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Your Destiny Is Glorious

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘God is the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ spirit. This is the Universal power and light, wisdom and love through which all things on every level of life come into being. God is in everything and everything is in God. S/He is therefore present in anything that manifests itself on every level of your planet. On the inner plane life has always remained one vast living and breathing organism.

‘Because you are part of God and God is part of you, you too are in everything, even though during the early part of its existence in physicality your earthly self was unaware of this. Without you consciously knowing about it, you have always been in search of experiences that will help you grow in wisdom and understanding and lead to an expansion of your consciousness. For all human beings this continues until the outer as well as the inner parts of their nature have become consciously aware of the presence of God in every aspect of their own being, as well as every other lifeform in your world and all others.

‘Every particle of you on the physical, mental, spiritual and astral planes is part of God and its essence is infinite and eternal. You are related to God not merely because your spirit is a spark of the Divine, but because every cell and atom of your physical body contains it. God cannot be separated from anything that exists anywhere on Earth or in the Heavens, i.e. the higher and highest levels of life. And nothing anywhere in the whole of Creation is beyond or out of the reach of God’s will and power.

‘Every one of God’s characteristics and powers is also in you, the highest and the best and most noble as well as the worst and most evil. Yet, everything exists for wise reasons and a high and holy destiny ultimately awaits all God’s children of the Earth. As each one of you is spark of the Divine and a child of God, you are young Gods in the making and that’s a truly glorious pathway to walk. Knowing this, let your inner light shine and never grow tired of being a good, wise and positive influence in your world. Pray for the gift of Divine courage and strength to help you keep on serving the good of the whole through freely and unselfishly sharing your gifts and talents that are likely to have taken many lifetimes to develop.

‘Give without hesitation and rest safely in the knowledge that when you do your best on the physical, mental and spiritual planes of life, wherever you may find yourself at any given moment, nothing but more of the same will return to you in due course. Try it out for yourself, so that life itself through your own experiences can teach you that there really is nothing to fear and everything to live, strive and look forward to.’ Everything that is in your life is there only by the grace and the will of your true parents, the great Father/Mother of all life, so do not forget to daily express your gratitude for all their gifts, material as well as spiritual.’

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The Road To Joy

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – The Very Best Of White Eagle – Messages From The Little Book Of Healing - The Road To JoyThe following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘Many events of earthly life on the surface look like tragedies. But when you step back and observe them from the right perspective, i.e. the one of the spiritual background of your present existence, you will soon recognise that in truth they are golden opportunities for learning. Each one of them helps you to grow in wisdom and understanding. Gradually you develop the spiritual powers that lift you above the anguish and frustration, hurts and disappointments of the physical plane. Alas, the lessons through which you achieve this goal can only be learnt through taking part in it.

‘It would do you no good at all if you were born straight away into a heavenly place where nothing but milk and honey, strawberries and cream awaits you. In such a place it would be impossible for you to grow and your consciousness expand. Only through the lack of something can you get to know and appreciate its true value. And you are on the Earth plane to bring forth and develop the Divine aspects of your own being because this will enable you to deal with whatever comes your way and that in a godly manner. It is a difficult pathway you are walking, but each time you stumble the Angels and we are ready to come to your aid.

‘Everything that happens in earthly life can be made more bearable by shining the spirit’s light onto it. As soon as you make the effort to view the events of your world from the higher perspective of our vision, you will be able to recognise the wise purpose behind them. Do not forget to remind yourself that carrying the world on your shoulders has never been humankind’s work but God’s. And take comfort from the knowledge that everything in earthly life is ultimately but a passing phase in your own development and that of your world.’

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Messages From White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort - Part C

Unbounded Freedom

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – The Very Best Of White Eagle – Messages From The Little Book Of Healing - Unbounded FreedomThe following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘The law of life is love and love is your true nature. You have been granted the gift of another lifetime to bring you closer to your ultimate goal of being like God and loving God’s way. The Jesus legend is a depiction of the simple, pure and holy lifepath of those who are striving for spiritual Mastership, and that is all of you. Such a lifetime on the Earth plane needs to be one of sacrifice and service, of loving and giving, but also of the ability of acting in stern and strong way whenever the necessity for it arises. Learning to love God’s way does not mean being easy-going and soft. And when at times you have to grip situations with courage and determination, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, and the Angels will intuitively show you how to go about it.’

