The Changing Role Of Spiritual Mediumship

Rays of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - The Changing Role Of Spiritual MediumshipI have to admit that consulting spiritual mediums and reading what is commonly known these days as channelled writings has never appealed to me. The samples of their work I have seen failed to convince me of its merits. It is not for the want of trying, but each time I took part in something of this nature, I very soon felt the response from my inner guide and teacher, my intuition, which said: ‘No. This is not for you!’ Naturally, I can only speak for myself, but much of that which came my way through spiritual mediums was too negative for me. All too frequently it seemed to be aimed at inspiring fear rather than bringing renewed hope that all is well with us and our world, no matter what may ever befall us.

Ever since my first encounters with spiritual mediumship, the one great exception for me has been the White Eagle group of spirit guides and Grace Cooke, the spiritual medium through whom they worked. During and after one of the darkest and most traumatic times on our planet, the Second World War, this team of light-workers on both sides of the veil of consciousness demonstrated that the world of spirit has much more precious gifts to bestow than that which seems to be commonly given by this channel of communication.

The White Eagle work was designed to bring to our world a better understanding of the deeper purpose and meaning of our experiences. For many they succeeded and brought encouragement and renewed faith and trust in what is known as the human condition. Long before I ever heard of White Eagle I held the view that this is what our world needs more than anything else. I believe that spiritual mediumship and channelling were right in their time, but that ever more of us are ready to aim higher with their aspirations.  

As soon as we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, we need to attune ourselves to the Source of our being and begin to communicate with it directly. Searching for truth in sources outside of ourselves has been the way of the past.  The time has come for turning within, to our Highest or God Self, our inner teacher and guide, because that is the only truly reliable guru, who really knows the way of all things and the answers to all our questions.

If we wish to make our dreams of a world where all live together in peace and harmony into a reality, each one of us has to turn into a seeker of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. Through constantly striving to give of our best and conscientiously serving the Highest with loyalty and integrity, so that in the fullness of time we become worthy of acting as channels for this kind of knowledge, which for a long time has been waiting to be tapped into in our own hearts and souls. Our Highest or God Self has always been communicating with us – or at least trying to – through the responses to any kind of situation that rise from the world of our feelings. This is the filter through which any information that comes our way needs to flow. Listening to its responses is the best and only reliable way of telling the truth from a lie. Unerringly it tells us that which is right or wrong for us in any given situation.

The spirit of the Universal Christ, the Christ Spirit, is the greatest light and the highest and brightest star in the whole of Creation, who spoke to us and our world through the Jesus legend. This tale demonstrates what can be achieved when the Christ spirit awakens in human hearts and souls in sufficiently highly evolved souls, who are striving to attune themselves to Its light. Great advances in our world’s individual and collective awareness about the role of spirit and its world have by now been made. As a result, the general approach to spiritual mediumship has already changed considerably and will continue to do so. That’s why wise mediums prefer to practise their skills and use their psychic gifts for helping others find a better understanding of their own true nature and their hidden resources, which every one of us possesses in profusion.  

To me, the Jesus legend always has been and still is a picture-book demonstration of how each one of us in the fullness of time shall develop into a teacher and a healer in their own right. For this purpose our spiritual/psychic abilities have to be developed, so that we can call upon and tap into our inner wealth. This eventually enables us to act as spiritual mediums and channels through which the Divine healing energy and wisdom flows into everything we come into contact with. This process activates the Divine spark in us, our Christ spirit is born and gradually comes ever more alive, until it fills our whole being and yet another Christed one has appeared in our world. And the veil of consciousness, which for such a long time separated our two world from each other, for us no longer exists.

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