The Importance Of Humour

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The following is the essence of teachings from the White Eagle group of spirit guides from various sources. ‘The Spontaneous Joy Of The Spirit’ Stella Polaris Aug/Sept 2011: ‘If you do not wish to chain yourselves to the heaviness of the Earth atmosphere, do not be too serious and solemn in all your encounters. At times be very still and quiet, but not without having the joy of the spirit singing within you and the laughter of the spirit on your face. We, your spirit guides in the world of light, have a good sense of humour and nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing and seeing the joy of your spirit bubbling up in you. We encourage happiness, zest for life and a sense that whatever is happening in your world is right because it fulfils a wise higher purpose.’

‘Stella Polaris’ February/March 2007: ‘Make an effort to cultivate a sense of humour to enable you to treat as amusing that which otherwise would irritate and annoy you in your human siblings and your world. Whatever happens, be understanding, feel with them and do not allow anyone’s foibles and shortcomings to fill your mind with darkness. By casting the warming beam of humour onto any situation, you can transform and lift it into light of higher understanding.’

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris under the heading ‘Sayings of the Gentle Brother – Simplicity’: ‘We, your spirit guides and helpers are with you always. We are looking at all happenings in earthly life with love and humour. Oh yes, we have a good sense and that’s what you also need to cope with the state of your world at any given time. Endeavour your humour to be like ours of the kindly type. We hope that with the passing of time you will ever more be able to look at your world and everything in it through our eyes. In any kind of situation you will then find your heart smiling and your eyes twinkling, the way ours are doing.’

‘The Quiet Mind – Just Laugh!’: ‘If everything goes wrong, just laugh! Let your laughter have its fling and let go of things. Keep your vision on God and know that in the end everything is sure to come right. And that is the truth.’

‘The Source of all our Strength – Enjoy Fun’: ‘Life is not meant to be solemn, but filled with joy and laughter. Think of life as being eternal and that you, a tiny spark of that Divine, are learning to walk a path that leads you to conscious reunion with your Heavenly true parents. The ultimate goal of your existence is this union with Divine love and peace, joy and – yes – fun.’

White Eagle ‘On Festivals & Celebrations’: ‘May we all cultivate a sense of humour, to enable us to see as amusing those things in humankind that would otherwise irritate and annoy us. Be understanding and feel with your siblings when something about them irritates and annoys you. Turn their darkness into light by casting the warming beam of humour into whatever it may be. Never forget that in humour, the same as in all things, it is necessary to be wise, so let yours only ever be of the kind variety.’

The White Eagle calendar June 2017: ‘We like to see you happy and joyous, loving the light and warmth of the Sun, the beautiful colours around you and all other blessings that are constantly coming your way, for this is why the Great Father/Mother of all life created them. That’s why we encourage you to spend what remains of your earthly days with laughter and kindness in your hearts towards all lifeforms that share your world with you. Look for the humorous side of the difficulties that exist in your world and you will often find that they disappear quite magically.’

The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the White Eagle calendar March 2019: ‘Nothing lightens the vibrations of your whole being as much as cultivating a good sense of humour. We like to see your happy smiling faces and how you refuse to deal with anything too heavily and seriously. Knowing that in earthly life all things pass away, that everything eventually has to come to its natural end and that, in the fullness of time, God and the Angels will be making all crooked places straight, smile and let things take their course, just be.

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