The Mayan Calendar

The following is an extract from a site that no longer seems to be available on the web. As the insights I found there made more sense than anything else that had thus far come my way, I felt they were worthy of presenting them here – they still are. Although the author’s name was not given, I would like to honour their contribution nonetheless.

‘Over a year’s time the Sun transits through the twelve houses of the zodiac. Many of us know this by what ‘Sun sign’ is associated with our birthday. Upping the scale to the Platonic Year – the 26,000 year long cycle – we are shifting, astrologically, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Mayan calendar does not really ‘end’ in 2012, but rather, all the cycles turn over and start again, vibrating to a new era. It is as if humankind and the Earth will graduate in the eyes of the Father Sun and Grandmother Milky Way.

‘Why should we care about the Mayans today? Is there anything we can learn from them? The trees give us oxygen to breathe and help create the nourishing rains upon which we depend, sustaining life. We are missing these rains in places where the trees have been cut down or burned. Fires begin that nature can no longer extinguish. For the Mayans, trees were intermediaries between the physical and spiritual worlds, and absolutely essential to life. They believed that without trees humankind could not survive and that with the death of the last tree the human race would die.

 ‘The ancient carved stones and the stars themselves tell us we are on the brink of a new world age. There is no reason not to take a leap of faith into imagining what may be in store. We may trust that it is time for humanity to awaken into a true partnership with each other, with the Earth, and the Cosmos. By accepting this, we may claim our birthright and become Galactic Citizens who care for and sustain the planet, thus doing the same for ourselves. This is clearly the challenge of our times. Yet, arriving just in time and on schedule is the Winter Solstice dawn on the day to remind us that we are truly Children of the World.’ End of quote.

In my heart of hearts I not only believe that many truly great things are in store for humankind, I know it. And I am convinced that, unbeknown to us Earthlings and invisible to our physical eyes, beings from much more highly evolved worlds than ours are presently already moving among us. But, they come as guests, never as aliens. To me, that word always seems to have an undertone of something threatening and hostile – and that these visitors most certainly are not! They are here to help and guide those who are ready through the difficult transition period from one age to another.

As they are far more evolved than we are, to visit us they do not need clumsy spacecraft in the style of ‘ET-go-home’. They are already capable of travelling by thought transfer, taking with them their bodies wherever they choose to go. These bodies are of a much higher vibration and finer substance than ours. In the fullness of time, when humankind has become sufficiently evolved, we shall be able to do the same and they will be the ones who will show us how we can acquire that same skill.

Because there is so much negativity in our world at present, and especially in connection with the Mayan Calendar, including that it marks the end of the world – oh yawn, not another one! – I would like to add a few positive observations of my own. Do you wonder, as I sometimes do, whether it has ever occurred to anyone that the Mayan calendar might end in 2012 for one very simple reason? Could it have been written such an extremely long time ago that those responsible for it could not imagine that our world would continue beyond 2012? That time would then have been such a long way ahead that they might merely have thought: ‘That’s enough! We’ve toiled long and hard on this calendar. Let those who come behind us do their own work from then onwards!’ Or would that be too simplistic a view? What do you think?

The meaning of the Great Year and the Ages of man were explained in one of the earlier chapters. To this day, there is evidence that there have been times on our planet when people worshipped the Earth element with the help of stone images, and also that – possibly the most recent one of these periods – were followed by times of worshipping the Fire element and its most obvious manifestation, the Sun. Intuitively I feel that the leftovers of such times are indications of one of the past Ages under the influence of the Earth sign Capricorn, which – unlike in the ordinary zodiac – is followed by the Fire sign Sagittarius. To enable us to see why Capricorn should come before Sagittarius we have to reach out further.

Most people know that the Earth rotates on its axis. What is less well known though is the fact that it does so with a slight wobble that is not unlike the movements of a giant spinning top. Because of this wobble the constellations situated behind the Sun have over thousands of years gradually been changing their positions. The word precession means the slow movement of the axis of a spinning body around a perpendicular. That is why almost imperceptibly, the equinoxes come round that bit earlier, all the time. This is the precession of the equinoxes and the reason why the zodiac signs of the Great Months move anti-clockwise, while those in our birthcharts do so clockwise. And just as the Sun signs in our birthcharts colour the character of each human soul on its pathway through this lifetime, every one of the Great Months has its unique quality that greatly influences all creatures and happenings on our planet.

After all that, back to the Mayan Calendar. The way I see it, maybe it was handed down the ages to our world from the ancients, during the Age of Gemini. If this was the case, the calendar would be between six and eight thousand years old. It could be an interesting evolutionary study in the mental/scientific development of our race and one of the finest examples of what the human mind is capable of perceiving. As the Age of Gemini drew to its close and the Age of Taurus began, people will gradually have lost their fascination with extensive mental explorations.

The Earth sign Taurus is the builder of the zodiac. Under the influence of this sign some of the greatest monuments that are still known to humankind, for example the Egyptian pyramids and the ziggurats of Latin America, came into being. According to archaeological estimates the pyramids were built over a period of about one thousand years, from approx. 2800 – 1800 BC.  Ziggurats and variants of them have been found in many parts of the world, from the Mesopotamian area to the Mayan and Aztec regions in South America. Some of the earliest proper ziggurats are believed to have been built by Ur-Nammu, a late Sumerian king of Ur, who lived from 2112-2095BC.

With the coming of each new age the energies of the Earth change and with them people’s interests and their occupations take on different directions, just the way ours are doing now, at our entry into the Age of Aquarius. If you look around with open eyes, the inner as well as the outer ones, you can easily observe for yourself and how we, on the threshold of an age under the influence of the Air element, are increasingly exploring the capabilities of the human mind. Many by now are attuning their earthly minds to that of the Highest, the Universal intelligence. This enables them to be used as channels for bringing Divine wisdom and truth down to the Earth plane, so that it can be used by all. To find out more about the functions and the significance of the earthly mind, please follow the link below.

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