The Feminine - Soul Of Your World

Part One

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Soul Of Our World

The following was inspired by a White Eagle group of spirit guides teaching that a long time ago came my way through the White Eagle Lodge’s ‘The Lightbringer – Developing the Feeling Nature’. It’s update was finished on the 2nd July 2020, the day of the weeks that is ruled by the Great Mother, when the Sun was moving through Cancer, the zodiac’s caring and nurturing sign that is also ruled by Her.

‘An essential part of your development, when the end of your earthly education draws near, is re-establishing your inner connection with God. You will find that with your intellect alone this is impossible. You also need to experience yourself as a spirit/soul who, through the world of its feelings, is taking part in another earthly lifetime to find out more about itself and its environment. The Aquarian age is the age of truth. It is bringing humankind the recognition that the Godhead of the whole of Creation consists of a Divine Trinity that has always consisted of the Great Father/Mother and their only born Son/Daughter the Universal Christ, who is the Sun of all suns and the light of all lights. They always have been and forever will be the supreme rulers of the whole of Creation and therefore also of the earthly plane.

‘For a better understanding of this, we need to reach out a bit further. The first creative impulse is the masculine God or Great Father of all life. The second one is his counterpart, the feminine Goddess or Great Mother. In close co-operation the two express and manifest themselves with the help of the third impulse, masculine/feminine the Universal Christ. Everything in the whole of Creation, on all its levels, was brought into being by the partnership of the first and second impulse, working together and responding to each other peacefully and harmoniously, through the third impulse. In every boy or man of your world the masculine aspect of his nature is conscious and its feminine counterpart unconscius. Each one of the main women in his life, like his mother, partner or wife is an outer manifestation of his inner woman. For girls and women it works the other way round. Because every one of you is already whole, you do not really need others to make you that way.

‘Being part of God, every human being’s spirit/soul is immortal and just like God can and will never die. But for a long as this part of your nature unloved and is not nurtured and cared for, merely you do not know about its existence, its development stands still. Spiritual muscles are like physical ones. If they are not used regularly, they lose their usefulness. Use it or lose it! Unless your spirit/soul’s requirements are regularly attended to, this part of you goes to sleep and remains that way until you do something about it. The small still voice of your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, is always trying to communicate with every one of you through the world of your feelings.

‘The voice belongs to the Great Mother. She knows the way of all things and has the answers to any question you may ever care to ask because She is part of everything that exists in the whole of Creation. She is the storehouse for the soul memories of all worlds and every individual soul within them. Not only are they stored in the Mother, they are also constantly feeding into Her. That’s how any knowledge that was ever gained anywhere during the long evolutionary journey of the whole of Creation found its way to Her. She is so wise and loves you so much that initially on your own journey She has always been showing you the way. Alas, if at some point of your development your feeling world went to sleep, you would have been unable to hear Her and follow Her advice because she was no longer available to you.

‘This is what came to pass in your world during the approx. six thousand years of patriarchy, with its all-male religions that encourage the masculine to dominate the feminine. Fortunately, this stage of humankind’s development by now lies well behind you. But to this day your world is struggling with re-balancing the unnatural state that was created by the patriarchal religions. We are glad to tell you that the withdrawal of the feminine influence from the Godhead was not meant to last forever. It was a temporary state that in any case only existed on the outer physical plane of life. Nothing of this kind will ever happen on the inner level, because the Great Father/Mother are one and inseparable. The wise higher purpose of withdrawing the feminine was to demonstrate to your world what happens to it when without the feminine’s softening, beautifying and civilising influence.

‘Up to the middle ages there were still many on the earthly plane who did not believe in the strange and unnatural all-male Godhead. As non-believers and heretics, they were mercilessly persecuted and wiped out. For a long time the patriarchal religions ruled your world with an iron rod and teachings that had been carefully designed to spread fear. Exploiting the masses and making them part with their earthly resources for the purpose of increasing the churches’ wealth was made easy that way. The beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that were part of their teachings were declared to be literally true and that created a barrier of fear on the inner level of their followers.

‘Being exposed to this kind of treatment for several lifetimes eventually made it impossible for them to access the Great Mother’s wisdom through the world of their feelings, so that they could no longer receive Her guidance. This is how a barrier of fear consisting of many layers of soul memories that were piled upon people’s initial natural inner connection with and their knowledge with their Creator. Now that humankind has been kept away from discovering the truth about its Divine parents for long enough, for every one of you the time has come for attending to their inner blockage and removing it. This is a process that can be likened to the peeling of an onion. To enable you to reconnect with God, layer upon layer of fear needs to be shed, so that a new understanding of who and what God truly can come to you.

