The Events In France November 2015

A Beam Of Hope, Faith, Trust, Healing And Peace

From The Highest Star And The Brightest Light –

The Spirit Of The Universal Christ

Rays of Wisdom - Our World In Transition - The Events In France November 2015

Let us join hearts and hands under the light of the Christ Star, the Highest Star and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation, and send our loving thoughts to all who are affected by the tragedy in France.

Together we now send the Light of the Star to all those whose lives are touched by it and pray:

The light of the Star fills my whole being and flows from there into the leaders and people of France. From there it continues into all who are affected by all kinds of extremism in any part of our world.

May the blessing healing power of the Star deeply penetrate into the hearts and souls of the perpetrators, so that the Divine spark in them awakens and they too once more become aware of their true nature, as children of the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ.

Repeat to yourself whenever you can:

•    I believe in the blessing and healing power of the
Christ Spirit and the Light of Its Star.
•    I hold the people of France into the Light of the Star.
•    I trust that God’s plan of life is perfect.
•    My thinking is filled with positivity and light.

The Christ Star helps our thoughts and minds to remain steady and balanced. This enables us to do our share of acting as channels for Its light of the Heavens, receiving and transmitting it into the spiritual darkness of Earth life. The light of the Christ Star guides and protects us when we do this work and keeps us safe from all harmful influences.

The essence of a White Eagle teaching from ‘The Gentle Brother’ Stella Polaris December 2015 / January 2016: ‘Train yourself to look beyond the end of your nose, away from the darkness of Earth life into the light of higher and highest realities. Focus on the things that are eternal and true, for they have been given to you to help you on your evolutionary journey. Maybe your present lifetime is a rosy passage and you are wafted along on wings of love, or the reverse.

‘Whatever your experiences may be, never forget that through them we, the wise ones in charge of you in the world of light, are gradually guiding you along an eternal pathway of progress. This is a road on which you are gradually becoming ever more aware of the perfect working out of God’s plan and laws, so that you may constantly in wisdom and understanding. ‘Ear hath not heard nor eyes seen’ the wonders of the heavenly state, to which surely, surely, you are all moving forward.

‘The more you grow in wisdom and understanding, the more you will be able to see for yourself that in truth there is no death, only a change of state and a vision of spiritual growth and beauty that opens in your soul. Never look on the dark side of anything and know that what in Earth life appears to be a tragedy or disaster is in truth part of the unfolding of God’s perfect plan. You can be sure that through whatever happens in your world, behind the scenes on the higher and highest levels of life God’s wise and loving power is bringing ever more beauty and goodness. Divine wisdom creates light out of darkness and makes knowledge and wisdom grow from ignorance.

‘With the help of your younger and less evolved siblings, who are in the process of getting to know this part of their nature, the Universal power shows the older and more highly evolved ones in your midst the senselessness and futility of all kinds of aggression and warmongering. Through this you learn the value and preciousness of human life and of peace.

‘And now open yourselves to the holy blessings of God, the Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ. Like incense from a communion table may our prayers of thanksgivings rise to the Heavens, the highest levels of life.’

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With love and light,

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