Learning The True Value Of Things

Through alternating times of lack and abundance, we learn the true value of things – in this case of the good things of the Earth. When the change from one extreme to the other happens in one single lifetime, it may be possible to restore the balance we are striving for there and then. However, when a soul passes from one lifetime that ends in one of the extremes and the lesson can therefore not be completed, it has to attend to the same one again.

If need be the process has to be repeated in one lifetime after another, until this character part has finally been mastered. If you are affected by over-eating and suffer from it now, stop thinking about your problem. It is much more constructive by far to decide that your time has come taking some action to look for ways of putting an end to your suffering.

First of all, resist the temptation of feeling hard done by. Instead, rejoice! Recognise that this lifetime is trying to present you with a gift of a very special kind. Pick up the challenge and get to work to master this part of your being. The most important lesson of the whole course of everybody’s personal evolution is twofold. One is to take charge of matter and that means learning to control the very cells of our physical bodies. The second most important task consists of rising above the drives and urges of our lower earthly self.

When you work on changing old behaviour patterns – not just the one of over-indulging in this, that and the other – do not forget to feel good about yourself, because you are doing what is now right for you. Remind yourself frequently that you are still but an apprentice in this great workshop of life, but that by the end of this lifetime, if you keep working on the things that are now troubling you, you may be their master!

Why should the problem of over-eating be plaguing so many children these days? I believe that some extremely highly strung and sensitive souls are presently coming into physicality. The likelihood is that they, like the adults around them, are hiding their deep, yet unrecognised unhappiness about finding themselves in an over-materialistic world, where in large parts of the population the spiritual needs of the soul are completely overlooked. They carry within them the yearnings that cannot be satisfied by anything the material world has to offer. These feelings have been planted into each one of us to remind us of our origin and to point us in the direction of the way home into our true nature.

Let us never forget that our tenderly loving Father/Mother Creator never trifles with any of us and does not want us to suffer unnecessarily and be unhappy! The pain and misery we had and still have to endure in the present were created by us, not just during one lifetime, but many. Make no mistake about it, our character determines our destiny and what we do in the here and now, how we behave and what we create is of the utmost importance. It determines where we shall find ourselves in future lifetimes, what kind of encounters we shall have, which relationships we bring with us and which lessons are still to be integrated by us.

For a moment let us return to the hunger for material possessions that presently seems to be over-strong in our world. I see it as one of the good signs of our times – believe it or not! It is yet another expression of the void and emptiness within every soul that the fulfilment of desires for material things cannot satisfy. The more the outer personality in its ignorance of its true needs crams ever more acquisitions into the emptiness, the stronger the soul’s cravings become – unfailingly and persistently they return. They will remain the earthly self’s constant companions until the moment of awakening finally comes – as sooner or later it must for everyone – and the earthly personality starts to offer adequate nourishment to its soul.  That is why no matter how hard anyone tries to suppress these feelings and what effort one makes to shake them off, they are sure to return, knocking at the door of human consciousness and demanding attention.

Something similar is true for souls who yearn to be loved, though they seem to be unable to attract someone who loves them into their lives. We are magnetic beings who can only attract into our orbit that which we ourselves are. And as children of the Universe we are ruled by its laws, the same as everything else. As the law of the Universe decrees that only that which we send out into the world can and does come back, unless we learn to give love and act in more loving ways, our efforts at finding love must remain unsuccessful and our deepest innermost longings unfulfilled.

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The above is a chapter from ‘The Spiritual Perspective Of Eating Disorders’
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