‘Earthly life presents you with so many tests and trials that you sometimes feel as if you could not walk another step. You may find things easier to bear when you understand that every experience that comes your way is the fruit of seeds you have sown in other earthly lifetimes. And it may comfort you to know that what’s happening to you and your world at any given time is an essential part of your evolutionary journey. Every time you have solved a problem and successfully climbed over yet another hurdle of the hurts and disappointments that are an inevitable part of your earthly education, you have conquered something and gained a victory.

‘Although some of your successes seem hardly worth mentioning, even the smallest ones take you another step forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life that is constantly moving every one of you and your world closer to the freedom of no longer needing to take part in the earthly school of life. At the natural end of your present lifetime, your vibrations will be right for being released into exploring the higher levels of life and taking an active part in them. Even though this may be hard for you to imagine at present, this is what’s going to happen. So take heart and keep on keeping on!’

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Realise Your Inner Strength

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – The Very Best Of White Eagle – Messages From The Little Book Of Healing - Realise Your Inner Strength

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘The purpose of every earthly lifetime is the development of the higher aspects of your nature and bringing its characteristics forth from deep within your own inner being. By constantly tapping into and using them your spiritual light and power increase, so that with the passing of time you become ever stronger and more god-like. The more you employ the radiance of your nature’s spiritual aspects for every one of your daily tasks and encounters, the easier coping with your earthly existence becomes.

‘We, your friends in the spirit world, also once walked that pathway. That helps us to appreciate how difficult it can be while your physical body is still holding you tightly in its grip with the pains and afflictions of mind, body and spirit. These things are the direct result of your earthly self’s faulty thinking and behaviour patterns, your tiresome ego and fearful earthly mind. For a long time that self in its arrogance believes it knows everything when in truth it does not have a clue about anything that truly matters, i.e. the values of the spiritual background of humankind’s earthly existence.

‘With the passing of time that part of your nature got increasingly lost in the jungle of erroneous beliefs, superstitions and prejudices. They are a prison whose walls gradually grew so thick that they enclosed your lower self like a black box. The atoms and molecules of your physical body’s cells were so tightly packed that they acted similar to a prison cell that for a long time could not be penetrated by any rays of the light of spiritual wisdom. But with every spell of suffering a bit more of God’s light enters them and their vibrations slowly speed up. Gradually, ever more of this light penetrates the consciousness of all sufferers.

‘The creation of the prison cell was an unavoidable part of your earthly development’s early stages. Your spirit/soul had not yet developed enough of its own light to escape from it. Through travelling round and round the zodiac and getting to know one of its signs and houses after the other, time and again, your spirit/soul slowly absorbed more of the Christ Star’s light. At the same time your earthly self grew in wisdom and understanding of itself and its environment.

‘The first part of every human being’s earthly education consists of getting to know the characteristics of its lower and lowest nature and practising them in the extremely tough school of earthly life. All matter in the whole of Creation is made from the Universal Christ’s light. At first your earthly self spends many lifetimes without having a clue of its true nature. In the course of every earthly sojourn a fresh layer of fears of the unknown and death are stored in the memories of your soul. Eventually every human being reaches the developmental stage when these layers have to be removed and that is very hard work indeed. But every one of them brings each small self closer to God, the Source of its own being and all life.

‘God and the Angels would like you to know that for this process they need you on your side of the veil of consciousness as much as you need them, on our side. For a long time they have been waiting for ever more of you calling, so they can be shown intuitively how every one of you can contribute to the triumph of God’s light over the darkness of spiritual ignorance by now for long enough has been overshadowing every aspect of your world, individually and collectively. The amount of spiritual knowledge and wisdom of your world is steadily increasing each time you share your insights and visions with others. The more their spiritual wings grow, the more evolutionary progress the whole of humankind and your world is making by lifting itself above the common narrow horizons of understanding your earthly existence.

‘Leaning on a teaching from the Jesus legend, we say to you: ‘Rise from your bed and walk.’ The bed is a metaphor for your earthly existence and the way of walking we mean is letting the light of spiritual wisdom and knowledge show the way that leads to the rediscovery and reconnection with the inner Source of everyone’s being. Do all you can to re-establish your contact with it and work together with it, so God and the Angels can use you as another channel through which their blessing and healing energies can flow into Mother Earth and all manifestations of life to be found on her and from there into the rest of Creation.’