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The Feminine – Soul Of Your World

Part Two

Nurturing And Caring

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Very Best Of White Eagle - Nurturing And Caring‘God is the Great Father of all life, the first masculine aspect of Creation. His astrological elements are Fire, creative ideas, and Air, the intellect with its ability of thinking and transmitting them to His feminine counterpart, the second aspect of the Goddess or Great Mother. Her love and wisdom decide how they should be used. Her astrological elements are water, humankind’s emotional nature and world of feelings, and Earth, matter that’s created by slowing down the Universal Christ’s light. All matter in the whole of Creation is brought about in close co-operation of the first and second aspect using the third one. As sparks of the Christ light, the triple aspects of your Divine parents and also its powers and characteristics are in every one of you.

‘Getting to know God requires your intellect as much as the world of your feelings. With the intellect alone and without experiencing the responses of that world it’s impossible. But through nothing more than taking part in earthly life, as soon as you are equipped with the right kind of knowledge, that task is easy.  Because you are as much part of God as God is part of you, you yourself are God, or rather a young God in the making. Each time you look into the mirror, who greets you there? God! If you wish to constantly be guided and protected by your inner guidance, the living God or wise one within, you have to be familiar and in touch with your feeling world.

‘Your first requirement on this journey is being aware of your spiritual nature and that in truth every human being is a spirit/soul, who from time to time spends another lifetime as a material being on the earthly plane. The awareness that the Divine Trinity has always consisted of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, who is the Sun of all suns and the Light of all light, eventually provides your earthly self with the knowledge that connects it, through the bridge of its spirit/soul, with the higher and eventually the highest levels of life. Your understanding of these things provides your lower self with the power of connecting its earthly plane with the higher and eventually highest levels of life. This is the esoteric meaning behind the sacred marriage or union between Heaven and Earth.

‘The aspects of the feminine in every human being, male and female alike, are part of the Great Mother’s caring and nurturing nature. It makes no difference whether a woman is a mother in her present lifetime or not. Every feminine creature, human and animal alike, has the natural ability to love and mother, nurture and care for, not only her own young but everything that shares her life without forgetting about her own needs. In the course of many lifetimes, human females learn that her caring nature needs to express itself not only with tender loving and caring but also wisdom. Both are equally important.

‘As the soul of the whole of Creation, the Divine Mother is peace loving and constantly tries to bring about more beauty and harmony, peace and perfection. At least potentially, so is your own soul and that of your world. The soul is intuitive and has the ability of not only knowing the past but also the future. She truly knows the way of all things and can supply the answer to the questions any one of you will ever care to ask. Now that you have taken part in the lesson of the Great Mother’s absence in your world long enough, Her only desire is to protect you and your world against destroying each other and your world. Christianity’s Virgin Mary is one of Her many symbols.

‘Every human being eventually starts bringing forth, each from deep within their own being, the Great Mother’s characteristics. And all of you need to teach the masculine and feminine of your own nature to co-operate and work together harmoniously and peacefully, the way they are doing in your Creator. When this has been achieved, warmongering and violence, trouble and strife, lying and cheating, corruption and exploitation of the masses will no longer exist on the Earth.

‘The redemption of the karmic debts that mounted up in the course of lifetimes spent at the giving end of that kind of behaviour is the spiritual background for the suffering at the hands of those who, behind the scenes, are pulling the strings and are responsible for bringing about the 2019/2020 pandemic. Send them a loving thought and forgive them, if you can. For they do not know what they are doing themselves, the same as you did when you caused your world’s present regrettable state because you did not yet know about the existence of Universal laws that in due course return everything to its sender. That’s what they are sure to bring to them in the fullness of time and not as some kind punishment. It’s merely the Universe’s way of ensuring that every human being eventually gets first hand knowledge about the nature of suffering. This is achieved through alternating from someone first being on its giving end and later on the receiving one.

‘However, Great Mother does not wish your present world situation to continue forever. That would contravene the main laws of love and evolution to which the whole of Creation is subject, therefore also your world, because it would make evolutionary progress impossible for humankind. The Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, are in charge of the development of all worlds on every one of its levels, therefore also humankind. They in turn are in charge of us and through them the Mother’s wisdom decides how much spiritual knowledge should be given to your world, at any given time and in what form it should be presented. Spiritual knowledge is a constantly expanding organism that should never be considered as being chiselled in stone or set in concrete and therefore unchangeable. Because of the new learning that is constantly being gained by someone in the whole of Creation and fed into the Mother’s store, this organism has never stopped growing and that will forever continue.

Acting on the Angels and Master’s instructions, we ask all who are reading this message and are capable of recognising its urgency, to turn to them and request their assistance for bringing about the pandemic’s natural end and at the same time ensure that no further ones will ever be possible. They wish to show as many of you as possible intuitively what kind of contribution each one of you can make towards the greatest healing miracle that has ever been experienced on Mother Earth. She is but one of the many manifestations of the Great Mother and so are the people who are reading this. The only difference between the genders is that men experience Her presence through their inner being and women are acting it out in the world around you. God bless you all and keep you and your world safe, now and forever.’

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