Do Not Fear The Unknown

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The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘A Time to Remember’ in Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2008: ‘Do not be afraid of the future and the unknown. The essence of your being is spirit/soul and there is no need to fear the moment when you part company with your physical body. Each time you do this you are merely moving forwards into a different dimension that is your true home from which you emerged at the beginning of your present lifetime. Our world with its greater freedom offers you a fuller existence. Your physical body has been your vehicle for one lifetime and whenever you leave it behind, all you do is joining us in our world of light.

‘Without consciously being aware of it whilst taking part in earthly life, this is a road most of you have travelled many times before. The only thing you can bring with you each time you return to us is that which you have learnt in the course of all your earthly lifetimes, including the most recent one. The purpose of your taking part in the school of earthly life is searching for consciousness expanding experiences that help you grow in wisdom and understanding. Each can only do this through their own experiences. The learning you accumulate with every new lifetime is added to that which is already stored in the memories of your soul. They are the only things you can take with you every time you depart from the physical plane of life.

‘The common belief that people come into earthly life with nothing and leave it in the same state is a false one. You bring the memories of the learning of all your lifetimes with you into every new one. From the moment of your birth and from the subconscious level of your being they influence everything you do, helping or hindering you, as the case may be. Have you noticed that some newly borns look like very old women or men? It’s because that’s what they truly are. That’s why some children come to terms with learning how to walk and talk much quicker than others. Because they have done these things many times before, they just want to get on with whatever else their present lifetime has to offer.’

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