.

The spiritual pathway – more about it in the chapter ‘The Resolution’ – is a steep and narrow one. To my mind, the only safe way of treading it is by paying attention to our inner teacher or intuition. The only guru in the whole wide world who can be completely trusted and relied upon, who will never let any one of us down or lead us astray, is the living God within, waiting to come alive in everybody’s heart. This is the long awaited Great World Teacher, who knows the answers to all the questions we shall ever care to ask, and the only authority in the whole of Creation who can tell us reliable what is right or wrong for us in any given situation.

Because God is part of us and we are part of God, truly none of us has anything to fear. We shall always be safe and it is good to know that no soul ever had to walk the Earth alone. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, the Angels and Masters as well as all other friends and helpers in the world of light are constantly with each and every one of us. Our Guardian Angel has always been there to help us work our way through the darkest and traumatic, as well as the happiest an contented moments of all lifetimes. The Angels know when one of us is ready to find out about God’s true nature and our own and the purpose of finding ourselves in earthly life. Whenever a right moment for taking a step forward on our evolutionary journey of life, they are guiding us towards the right people and places.


Nothing To Fear
What do we have to fear? Nothing!
Whom do we have to fear? No-one!
Do you know why?
Consciously becoming one again with their Highest Self,
Gives us three great privileges:
Omnipotence, though happy and safe in the knowledge
That true Power is with God alone;
Intoxication, without the need of wine;
And because of coming home into the awareness
That we are eternal beings of light and immortal,
Never again will there be death for us, merely transformations.

After: St. Francis of Assisi

* * *

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