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Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – The Very Best Of White Eagle – Messages From The Little Book Of Healing - TrustThe following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘Truly, we say to you that there never is any need for giving up hope that things for you and your world are gradually getting better and that all its aspects are really healing. Walking around in an anxious and worried state of mind is unnecessary and a waste of precious energy. It is unnecessary because God, the Great Architect, has designed a perfect plan of life. There is a grand plan for the whole of life and within it are smaller ones for whole nations and groups of people as well as each individual spirit and soul who is part of them.

‘Nothing happens perchance, by accident or is a coincidence in your world or anywhere else, because everything in the whole of Creation is subject to the Universal laws, God’s laws. There can be no doubt about it that whatever happens does so for a wise higher reason. The first Divine law is love and every unloving and hateful thought, word and/or action contravenes this law, represents a sin and creates a debit in your spiritual bankbook, which in due course has to be made good and paid.

‘That’s where the law of cause and effect, known as the law of Karma, an offshoot of the first law, enters the picture. This law ensures that whatever is sent out into the Universe by anyone anywhere must return to its sender at some stage of their development. In one form or another it presents itself as soon as the person’s earthly self has grown strong enough to cope with reaping the harvest of the seeds it planted in previous lifetimes. You can see for yourself that there is no such thing as good or bad luck or fortune.

‘However, when what’s known in your world as ‘bad luck’ strikes, it never comes as some kind of punishment but as an opportunity for learning, growing and making good. The events are teaching you what it feels like to be at the receiving end of the things you dished out with great abundance whilst you were still unaware of the Universal laws’ existence. You may even have enjoyed hurting and wounding others during those early stages of your development. When someone burst into tears or turned away in aguish, you may have smiled and relished what to you seemed like another victory.

‘Oh dear, poor foolish you! If only you’d have known, you would have been more cautious and not allowed your most deadly weapon, the lethal sword of your tongue run wild to create havoc and cause pain wherever you went, the way you did. You would have guarded it more carefully. Any kind of suffering that has to be endured in this lifetime is the only way human beings can pay when the bill for their wrongdoings of the past is presented. That’s the only way you can redeem yourself and make good where you once sinned.

‘This principle applies as much to individual souls as to the souls of every nation and that of our whole world, and God and the Angels are tirelessly at work repairing and healing whatever damage has been done. And even though it frequently seems that things are happening perchance in your world and your life, rest assured that this is not the case. Ultimately everything can only work out in keeping with the Divine will and wishes. Bear these things in mind and whenever you have done your best with the material the Universe is placing before you, surrender the outcome to the love and laws of the Highest and say: ‘Thy will and not mine shall be done.’

‘All your needs are known to your friends and helpers in the world of light. First in line are the Angels and Master, including the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma. They see to it that no-one is tried beyond what they can endure and that no soul ever picks up a cross that is too heavy to carry. God is part of everything and it is the courage and strength of the Divine that sees each one of His/Her children through to the end of their long evolutionary journey of many lifetimes. We hope and pray that this knowledge lifts you above the fears and anxieties of earthly life, and sets you free to concentrate ever more on the greater realities of the spiritual and eternal aspects of life.’

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Desiderata For The Aquarian Age

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – The Very Best Of White Eagle – Messages From The Little Book Of Healing - Desiderata For The Aquarian Age

The following is an extract from my intuitive interpretations of Desiderata for our time: ‘Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. Know that you are a beloved child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, that we all have a right to be here, because everybody has their particular lessons to learn, and that – whether we are aware of it or not – the great Universal plan rests safely in God’s hands and is unfolding as it should.

‘So make peace with your soul and our Creator, whatever this means to you. And bear in mind that in our understanding of the Divine each one of us stands alone. We are all responsible for ourselves and the state of our world. Each through their own efforts has to save and redeem themselves and their own soul. No-one can do it on our behalf. And whatever your aspirations in the noisy confusion of daily life may be, make an effort to find your soul’s purpose and do your best to fulfil it. This alone can bring peace with ourselves and God.’

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